Walking through a meadow and life is just fine

Walking through a meadow and life is just fine.

Thought I saw your face, in the cloud up high.

Strolling along by the river,

I know it's a long way.

But I got legs for walkin'.

And lips for talking with you.

And I got arms for holding you, while we spin,

Around and around, in this crowd.

Are we alone now, in this crowd?

I don't care…I'll kiss you anyway.

Cuz you're my life; my everything.

Life could never be this way, before I took a stroll with you.

And life is just fine.

And life is just perfect.

And I got legs, to walk to you.

My feet will fly, all the way to you.

All the way to your heart,

Take chalk and draw a giant heart on the ground,

So we can lay in it, and be engulfed by it.

And it will grow...this love that I have…for you.

This love that I have for you.

Like butterflies that are in your eyes.

Like light that's in your eyes..

As we walk through a meadow

With the clouds up high.