Bear-Bear comes

A/N: This story is held to me deeply. It is inspired by, of course, my stuffed polar bear, Bear-Bear (named her when I was three people). She was given to me by my grandfather, who died two months after I had been born. He gave it to me right when I was born and she has been with me for 14 years. This story is weird, but I want to update it, so leave me alone! :)

Bear-Bear Comes

Bear-Bear was being held by an old man, followed by another older person but a woman, walking into a hospital.

She thought: Where am I going? Where are you taking me? Why do I hear crying?

All of her questions would soon be answered. The old man walked to a counter and asked a young lady something. Bear-Bear didn't hear what they were saying. They then started to walk again.

Then he and the woman stopped by a door and knocked. Before they entered Bear-Bear read the door number: 101. Then a man with black hair and glasses opened the door. He let the old man and woman into the room. There Bear-Bear saw a lady with black hair holding a baby. All the baby was doing was crying. The old man walked to the baby and put Bear-Bear in the baby's arms.

Bear-Bear whispered into the baby's ear: What is wrong, little baby?

The baby stopped crying. She looked around the room for the first time.

She then said to Bear-Bear: "You're talking to me?"

Bear-Bear nodded. Then the baby looked at her mother, who was talking to a woman in white clothing. All the baby could understand was the word 'Katherine'. The mother then looked at her baby and smiled. She was happy she stopped crying.

The mother said, "Hello, Katherine."

Katherine looked at the bear. Then, the lady in white picked her up and started to carry her away. She immediately started to cry. She held her arms out, to try and reach the bear. The only one who understood what she wanted was the old man.

He said, "Ma'am, please give her this. She might want it."

He handed her Bear-Bear. The lady at first refused, but seeing how the baby was crying, she tried. She gave Katherine the bear. She stopped crying immediately. Everyone looked at her, amazed. The lady then walked into the hall. She then reached another door. It said: Nursery. She then placed Katherine and Bear-Bear in a little bed, with glass around it. Katherine and Bear-Bear fell asleep.

Bear-Bear and Katherine Leave

When Katherine woke up, she saw Bear-Bear. She was sleeping. Katherine shook her to wake up.

Bear-Bear woke up and said: What… Huh…Where am I?

She then looked at Katherine and said: Oh, now I remember. You're my kid.

Katherine looked at her, confused. She asked, "What does that mean?"

Bear-Bear looked at her and said: That means you're the only one who can understand me. You're the only one who can love me. You're the only one who knows I'm alive.

Katherine understood all of this. Barely. After all, she was still a baby. People think that babies don't know anything, but they might. In this world babies live that other life, but pretend to gabble and babble. Katherine then saw the same lady from yesterday come pick her up from her nice and comfy bed. She was being carried away again. She then started to sniffle and almost cried. The lady then remembered yesterday.

She said, "Oh, right. The little bear."

She picked Bear-Bear up and gave it to Katherine.

Katherine hugged the bear tightly. Bear-Bear thought: I wonder if she will love me always?

The lady then gave Katherine to her mother, who was sitting in a wheel chair. Behind her was the same black haired man, who opened the door yesterday. He then pushed the mom, the child, and the bear to the car.

Bear-Bear and Katherine's New Home

They were all riding in a blue car. The man, the woman, the baby, and the bear. The man looked through the mirror and saw the baby sleeping, cuddled with the bear.

Bear-Bear over heard their conversation: "She's really attached to that bear, Shawn," said the woman.

Shawn said, "Yeah, my dad sure knows how to pick them, Nancy."

Bear-Bear looked at Katherine, who was sound asleep. They then arrived at an apartment. The man picked up Katherine and Bear-Bear and brought them into a room in the apartment. In the apartment room, there were two separate rooms. The man carried the baby into a pink room. There was a crib and some little toys. He put the baby into the crib. Katherine then started waking up. She noticed that Bear-Bear wasn't with her. She started to cry. The man looked at the bear, picked it up, and gave it to Katherine. She immediately stopped crying and started to fall back asleep.

He smiled at her and said, "I'll never understand you and that bear."

He turned off the lights and walked out the room.

Katherine stood up and said, "Whew that was close. Let's get out of here and play."

She then started to crawl out of the crib. Bear-Bear looked at her through the bars.

Katherine turned around and said, "Jump! I'll catch ya!"

Bear-Bear decided to trust her, so she jumped. Katherine caught her, though the force of her weight made her tumble to the ground. They looked at each other and laughed. An hour had passed and Katherine's eyes started to fall. Katherine picked up Bear-Bear and threw her over the bars, into the bed. Katherine then climbed onto the bars, and jumped onto the cushiony mattress. She hugged the bear tightly and fell asleep.

