Lost Paradise

I'm slowly driving what she said into my thoughts.

They're polluted with every untrue smile,

Masked behind a sick skin of guilty pleasure,

One-sided love… and guilty pleasure.

Countless regrets, in decisions I've made

Echoed and embossed, staring into the air, I'm this empty.

A descent into a seething world,

In a cold vice of reality… and still, I'm empty.

I stepped into her trap; Betrayal, and fake interest,

A meaningless attraction, with words reflecting the past,

I knew the consequence of affection; Deception.

Carve my attention into your amusement.

Answers are vague. Am I just another person to her?

Does her care travel further than the words she speaks?

Life isn't written up in concrete, it's engraved as life remains.

She's got the world under strings, manipulated by her fingertips.

An avid redemption, you drag yourself back from nonentity.

Void of any feelings,

With a dismal jealousy, I only watch a sickening kindred

Form around me.

I can't resolve your twisted hierarchy,

Your system of perverse views and choices.

You've taken my hope and ambition.

You were my paradise.

-Lurid Black-