Chapter 1: Bad to the Bone

Chapter 1: Bad to the Bone

I had never been the best behaved kid. I was one of those kinds of children that the principal always kept on speed dial. I never did it on purpose; it just seemed that I was born to be the bad kid. Teachers had decided from the very beginning that they weren't going to like me and singled me out after that. I had learned to accept it.

The dry Arizona air greeted me as I stepped outside of my house. I inhaled deeply and started heading over to my car parked in the driveway. It was a mustang and drove like a dream.

"Be good!" my mom called out to me from the front door. It was the same thing every morning. Mom always leaned out the front door before I left for school to plead with me to behave.

"Yeah mom!" I called back before I opened the car door and started up the engine. I listened to it purr for a few seconds before backing out of the driveway to head to school.

The ride to River Valley High was a short one from my house. I could probably walk if I wanted to, but the way I saw it was, why walk when you have wheels?

The parking lot was pretty full when I got to the school; it was hard to find a decent parking spot. I was able to squeeze myself into a space between a beat up Chevy and an old jeep. I definitely had the better vehicle of the three.

I killed my engine and got out of my car slamming the door shut. I headed to the doors of the school to start the six hours of torture I was going to endure. I walked down the crowded hallways, pushing my way through the people that got in way until I found my friends. They were the ones that found me actually.

"Evan! Over here!" I turned at the sound of my name and realized it was Nathan, one of my friends. He was sitting on "the bench"; a spot in the school foyer that was reserved for popular people. I never understood the point of the bench. It was just a spot in a foyer of the school where everybody passed. Cheerleaders liked it because they could see what all the students were wearing and make fun of them. Other people liked it to people watch. I do remember one day when people that were considered unpopular sat on it and everyone avoided the area like the plague. It must be some bench.

I walked over to the bench anyways and took a seat by a girl named Brianna. We called her Bri though. She tossed her dark brown hair over her shoulder and smiled me. "Hey Evan, how's it going?" she asked me casually.

I shrugged in reply, "Can't complain."

She nodded in response and we started to listen in to the conversation going on between our group. We were a group of six; three guys and three girls. Every once in a while we would get a drifter, but the six of us were always here for sure.

"I have a science test today," the third guy in our group Dom groaned. He leaned his head against the wall behind him. "I'm already failing that class and this test is going to make it worse. My mom is going to kill me. She told me I couldn't fail anymore courses this year."

"Why didn't you study?" Kara asked. She didn't look at Dom while she asked this. She was more interested in her split ends that she had wrapped around her fingers. "Damn it, I need to book a hair appointment." She mumbled to herself absentmindedly.

Dom didn't seem to notice her lack of interest, "I tried to study but I couldn't stay focused last night. I need one more day to study and then I'm sure I could at least get like, a D or something."

I sat their quietly for a moment, "What period is your science class?"

Dom looked at me confused, "Third period. Why?" When he asked why, his eyes narrowed suspiciously at me. I didn't blame him, I could be planning anything.

"I think I can come up with something to help you," I shrugged.

"What are you planning Evan?" Bri asked looking at me with a deadpanned expression.

I feigned an innocent look, "Nothing… for now." I smirked at her and she rolled her eyes at me.

They all stared at me for awhile until Jane spoke up, "Just don't get yourself suspended this time." Everyone started laughing and I joined in. They knew that was hopeless. They suspended the students here for everything. A 'Zero Tolerance' policy, or something like that.

"Evan? Not getting suspended?" Kara asked for once showing an interest in what was going on. "That's a good one!"

I thought I needed to defend myself from all the gripping they were doing on me. "Come on guys! I went two weeks without getting suspended that one time! I was doing good until Mr. Harolds heard me making fun of him."

The laughter died down a little bit after that. "He does have a point," Nathan pointed out, giving me a cheeky a grin.

After that, a bell rang as a signal to us that we had to get ready to head to class soon. I could have cared less if I was late, but we all decided to part ways and get our supplies for our first classes. I headed off with Dom and Bri because our lockers were all in the same direction. I did my special handshake with Nathan before I left though and we all said we would see each other at lunch.

Dom, Bri and I all made small talk walking down the hallway. Dom ended up bringing up his test again.

"Are really going to do something at third Ev?" he asked curiously.

"You'll know if I do or not Dom," I decided to play it mysterious. "After all, I did tell my mom that I would be good today," I shrugged to add to the effect. "So who's to say if I actually decide to do something or not."

"Do you always do what your mom says?" Bri asked in a mocking tone.

"Touché," I smirked at her. I then stopped because I was at my locker. I quickly spun the combination and grabbed the items I needed. I slammed the locker shut and walked into the classroom where my first class was. Calculus…

I threw my books and binder onto my desk and slumped down in my chair. I really hated this class. I was good at math, but this teacher really ate at my last nerve everyday. He hated me too, so the feeling was neutral at least.

