A/N: I'm not usually one to write this kind of detail into a love scene, but this idea has been torturing me all week, so I had to get it down on paper. Oh, and to any readers of Heart Divided, I guarantee that I'll start working on a new chapter immediately after this. Enjoy!

Her books tumbled to the floor as his arms encircled her waist from behind. Without even turning around, she knew that it was him - his scent, the one she had fantasized about for months, gave him away. Thrills of electricity flew from the bottom of her shoes to the top of her head, and she shivered in his grasp. Suddenly a puff of air landed near her ear, and she had to concentrate to realize that he was talking. She thought she caught the phrases "too long" and "glad I know now", but her heart was thundering so loudly in her chest that she couldn't tell.

His hands traveling to her upper arms, he slowly turned her around in his grasp. She made sure to keep her eyes level with his chest, knowing that if she were to look at him she wouldn't be able to form a coherent sentence - much less thought. Or was it the other way around? She tried to murmur a few words - to see if perhaps there was no dignified way out of this oddly mortifying yet gratifying situation; but he put his fingers over her mouth to stop the explanation.

His fingers somehow made their way under her chin, and a moment later she found herself drowning in his chestnut eyes. She tried again to speak, but a small gasp was all that found its way out. Grinning in satisfaction, he lifted her head and lowered his until their lips softly touched.

Her eyes widened in surprise for a moment before closing. She had dreamed of this moment for months on end, constantly waking up to find her heart beating wildly. But now, as his lips barely touched hers, her heart was hammering with all its might against her chest. Her hands clenched into fists against his chest, and she leaned forward to deepen the kiss. He was smiling now, she could tell, since his lips began to curve up. She would have to chide him about smirking at her, but all that mattered now was that he responded and also deepened the kiss.

She wanted to scream for joy, to laugh and giggle like the foolish girl she was becoming, to grin for the next week straight. She wanted to laugh for the next five weeks straight...no, the next five months! She wanted to drag him out to her favorite place in the woods - under the huge live oaks - and lie in his arms until she forgot that the world even existed. She wanted to grab any random person off the street and force them to listen to her long tale of desire and gratification. She wanted to melt into his embrace and forget that there was anything in the world besides the warmth he gave off. She wanted to laugh- scream-cry for joy and forget everything else besides this one moment in her life.

He began to lean away, but she grabbed at his shirt and pulled him back, deciding to ignore even their need for air. He was smirking again, but he consented and continued to kiss her. A few moments later, she felt his tongue hesitantly probe the space between her lips. This time the smirk formed on her lips, but she opened her lips a small distance and further deepened their kiss. His tongue gently probed the front part of her mouth, and she lost herself in the sensation. A few blissful moments later, he did pull back; and she didn't try to stop him. They both did need air eventually, after all.

His breathing ragged, he murmured an incomprehensible phrase and cupped the side of her jaw in his hand. Leaning his forehead against hers, he started to chuckle under his breath. A few moments later found her giggling as well before burying her face in his shirt. The heat from his beating heart warmed the side of her face as his hands began rubbing her back. For a few moments, the only thing that existed was his warmth...his scent...the feel of his hands. For a few moments, only he existed...only they existed. Then he gently placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back far enough to look into his eyes. Suddenly, she felt the sensation of drowning in the warmest ocean and knowing that she would never be rescued. Yet, for some odd reason, she simply couldn't bring herself to care.