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A/N: I know I shouldn't be making another story, but this one has been stuck in my head for a week and it won't go away! I hope you like it!

"So, Jake," said a chocolate haired boy with hazel eyes. This boy was wearing a dark green shirt that showed bits of his muscles, blue jeans, and white shoes.

He was looking at a rather tall, black stringy haired boy with green eyes. The boy named Jake was wearing a black shirt that showed off his muscles, black cargo pants that covered his black shoes. He had two piercings in his right eyebrow, and a piercing in the top and bottom of his left ear.

Jake smiled as he and the chocolate haired boy walked down the crowded hallways of their high school.

Here he goes again: Jake thought. He rolled his eyes and asked, "Yes, Riley, what is it?"

They boy named Riley smirked.

He then asked, "You gonna make out with Sarah again today?" His smile widened.

Jake smiled and turned, sticking his hands into his black cargo pant pockets.

"Nope," Jake said calmly, "Broke up with that chick last hour."

Riley roared with laughter.

"Dude," he said through laughs, "You're harsh!"

Without looking at Riley, Jake shrugged his shoulder, letting of a 'hn'.

Riley rolled his eyes.

"You're a senior and you're acting so immature," Riley said.

Jake laughed and looked at Riley.

"Look who's talking!" Jake yelled.

Riley laughed nervously.

He then smiled and said, "Dude, you have dated every girl in this entire school! You even got Johanna in our sophomore year!"

Johanna was Riley and Jake's girl best friend. She had dark blonde hair and green eyes, and was very picky when it came to guys.

Jake shrugged his shoulders, saying, "Yeah, but we all have known each other since kindergarten."

Johanna, Jake, and Riley had been friends since kindergarten. Well, Riley and Jake were in kindergarten, but they met Johanna over the summer before first grade by their mothers.

Riley rolled his eyes.

"Hey! Jake! Riley!" a feminine voice yelled through the crowd behind them.

They turned to see a blonde haired, green eyed girl. She was wearing a white blouse, a pink skirt, and white high heals. The girl had two blue notebooks in her hand, and her blonde hair flowed behind her as she ran towards the boys.

The two boys stopped and waited.

When the girl reached them, Riley yelled, "There you are, Johanna! Where the hell have you been?!"

Johanna panted and said, "Sorry. Mrs. McKee asked me to give a new student a tour around the school and get acquainted with her. She just moved her from Louisiana."

"She?" Riley asked, eyeballing Jake, who smirked.

This did not go unnoticed by Johanna.

She frowned and said, "Oh no you don't! She's a very sweet and shy girl. I will not let you flatter her and leave her heartbroken like you do to every girl here!"

She had narrowed her eyebrows deeply.

Riley opened his mouth, but Jake beat him to it, "Don't worry, Joe. I'll be nice."

Johanna blushed deeply and yelled, "Don't call me Joe!"

Riley and Jake laughed. They both knew she hated being called Joe. According to her, it made it sound like she was a guy.

Riley smiled and asked, "So….she's from Louisiana, huh? Wonder why she moved all the way up here to Colorado. She have an accent?"

Johanna smiled and nodded her head.

"It's really interesting too," she said, "I love the way she talked when I got her to."

"What she look like?" Jake asked sincerely.

Johanna glared at him.

"If you must know," she said, still glaring at Jake, "She has very light blonde hair, and ice blue eyes. She's wearing a black blouse with a white skirt, and white flip-flops. Oh and she wears very nice glasses when she needs to."

"Dorky glasses?" Riley asked, laughing slightly.

Johanna glared and said angrily, "No! They actually make her look more beautiful."

Riley smirked and asked, "Why you judging girls, Joe?"

Johanna yelled, "You would think so too, you perverted baboon!"

Riley and Jake roared with laughter.

Then, something caught Jake's eyes. A fairly sized blonde haired girl, her hair trailing down her back, was walking down the hall by herself, carrying a book and a notebook. She wore a black blouse and a white skirt. Jake noticed she was wearing very nice looking glasses.

"Joe," Jake said.

Johanna turned to him, glaring, but when she noticed what she was looking at, her glare disappeared.

Jake pointed to the girl, who stopped in front of a locker and picked up the lock, turning the dial.

"That her?" Jake asked, looking at Johanna.

Johanna smiled and said, "Yep. That's Kimberly Daniels."

Jake then saw three boys walk up to her. One of them knocked the things out of her hand, and onto the floor. They laughed and walked away.

Kimberly looked at the floor at her things. She stared at them for some time. Jake then thought he saw something fall from her face as she closed her locker slowly, and bent down to pick up her things.

A loud ring came and Kimberly began to walk slowly down the hall.

"I'll see you guys at lunch!" Johanna said, running the way towards Kimberly, waving goodbye to her friends.