Mr. Harolds and I had a true hate/hate relationship. I dated his daughter Nora. Most people thought that was all it was, that he hated me because I dated his 'precious' little girl and dumped her. But it went further than that. According to him, I shattered her heart. Nora was apparently madly in love me and I dumped her. And of course I did cheat on her a couple times before I dumped her. I never said I was the greatest guy out there.

The last bell rang to signal it was time for class to start. Mr. Harolds stood at the front of the class glaring at me. It looked kind of funny because I sat all the way at the back. I think he thought he was intimidating to me when he glared at me like that, to be honest though, he did it so often now that I barely even noticed it.

Mr. Harolds cleared his throat before he started speaking. In his nasally voice he said, "We are going to take up yesterday's homework. I hope you all did the questions." His gaze was focused specifically on me at that last statement. "Find your papers with the questions!" he barked at us.

I hastily found the questions from yesterday. I had finished them before class was even over. I sat in my seat with a bored look on my face while Mr. Harolds wrote the first question out on the board. I started looking around the room while I waited. I started counting the tiles on the ceiling when Mr. Harolds nasally voice barked at me to get my attention.

"Mr. Cole!" I jumped a bit in my seat from the sudden sound. I'll admit it, he startled me. I looked up at him to show that I heard him. How could I not have anyway? "Would you care to do the first problem?"

I heaved a big sigh as I headed up to the front of the room. I squeezed through all the lines of desks and tried not to trip over the purses that girls had left on the floor. I didn't take my paper with the answer on it because I knew I could figure out the answer right away.

When I got up to the blackboard, I found a piece of chalk to use. I picked one up and held it in my right hand as I looked over the problem on the board. I thought about it for a split second before I started writing down my answer. I finished in no time, turned to Mr. Harolds to give him a cocky smirk, and then turned completely around to head back to my seat at the back of the class.

When I sat back down, I noticed that everyone was watching the expression on Mr. Harolds face as he looked over my answer. He was angry because I was correct. To keep himself from saying anything, he clenched his fists so tight that they were shaking. His face was turning bright red and he was biting down on his bottom lip so hard I thought he was going to draw blood.

"Nicely done Mr. Cole," he bit out. He then moved down to the other side of the blackboard to write down the second question. I started rolling my pencil on my desk for something to do. I became amused as the yellow writing tool spun around and around along my desk. Once again though, I was interrupted.

"Mr. Cole!" the nasally bark called throughout the classroom again.

"What?" I groaned. I stopped my pencil by placing my hand over it so it would stay in place.

"Why don't you try the next one?" Mr. Harolds sneered at me.

"But I just did the last one," I glared at him.

"Your point?" he placed his hands on his hips. He gave me a look as if to challenge me.

"Well, shouldn't you give all the other fine students in this class a chance to show off their fine calculus skills?" I matched the look he was giving.

"I'm the teacher and I say who comes up to the board," he scowled at me and I figured I might as well just go up and answer the question.

I repeated the process I did before and wrote the answer down on the board. I would get back at him for this by being correct. He would hate it if I was right every time I came up to the board.

I returned to my seat and right away knew I was right. He was growling at the board while staring at my correct answer. I think he'll be leaving me alone now. For the rest of class anyways.

When I figured that I was going to be left alone while the rest of the questions were being answered, I thought about what I was going to do during third. I had English that period. I didn't really want to go and had been planning on skipping it anyways. That only left what to do to help Dom.

There were a number of things that I could do to disrupt his class. The only question was; what one would I choose? Third was right before lunch too. So whatever I decided meant that the cafeteria still needed to be okay so everyone could eat. The hamster wheels were turning.

I couldn't have been happier when the bell rang as a signal to the end of class. I had five minutes to kill before it was time for my second period. Second was my gym period and Dom and Nathan were in it with me.

Nathan and Dom were already in the change room when I got there. They were standing in front of their lockers with their shirts off, about to put on their gym uniforms. Our school only had a uniform for gym, and nobody looked good in it. They were puke green t-shirts with baggy navy blue shorts. It was the same for both genders and girls constantly complained about them.

I greeted Nathan and Dom as I opened up my locker and pulled out my uniform.

"How was Harolds today?" Nathan asked me when I started getting ready.

I let out a groan for a bit of dramatic effect. "Don't even ask. I couldn't get out of there fast enough."

The two chuckled as we all continued to dress. "Did he call you to the board over and over again?" Dom asked. By now we were all dressed and were heading out of the change room to the gym.

"Until he realized I did everything correct."

"You'd think he'd know by now," Dom shook his head. "Math is your subject." He put emphasis on your.

I shrugged, "He just hates me. It doesn't matter to him if he knows I'm good in the subject."

