Is there anything more disheartening than looking back on life and having regrets? Not for the things you did that were bad decisions, but for the things you never tried, because you were afraid, or just didn't take the time to live.

I decided when I was about seventeen years old that I would not have those regrets. I wanted to live my life the way it should be: free and unhindered by society and the rules regulated by it. The way life should be.

My reason for this sudden change? It's simple really. I met a boy. And I fell in love. I gave him my heart and soul, all of me and so much more. But this story of love is not what I am here to tell. It is the story that was brought forth by the end of this love. The boy I loved lied to me. He cheated on me. He broke my heart irreparably. So I wept.

Now here is where my story begins. The story of a girl whose forgotten how to love and how her life went spiraling out of control, to fast for her to handle on her own.