Sorry for the lack of updates! I've just been very busy with my semester ending and doing Christmas stuff as of lately ^_^! I hope you enjoy this update, sorry it's a little short!

"You couldn't look any less comfortable," Layla giggled behind her napkin. She dabbed at her mouth, removing the chocolate mustache.

Arlan shuffled in his seat, and stirred at his untouched latte as Layla placed her napkin onto the table.

"Arlan, you didn't have to bring me here you know," Layla sighed at his discomfort. Her right hand grabbed her fork as she wanted to begin nibbling on the cake she had bought for her and Arlan to share.

His green eyes shot up and he shook his head, "You know I only brought you here to act normal you know?"

"Well we aren't exactly a normal couple now are we Dracula?" Layla laughed under her breath, after swallowing a piece of her carrot cake.

"Isn't this what you want? The normal kind of dating routine that mortals do in this day and age?" Arlan asked in confusion.

Layla lowered her head and shook it as she giggled cutely. Looking up she set her fork aside and reached across the table to grasp Arlan's hand.

Her arm hand felt nice as it gripped his icy, large fist. She looked into his eyes and smiled her signature smile that always made him feel weak at the knees.

"Arlan listen to me, all I want is to be with you. It doesn't matter to me if you don't take me out on normal mortal dates, as you put it. Even if we just sat around your tomb together all night just talking, I would be content as could be," Layla truthfully told him.

"Well then what are we still doing here at this coffee shop? Let's go!" he began to stand up but Layla grabbed his hand.

"Do you really want to know why I asked you to come with me to this specific coffee shop?" Layla grinned lightly.

"No?" Arlan responded in confusion.

"This Starbucks is connected to the Barnes and Noble where we originally met. helped me pick out that cook book," she said softly.

"Really?" Arlan was surprised. "I remember the first time you ever looked me in the eye and spoke to me, it was one of the best moments of my long life."

Her cheeks lit up and she looked down at her half eaten piece of cake in shyness.

"You know the first time I saw you, I thought you were super handsome," she added after his sweet confession to her.

"Well of course, my good looks are the number one reason you are with me right now," he laughed as her jaw practically dropped.

"That is a lie and you know it!" Layla punched gently at his arm in an affectionate way. "Are you ready to get out of here?"

"Definitely, I had another normal mortal idea planned for tonight," he chuckled.

"Really? What is it?" Layla stood up and clutched her plate and mug to return to the counter.

Arlan didn't say a word, but grabbed her hand and eagerly led her from the Starbucks and out into the chilly night. Layla clung her warm woolen jacket close to her thin body for any kind of warmth as the night was windy and frigid.

Arlan continued to lead her down the street, as the street lamps shown over head and no one else was brave enough to venture outside except for the moths that buzzed beneath the street lights.

Finally, Arlan came up to the gates of a local park, mostly used by kids after school to play sports, games, or just hang out.

"A park? What are we doing here, it's freezing!" Layla whined, tugging at her hand.

"Oh come on Lay! I haven't even shown you the surprise yet so just give it a chance for me?" Arlan pleaded.

"Fine," she mumbled under her breath as chills went down her spine as icy wind blew in her face.

Arlan led her towards the playground area of the park, more specifically the swings. Layla narrowed her eyes in confusion, where was the surprise.

"Arlan...the swings?" she asked in an annoyed tone.

"Yes of course, I wanted to push you. Most mortal couples seem to enjoy this kind of thing don't they?" he chuckled.

"Yeah maybe if it was spring or summer! Arlan it's winter now and freezing, I'll get sick if I stay out here with you," she complained, tugging at her hand he still gripped. Layla wanted nothing more than to return to her apartment and cuddle with him by the heater and watch the snowstorm through the windows that was supposed to hit tonight.

Arlan frowned at her displeasure. "Look Layla this dating thing is new to me. When I was mortal, when I would court a lady things were much more formal, slower, and definitely different."

"I know Arlan and I'm sorr-," she began but he interrupted.

"Please let me finish what I need to say. It's just you've become the most important thing in my life now and with that comes certain complications," he explained patiently.

"Complications? You love me and now our relationship is beginning to bud and I am starting to understand and accept my feelings for you. So what is the problem?" Layla inquired.

"Layla, I do love you very much and you've known me for a few months now but you don't really know me that well," he sighed, running his fingers through his hair.

Shivering, she saw her own breathe in the night air as she clutched her jacket tightly around her. "What don't I know?"

"That I am very possessive of what belongs to me. And Layla of course I don't view you as a possession, each day passes, you grow older and further away from me. So that leaves no other choice for me to insure that you are always with me," Arlan explained to her.

"Choice? What are you talking about you have no other choice? With what?" Layla asked, as she shivered more, the night breezes were relentless.

"Layla I brought you out here to just sit on the swings and have a little fun then maybe go for a walk and talk seriously and tell you what I wish to do. But I guess I will just tell you now. I need you with me for always Layla, I cannot remember my life before you came in to my dark world and just lit it up with your radiance," he confessed.

Her cheeks blushed at his confession of love. "Thank you Arlan, but I am with you forever now," she laughed sweetly, "we're together now you know."

"No Layla when I mean forever, I mean I need you with me forever. I have to change you into what I am to insure you are always with me," Arlan said gently.

" Into an immortal?" Layla gasped out. This was completely out of left field, she hadn't expected this kind of confession from him at all.

"But of course," Arlan nodded firmly.

Layla felt a little betrayed at his proposal of what he wanted. "Arlan, I can't handle that kind of decision right now. We have only been together a short while and you put this on my shoulders? I-"

"Layla it will insure we are together forever! Nothing else matters but us being together!" Arlan clutched her trembling hands, freezing from the cold.

"Arlan I can't just transform myself into an immortal. I want to have kids someday, and stay mortal for all my family. I can't just change my life all of a sudden, I am so young," she shook her head.

Arlan's eyes flashed in displeasure as his grip on her hands tightened and he stared into her unsure face as he growled in displeasure.

What was going to happen as a result of her refusing his ultimate proposal of everlasting life?