La biblioteca


It was a peaceful day at the fields, I live in a small peaceful town but sometimes I go all the way to the fields to farm but this time I didn't go farming, I heard that there was a library there so I came to see it but that place was empty, even the librarian wasn't there and the place had was only 2 stories and it there weren't many shelfs but I browse throught anyway but then I tripped and I was about to hit a shelf so I closed my eyes but nothing happened so I opened up my eyes and I was in the city at night, the street was crowded and I was lost so I just wandered around like a lost child…well I am a child and I am lost but after a few minute I came across a suspicious young man and I couldn't help but follow him and I did, he went to the library but it was closed but it wasn't locked so he just entered and I continued following him, the library looked like the one that I was in but when I went to second floor, in front of the shelves were glass so none could enter but the weird young man just pushed the glass and it opened and he went inside and grabbed a pink book and then he rushed outside, he didn't' see me because I was hiding. He ran to another man and he shouted "FATHER FATHER! I was able to buy a book!" I knew that it was none of my business but I stopped him and I told his father the truth and he got in trouble then I suddenly dissapeared and reappeared in the library.

I had my neighbor's keys in my hand and I finally remembered that today that some of my neigbors lost their keys so then I stood up and I noticed that another shelf was shining with some golden aura and I felt that I had to go inside and so I jumped inside then I found myself in the fields, it was kind of like that place where I lived but it was not my home…anyway, I just saw a small house in front of me so I tried entering but couldn't, it took me a while to notice that up in that house there was a tunnel so I climbed up there and entered then I suddenly appeared in another library but there was no exit so all I did was browese.

A few minutes later, I found a key on top of a shelf and I got it then I reappered in the library that I was in again but that shelf what still shining, it was like it was telling me that I wasn't done yet, so I jumped in again and once again I entered that weird library but instead of appearing in there, I appeared in the backyard with a woman harvesting turnips and she didn't speak Spanish so I found out that I was in the U.S. then I turned back but there was nothing but field…I guess I'm trapped here forever.