Riley waved unenthusiastically, which earned him a glare from Johanna. Johanna slowed to a slow walk when she reached Sarah. Jake saw Kimberly look up to Johanna and smile. Jake saw Johanna's lips move, causing Kimberly to softly laugh. They then turned left, turning a corner.

"Jake? Jaaaake?" Riley yelled, trying to capture his friend's attention.

Jake looked at him.

Riley said, "Come on! We're late already and I don't watch Miss Smith bitchin to us."

Jake barked a loud laugh and followed his friend to Miss Smith's class.


"We eating outside today?" Johanna asked a tray in her hands.

Riley rolled his eyes, saying, "Obviously."

Johanna frowned and said, "Don't make me punch you."

Riley stuck out his tongue at her.

Johanna rolled her eyes, saying, "So mature."

They then found a table and sat their trays down.

Johanna looked at Jake who had no tray.

"I don't know how you manage to survive, boy," Johanna said, picking up a slice of orange.

He shrugged his shoulders, giving off a 'hn'.

He then began to look around.

Johanna noticed and asked her mouth full of orange, "Whoddya fwookin fwo?"

Jake looked at her and said, "In English, Sherlock."

She swallowed and replied, "I said, 'Who ya lookin for?'"

"What makes you think I'm looking for somebody?" Jake asked curiously.

Johanna shrugged her shoulders and began to eat her rice with gravy.

Jake rolled his eyes and began to search yet again.

Then, he found what he was looking for.

There was Kimberly, sitting all alone at a table, her eyes behind her glasses, glued to a blue book.

"What she reading?" he asked out loud.

Johanna looked at knew who he was talking about.

She turned back to her food and replied quickly, "Turning Angel."

Jake stared at her and asked, "Turning what?"

She rolled her eyes, looked up at him, and said, "Turning Angel. It's a book by Greg Iles. He's a writer from Germany but now lives in Natchez, Mississippi."

"Oh….," was all Jake could think to reply with.

"How do you know all this?" Riley asked curiously.

Johanna replied, "Kimberly told me."

She then stood up and turned her tray in. Riley did the same and sat back down at the gray table.

"So….," Riley said dully.

"Hey," Johanna said, her eyebrows narrowing, "What're they doing?"

Jake and Riley turned around to see the three boys from before crowd around Kimberly.

One large, muscular boy, brown hair and blue eyes, took the book from her hands.

She jumped in shock and stood up.

The brown haired boy laughed, and held the book high in the air.

Kimberly held her hands up high, and tried to jump for the book. The boy laughed and threw it to a blonde haired green eyed boy.

The blonde laughed as she ran towards him. He then threw it to the last of their buddies, a red haired blue eyed boy.

Kimberly ran to him, reaching high for the book.

Jake narrowed his brows.


Jake looked to see Johanna's fists on the table, her eyes glaring deathly at the three boys.

She then swung her legs over the seat and began to walk fast towards the boys.

"Joe, wait!" Riley said hurrying to follow her.

Jake sighed and followed them as well.

Jake saw Johanna reach the boys.

She yelled at the brown haired, who now had the book, "Give Kimberly back her book, Jonathon!"

Jonathon laughed, saying, "Nah. Catch, Jeremy!"

He threw it to the blonde haired boy.

Kimberly had stopped trying. She looked at the ground, and Jake saw silver fall from her face. He looked at the ground to see water stains.

Kimberly noticed and looked up at Jake.

Johanna was right: he thought as he stared at her ice like eyes: They really are ice blue. They look cold, but they're defiantly alive.

Kimberly moved fingers to wipe away the tears, looking away from Jake.

Jake stared at her. Not once did she look up to meet his gaze.

"Give back the book, damnit!" Jake heard Johanna yell.

Jake looked up to see her trying to wrestle the book out of the red head's hands.

He smiled and said, "Don't think so."

Johanna yelled, "Give it back to Kimberly, Tyler! She did nothing to you!"

Tyler smiled and said, "I'll give it back on one condition."

Johanna glared at him.

She dared to ask, "What?" There was bitterness in her voice.

Tyler smirked and said, "If you kiss me, I'll give it back."

Johanna flushed red and screamed, "In your dreams! Now, give her back her damn book!" She reached for it, only to be pushed back by Tyler's free hand.

"Hey!" Riley yelled, "You heard Johanna! Give the new girl a break and give back her book!"

Jeremy smiled and said, "Sticking up for your little girlfriend, are you, Riley?"

Jonathon barked a loud laugh, as did Tyler.

While Tyler laughed, Johanna managed to grab the book from his hands.

"Jake!" she yelled, "Catch!" She then threw him the book, which he caught.

"Hey!" Tyler yelled.

Johanna began to walk away when Tyler grabbed her wrist.

She struggled in his grasp, yelling, "Let me go!"

Tyler smirked and said, "You owe me a kiss."

"You wish!" Johanna yelled, struggling. "Now let go!"