They both nodded and we waited for instruction from our gym teacher Mrs. James. She blew her whistle when we got to her area to get everyone else to come over.

"Split yourselves up! We're playing dodge ball today!" her voice echoed through the gym. Some people groaned while others cheered at the thought of playing dodge ball. I personally hated the game. It seemed too elementary school. The kind of game kids would play on the playground during recess. But it meant an easy period.

Nathan and Dom were on my team of course. We all chose the same side. I stood by them while waiting for Mrs. James to say it was time to start the game.

"So have you thought of anything to get Dom out of his test yet?" Nathan asked me.

"You'll know when third comes." Was all I said before the game began.

Our side ended up winning three games to four. If I was completely full of myself I would say it was because me, Dom and Nathan were all on that side. Of course, I'm not full of myself so I didn't say that.

We walked into the change rooms and got ready for the showers. Most of us didn't shower in the mornings because gym was second. I was one of those people. What was the point in cleaning yourself up when you were going to get sweaty almost right away anyways? We showered at school instead.

I got all showered and dressed in my clothes for the day again. When all three of us were finished, Dom groaned.

"Time for my doom," his head was hanging down as he said this. You could tell he really wasn't prepared for his test.

"You'll do fine Dom," Nathan reassured him with a pat on the back.

"You don't understand. If I fail this test, it will be impossible for me to pass the course. I can't repeat tenth year science again!" Dom already wasn't going to be graduating with his class because he failed this science course twice already. Now normally you would just drop the course, but he needed this one to graduate. It was compulsory.

"You're not going to fail the test," I said. The positive tone in my voice must have reassured him because he looked at me with hopeful brown eyes.

We walked down the hallway and when Dom got to his science room he looked over at me again. A desperate look was on his face. He was silently begging me to find him a way out.

"Just go in there and let me take care of everything," I told him before leaving him.

I took a seat on a bench instead of going to my third period English class. I patiently waited for the final bell to go. When the bell went, that meant that Dom would be starting his test and I needed to put my plan into action.

The bell rang and I got up. I was about to do probably the oldest trick in the book, but it would do the job. I acted very stealth walking up to the fire alarm that was situated on the wall beside me. Quickly, I pulled down the alarm and the school was filled with the blaring sound of the alarm.

I watched amused as all the students and teachers filed out of their classrooms in a panic. There was pushing and shoving every which way as people tried to get to the different exits. I figured I better walk out with them all so it wouldn't look suspicious. If I stayed in the school, they would know it was me.

The whole school stood outside as the police and fire department came to inspect the premises. Dom saw me from his group and looked at me questioningly. I gave him a slight nod with a smirk and smile grew across his face. He gave me a thumbs up and then turned to pay attention to his teacher that was going over his class list making sure they were all there.

Shortly after the police and fire fighters came and gave the news to the principal. She nodded in understanding at what was being said and both departments walked away to their vehicles.

The principal Ms. Warner turned to towards the school and spoke into a megaphone to make sure we all could hear her.

"Listen up everyone!" she yelled. "I have just been informed that it was a false alarm! Go back to your classes! We will find the person that pulled the fire alarm later! I repeat! Go back to your classes, it was a false alarm!"

Everyone groaned when they heard they needed to go back to class. We all jumbled together in what resembled a stampede, only we moved much slower. I smiled to myself because Dom's class had to have lost at least ten minutes off their tests from this. If I pulled it one more time they may need to cancel.

I let myself hang back while everyone returned to their classes. I wasn't going to pull it right away. Everyone needed to get settled first. I took a seat on a bench and waited. I figured ten minutes was long enough.

When ten minutes was up, I went stealth again. I started pulling a mission impossible as I headed towards the fire alarm. I quickly pulled it down again and ran away when the classrooms started filing out again. I stood by the door closest to me and held it open pretending to be a helpful student as they all headed out of the school. Most people were grumbling about having to do two fire drills in a row, but others were happy to get out of class. When Dom passed me he gave a signal that looked like a cutting motion. I figured that was his way of saying the test was off.

When all the people that were coming out through my door were gone, I left my spot and filed in with the rest of the student body. The police and fire department were there again and did not look happy. They did their duty of inspecting the school and with frustrated expressions told Ms. Warner everything was fine again. Ms. Warner had a scary expression on her face at the news.

Before Ms. Warner could turn around and tell everyone that everything was fine, a janitor came up to her and said something in her ear. Whatever he said to her made her face turn bright red. She looked as red as the fire truck that the fire department rode here in. Her eyes then seemed to over look the crowd of students until her eyes found me. With shaking hands she brought the megaphone up to her mouth and screamed.

"Evan Cole! In my office now! Everyone else return to your classes!" Crap, she knew. The whole school followed her gaze and stared at me. I gave them all a sheepish smile and started to head out of the crowd to follow Ms. Warner to her office.

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