Shangri-la: Paradise; a place where sorrow and hatred don't exist; a place where there is only happiness. Shangri-la.

Even though I have never been there, I imagine that it is a giant field of wild flowers, eternally warm with only a few white clouds to contrast the deep blue sky. The air is like faint perfume, and every breeze brings with it a new sweet scent. I wish that I could lie there forever in idle happiness, each day slowly passing me by. That is what my Heaven would be like.

I never learned about Shangri-la, but I've known about it for as long as I can remember. It's a real place, I know it is. I can feel it calling to me, wanting me to find it. Sometimes I feel like we are two lovers, longing desperately for each other across a great distance. Shangri-la. My Shangri-la. I couldn't stand being separated from it any longer, so I decided to start searching for it.

Shangri-la has been sealed away. Here in this black place of isolation, I found my Shangri-la and discovered the terrible truth. Shangri-la is unreachable. I could feel my lover's breaths pulsating underneath my feet, and I wanted to cry. I pressed myself against the black smooth marble, feeling the exquisite pain of being so close and yet being unable to reach it. Shangri-la.

Shangri-la spoke to me. I need a key. To reach my beloved, my destiny, I need the key to open the door. Shangri-la showed her to me in pictures, motion, and memories. To unlock my dream, I need to find her, the key.

I need to discover the one like me.