"Let her go," said a small voice.

Everyone turned to see Kimberly, her head down looking up.

"You say something?" Tyler asked.

"Let Johanna go," she said quietly.

Her voice was small and smooth.

Johanna managed to escape Tyler's grip, and she ran over to Kimberly's side.

Tyler took a step towards Kimberly. She took a step back in fear. Tyler smirked.

Then, the bell rang.

The three boys stared at each other, then walked inside the school.

Johanna gasped.

"Oh no I'm going to be late!" she yelled. She looked at Kimberly and said, "I'll talk to you later….Sorry bout everything that happened."

Kimberly nodded her head.

Johanna grabbed Riley's hand, saying, "You have to give me the homework! Hurry!"

She then pulled him, Riley tripping slightly on his feet.

Now there was only Jake and Kimberly. Jake held her book while he stared at her. She tried to advert his gaze, but he saw that she was resisting hard to not gaze at him.

Jake then held out her book, saying, "Here. This is yours."

Without looking at him, Kimberly took the book.

She then said softly, "Thank you."

She then turned and walked towards the building.

Last class of the day

Jake's last class was Art. He detested the teacher, but in a way loved the subject.

He noticed that Kimberly had the same class as he did. He gazed at her now and then. He noticed she had put her glasses away.

Jake sighed and looked at his paper. Their assignment for the class period was to draw something that signaled significant beauty.

He sighed again. He had no idea and they only had around 15-20 minutes of class left.

He then saw Kimberly stand up, her paper in her hands. She then walked to the front desk where a man with brown hair and glasses sat.

"Yes?" he asked, looking up from papers.

Jake heard Kimberly say, "Here is my paper, Mr. Callis."

She handed him her paper. He took it and observed. His eyes then widened and a smile spread across his face.

He looked at Kimberly and said, "This is beautiful."

Kimberly blushed, saying, "Thank you."

She then walked back to her desk, adverting the eyes of wondering students.

Jake then spent the next 10 minutes drawing.

"Pass your papers to the front," Mr. Callis said.

Jake handed his to the person in front of him.

After Mr. Callis took the papers he set them on his desk, and sat on it.

"Now," he said, "I am going to have you students do a project. What you have just done is a drawing of significant beauty. For this project, you and a partner will capture photographs of what you and your partner consider beauty. Those without access to cameras, I would like you to see me after class.

Tomorrow, I will assign you your partners. The project will take one and only one month. I feel like being generous, so that is pretty long for this kind of project. Any questions?"

No one raised their hands.

"Good," Mr. Callis said.

At that moment, the bell rung.

"Class dismissed," Mr. Callis said.

Everyone hurried out the room.

Kimberly grabbed her book, placing a bright blue backpack on her shoulders, and walked out the room.

"Jake," Mr. Callis said, "I would to see you for a moment."

Jake mentally groaned, grabbed his stuff, and walked to the teacher's desk.

"Jake," Mr. Callis said, placing his chin in his hands, "You're not doing to well in this class."

No duh, Sherlock: Jake thought: If I was, I wouldn't have a D.

"You need an A on this project to at least pull your D to a high C or a really low B," Callis continued, "Therefore, I'm going to partner you up with a student with high potential. One who will make sure you work. I hope."

Jake asked, "Is that all?"

Callis glared and said, "You may go now."

Jake hurried out the room, Riley waiting outside the door.

They began to walk when Riley asked, "What took ya?"

Jake replied, "Teacher trying to encourage me to work with a braniac. Not like I have a choice in this."

Riley nodded his head.

Jake then saw Kimberly and Johanna in front of them, walking towards the exit.

Kimberly wasn't smiling, but Johanna was trying to make her smile.

Jake then had an idea. He smirked and said, "Hey, Riley. Watch this."

Confused, Riley followed by Jake's side.

Jake snuck as quickly and quietly as he could behind Kimberly, who had not noticed him.

Jake was then right behind her.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, moved to her ear, and whispered, "Hey, baby."

Kimberly squeaked.

The next thing Jake knew, Kimberly's elbow was in his chest. He released her, and Kimberly pushed him away hard with her foot.

Jake fell back, onto the ground.

People around stared.

Johanna turned around, and screamed, "Jake!"

Kimberly's eyes widened, and she turned around. She dropped two books, the Turning Angel and a black book.

She gasped, tears forming in her eyes.

She then turned and bolted down the hallways, out the school.

"Shit," Jake said, rubbing his chest, "What was that all about?"

Johanna helped him up, glaring at him deeply.

"You scared the shit out of that girl!" Johanna said angrily, "Of course she's gonna freak out and defend herself!"

Jake said, "Yeah, yeah."

He then noticed the books and said, "Damnit she left these."

He picked them up. His eyes rested on the black book. On the front of it, in dark red, was 'Diary: Property of Kimberly Isabel Daniels'

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