I know a place

It's a mystical place

It is a sentimental place

A place which has seen a lot

It has heard the cries of the enslaved

Who it has sheltered in the past

It listened silently

Till she cried her very last

It has seen the love

Of those who cared for each other

It has witnessed the despair

Of those who cannot be together

It has fondled memories

Of childhood days long gone

Of the innocence of a world

Which humankind has yet to wrong

It has heard the rumors

Frightened ones whisper

Winds of coming wars

And endless bloods splatter

It has come to know

The loneliness of emptiness and abandonment

When the only sound it hears

Is rats scampering and the wind's anger

It has beheld the joys

Of a child's warm presence

A land where dragons may turn tame

And a naïve thing called imagination wanders

I know a place

It is a wonderful place

It is more than just a place

It is an attic