awe-inspiring grin

singular sparkling gaze

clouds part and God speaks

Pay Attention!

He listens to me

sometimes for half a second

truth: he never does.

Parking Lot

Outside the window

acres of metallic gleam

a ford paradise

Shattered Dreams

I once wished upon

a star standing in the sky.

It never came true.


They argue loudly

I can hear them from across

the far universe

The Mind

Writing a poem

music and serenity

happiness and pain


Go with the flow

eternity laughs

time is nothing but a fond joke

common sense speaks out

does it matter anyway?

Why not let it flow?

Forced Grin

Swallow quietly

scream only in silence

walk invisible

never let them see your pain

don't let then see you.

To Much

To young or to old

to tired or to awake

to painful to sad

to happy and far to glad

they die anyway

See the moon?

The moon is a flag

drawing the world to its eye

needs to be noticed

invisible doesn't suit

so we all wonder


What are we?

A brain.

A beating heart.

Lungs that breath in and out.

A soul to find your morals in.



Ten years

in the future

will you be there with me?

What will we see in this future?