Population: Unknown

Chapter 1


"I'm Home!" Luna Wolff called as she strolled threw the door. She skipped to into the large Kitchen and spun around once before sitting in an oak chair.

"My! You look happy!" Luna's mother laughed as she cut some carrots skillfully. "Wanna tell me what has got you so cheerful?"

Luna flicked her long black hair over her shoulder, smiling innocently.

"Oh, you will have ta wait until dinna' mum!" Luna joked in a British accent. Her mom laughed and continued to cut the carrots. Luna watched a fly buzz around her head a few times before shooing it away with a flick of her hand.

"Did Dad call?"

Luna's mom slowly stopped cutting and closed her eyes. It had been about four months sense she and Luna's dad had divorced and her mom didn't like to talk to or about him.

"No…he didn't…" she said coolly and continued to cut the carrots a bit more forcefully.

Luna sighed and got up from the chair. She wished that her mom and dad would make up. It wasn't his fault that he became drunk and…well…"did it" with another women. He had said that he had ordered a NON-alcoholic beer. Luna believed that he was telling the truth, but her mom never believed him. She never had.

Luna walked up the flight of stairs and then down the left hallway to her room. She was about to open the door when she heard some one…or something in there. She threw open the door and growled. There was her twelve year old sister, Brooke, in the middle of her room, wearing her red, sleeveless prom dress, her black hair and green eyes mirroring her elder sister, and had her make up smudged across her face like a canvas of bright paint that a three year old had done in the dark.

"Brooke…what exactly are you DOING in MY room?"

"I was…uh…um…" She looked around Luna's room, as if searching for an answer.

"Get out of my dress…AND MY ROOM!" she yelled.

Brooke threw off the dress and ran out of the room. Luna slammed the door after her.

"AAAAARG!" Luna stormed over to her dress and picked it up. It was wrinkled and was dotted with some make up that had come of the enormous supply of Brooke's face. Luna threw the dress onto her queen sized water been with a blanket of a dragon sitting gracefully on a mountain, its tail wrapped around it's large feet, and his wings spread. He looked totally relaxed…unlike Luna.

She reached the makeup covered dresser and stopped. She tried to figure out what was useable and what wasn't. She finally just threw everything away in her trash can by her dresser. She picked up her brush and started to brush her silky hair as she stared into the mirror. She took a deep breath and set the brush down lightly on the dresser that was once her great, great grand mother's. Taking one last look at her light olive skin, she walked out of her room to the stairs.

Luna slid down the stair's banister and landed…not so gracefully on the ground. She stood up and wiped herself off, muttering to herself as she walked into the kitchen. Luna's mother looked up from setting the table for dinner.

"There you are. I heard your door slam. Is everything ok?"

"No…Brooke ruined my dress." Luna mumbled glumly.

"The red one for prom? But I thought you weren't going."

"I wasn't, but…Dustin asked me today." Luna slightly smiled and blushed.


"And what?"

"Did you say yes?"

"No mom…I said that he was gross and should go die, what do you think?" Luna joked, rolling her eyes.

"Oh, I'm so happy for you!" Luna's mom walked over and gave Luna a bone crushing hug. Though her mom was a house wife, she still went out and worked out at the Saunderstown gym and boxed with the guys there.

"Gezz mom! You acting like I'm getting married or something. And I can't breathe!" Luna choked out with a small laugh.

"Oh! Sorry!" Luna's mom let go and laughed.

"Who's getting marred?" Brooke asked as she slid down the banister and landed perfectly at the bottom.

"No one, show off." Luna rolled her eyes.

"Oh…ok." Brook sat down in an oak chair, watching Luna get the milk out of the frigde. Luna grabbed a cup and poured a class and set the milk down.

"Can you get one for me?"

"No. You can get your own."

Brooke glared at Luna like a spoiled five year old. "Fine. I will." She jumped out of the chair and grabbed the glass that Luna had poured and took a huge gulp.


"I got my own!" Brook smirked and walked back to the table.

"Kids be good…I'm not feeling all that good." Their mom sighed. Luna looked at her mom and saw that she was pail.

"Mom, you should sit down."

"Ow…my stomach." Luna looked over at Brooke and saw that she was holding her stomach.

"Are you guys ok?" Luna asked. She could feel her stomach start to act up. There was a thump and Luna turned her attention to her mom who was now on the floor. "Mom!" Luna ran over to her mom. She felt her mom's forehead. It was so hot! Another thump and 'crash' turned Luna's attention to Brooke who had fallen out of her chair, taking the glass with her. When the glass hit the linoleum floor, it shattered into a million pieces, and spattered the floor with the white liquid.

Luna stood to help Brooke, but was soon on the ground again, on one knee, one hand on her head and another around her stomach. Her head was spinning with light headedness, and her stomach felt like nettles were stabbing the inside of her stomach.

"Mom…Brooke…" Luna muttered and fell to the ground. She watched helplessly as he mom and sister faded away and soon she couldn't see them at all as she drifted into unconsciousness.

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