The Rainy Day

Two months had passed since Katherine and Bear-Bear met. When they went outside, it felt so cold. Her parents over-dressed her, so she could be warm. Katherine was sound asleep, one day, when she felt someone pick her up. She didn't wake up for a while. When she did wake up, she saw the old man, who gave her Bear-Bear, inside of, what she called, a weird crib. She looked across the room. People were crying a lot.

Katherine thought: Why are they crying? He's only sleeping.

She looked up to see the black haired woman holding her. Beside her stood the black haired man. They walked out to their blue car. They strapped Katherine into a seat and drove off. Katherine looked around for Bear-Bear and then realized she wasn't there. Katherine started to cry, loudly. It started to rain. It felt like days to Katherine, until the car had stopped. She continued to weep loudly. This time the man picked her up, while the woman held an umbrella above him. Katherine turned her head to see the same people as before, still crying, walking towards the same place. Katherine continued to cry. They stopped walking. Katherine looked down to see the same weird crib now closed. She heard a man talking, but couldn't understand a word he said.

Then, he stopped talking. Katherine again looked down to see a long, narrow hole. They lowered the crib into the hole.

Katherine screamed (no one understood her), "What are you doing?! Why is he going down there? He won't be able to breathe. STOP!"

Since they couldn't understand her, they continued. They then started to cover the hole with dirt. Katherine cried even louder than she was.

The man patted her back and said softly, "Hush, Katherine. Please be quiet."

Katherine did not stop. She continued to cry.

The woman looked at the man and said, "Maybe she's tired. Let's go home."

They turned their backs and started to walk off to the blue car. Katherine looked back at the grave. She cried so loud that people turned their heads, and looked at her. The man put her in her car seat and they drove off into the rainy road.

Four Years Later: Katherine's Sister

Bear-Bear sat inside a chest, with other crammed toys. She had heard the name Katherine a lot. It had been four years since she heard that name. Four years since she's seen sunlight. Four years since she saw her. She heard the room door open. She heard the bed springs make a squeak.

She heard a little girl say, "Oh, Pikachu, Caroline has been crying all day long. It's getting annoying, don't you think?"

Caroline?: thought Bear-Bear: How long have I been in here? I can't tell day from night, so I can't tell how many days it's been.

Bear-Bear moved around in the toy chest.

She heard the girl ask, "Pikachu, did you hear that?"

Bear-Bear had stopped moving.

She then heard a boy voice say, "I did, Katherine."

Katherine: Bear-Bear whispered, hopefully.

She heard the girl ask, "Well, where'd it come from?"

She heard the same boy voice reply, "I think it came from the toy chest."

Bear-Bear heard faint footsteps. She closed her eyes tight. The footsteps had stopped. She opened her eyes and sighed in relief. Then, a rush of bright light came into the toy chest. Bear-Bear looked up to see a little girl with bright, blonde hair and ocean, blue eyes. In her arms was a yellow, mouse looking toy, with a lightning bolt shaped tail, and red cheeks.

The mouse asked the girl, "Who is that, Katherine?"

Bear-Bear's eyes lit up at the name Katherine. Katherine replied, "I've never seen this toy before, Pikachu."

Katherine put Pikachu down onto the floor and reached into the toy chest. Bear-Bear scooted back until she reached the back of the toy chest.

Katherine's eyes widened. Pikachu saw her eyes, jumped up and down, trying to look over, asking, "What is it? What is it, Katherine? Come on, let me see."

Katherine bent down again to reach Bear-Bear. The bear didn't move, so Katherine reached in and grabbed it. She held her high in her hands. Bear-Bear stared at her, her coal looking eyes reflected Katherine's image.

Katherine smiled at her and asked, "So, who are you?"

Bear-Bear stared at her blankly. She asked, "You don't remember me?"

Katherine asked, "Should I?"

Bear-Bear stared at the toy on the floor. The toy on the floor did not look like it was made from plush. It looked like it had actual skin, and an actual mouth.

It can come to life too: thought Bear-Bear.

Katherine then closed the toy chess hood, and set Bear-Bear on top of it. Bear-Bear looked out the window. The sun had started to rise. She then turned her attention to Katherine, who was wearing a white T-shirt and blue shirts.

Katherine was about to say something, when someone yelled, "Katherine time for school!"

Katherine yelled, "Ok, mommy."

The woman asked, "Do you have Pikachu with you?"

Katherine picked up the toy, and yelled, "Yes ma'am."

The woman yelled, "Well come on! The bus will be here any minute now!"

Katherine then picked up a green bag, with her name on it.

She looked at Pikachu and asked, "You'll be good inside the school, right?"

Pikachu nodded his head, and then became as stiff as stone, and his toy like features came back. Katherine then carefully put him back in the bag. She then put the bag on her shoulders, walked out of the room, and shutting the door. Bear-Bear sat, alone, for hours on end.

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