Pieces shattered here

(Coming soon to theatres)

And lies twisted in a moment

(Plays of fakes and hypocrites)

Smiling bastards! Down with life!

(Down with love, down with justice!)

Forgotten amazement, thirsty for you

(Gotta bring it down a notch or two)

Remember my dear: that was is light

(Pray for tomorrow's tomorrow)

Tainted, n, collapsing

(Role-play your character, dear)

Take the path that is wise

(Sush now, they can smell your fear)

Laughter, it echoes



Throughout life –

Basically, what I'm saying is:

Screw society and fuck the world

Throw away values: minority is


So cry away in your little dark corner

(Burn away dreams and hopes)

Pick the new moment to . .

Wait for light to go – for the end of this day

Goodbye baby.