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Jake figured the man to be Renaldo, from Kimberly's diary, was standing, glaring directly at Jake.

"I will ask again," Renaldo spoke, "What. Is. Going. On?"

"Father, I…" Kimberly said, but she didn't continue.

Jake glared at the man, who then smiled at him, his glare disappearing.

"Well…." Renaldo said, "Isn't this quite….awkward?"

Jake moved off of Kimberly who moved back.

Jake stood up.

"Yes," Jake said, "It is."

Renaldo smiled even more, and asked, "So, Jake, why were you atop my daughter?"

Jake narrowed his brows and asked, "How do you know my name, Renaldo?"

Renaldo barked a loud laugh.

He said, "I know many things. Things you have yet to know. I see you know my name."

Jake nodded his head.

"I'm going now," Jake said turning.

Renaldo smirked and said, "I'll see you again, Jacob."

Jake glared at the man as he turned and headed to his home.

Jake's home: Midnight.

Jake lied shirtless in his bed, wearing only his blue jeans. The lights were off, but he was staring at the ceiling. Questions spun around his head:

What is Kimberly?

What is the Council she wrote about in her diary?

How did Renaldo know my name?

Did Kimberly tell her father?

What did Renaldo mean by 'I know many things. Things you have yet to know.'?

What was going on?

What exactly happened to Kimberly's mother and brother that Kimberly blames herself for?

Why am I so hooked on this one girl?

"I've never felt this way with a girl," he said softly, "It feels…different. Every time I see her, I want to kiss her lips, to see if they're as perfect as I think."

He sighed. He rested his hands behind his head, staring into the darkness.

He pulled back the black covers of his bed, and crawled under the sheets.

He turned over to his side and began to close his eyes.

Kimberly and Jake's conversation roared in his mind"

"Kimberly," I asked, "Why won't you tell me? Is it that bad?"

Kimberly stared into my eyes.

She was quiet.

She then said, "Because…you'll die."

He then finally closed his eyes, and began to dream.

Jake was running through the forest, a camera wrapped around his neck.

"Kimberly!" he called, "Kimberly, where are you?"

He then saw a bright light appear in a distance. He forced himself through thick bushes. He then stopped in a bush, and gasped.

A tall human like creature was standing on the water of the lake that was surrounded by beautiful trees.

Jake couldn't see the figure's face, the light was too bright.

The light itself came from the creature.

The creature's hair was long and trailed down its back. Its eyes glowed with light. Jake saw that it stood on the tips of its toes, like a ballerina on a stage. The creature threw its arms back, and began to twirl around the water, its long hair swirling with it.

Jake then noticed the creature was wearing a simple white dress, a part cut off revealing its left leg completely.

Jake then saw it. A long, slick tail crept from under the creature's dress. It wasn't an ugly tail, but it was slick and beautiful, white with a pointed spike at the end. He saw the creature turn its back, obviously not noticing him. Holes were formed in the dress as two slim, snow white wings appeared out of the creatures back.

The creature again twirled around like a ballerina, but more gracefully. The wings opened, twirling with the creature.

All Jake could do was stare.

When the creature bent down and leapt, he gasped.

The creature turned its head in his direction and he gasped again.

There, staring at him, was Kimberly.


Jake woke up panting and sweating.

He pressed his hand to his forehead, sweat touching his hand.

"What the hell was that?" he asked himself.

He looked around the room, as though to expect something to reveal itself to him.

"Jake, hurry up," cried his sister, Andrea. "Mom says you have to walk to school with me."

Andrea had long raven hair and green eyes. She was only a freshman.

"I'm getting dressed," Jake yelled.

"Well hurry up! I don't want to be late! Again!" Andrea said, and Jake heard her stomp off.

He rolled his eyes and got dressed.

Last Class of the Day. (A/N: nothing interesting happens till here)

"Katelyn Williams and Jonathon Hills," Mr. Callis said, "Kimberly Daniels and Jacob Rogers."

The bell than rung.

"That's it for the day," Mr. Callis said as the students got up, "Start your projects! Get it done now and not later!"

Kimberly practically ran out the room. Jake had to run quickly to catch up to her.

He caught up with her and grabbed her arm.

She turned around and stared at him.

"We'll start today," he said, "I'll meet at your house."

She only nodded her head.

They both then walked their separate ways.

Two weeks later

Kimberly and Jake were in the middle of the forest. Kimberly was lying on her back, staring at the stars while Jake took pictures.

He finally sat the camera down, and leaned his arms backwards.

"What are you thinking?" Jake asked.

"About how nature represents beauty," Kimberly said.

He stared down at her face. She didn't seem to notice.

He stared at her pink lips. His chest tightened and his heart raced as he stared at them.

She closed her eyes, saying, "Its peaceful."

He watched her lips move with every word.

I can't take it anymore: he thought.

He moved on top of her, Kimberly shoving her eyes open.

He dug his hands into her shoulders.

"Jake," she said scared, "What're you-"

"I'm sorry," he said, "I can't take it."

Kimberly was confused.

Jake then smashed his lips onto her's.

Her eyes widened in shock as he moved his lips on her's gently.

Her eyes stared at him, as he closed his own. He moved his lips gently against hers.

She tried to push him off, but he made sure he wasn't going anywhere.

She shook her head, but he managed to keep his lips on her's.

When he released her from his grip, she moved off of him, and quickly.

She panted as she stared down at him.

She backed away, then stared up at the sky.

She shook her head, and looked at her hands.

"Kimberly," Jake said standing, "I'm sorry about that. I-"

"I have to go!" she yelled taking off.

"Wait!" Jake yelled.

But it was too late. Kimberly was already running deeper into the woods.

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