The president sat in his soft leather backed chair, admiring his third glass of red wine. This had been a successful term so far. The people of America truly did love him, he smiled to himself. I am a winner, he thought to himself. I am worth it, I am THE MAN! He took another congratulatory sip of wine and leaned back in his chair satisfactorily. He looked over at his two trusted advisors who had been with him since the beginning of office. He never had bothered to really learn their full names. He only knew them by Jenkins and Sampson. He had always figured since he was the president it wasn't really important to get caught up in the trivial details of office. After all he was a big picture man. He focused on numbers, polls, what the people thought, not what their names were.

"Congratulations Mr President!" Jenkins said beamingly at him with raised glass in hand. At least the president thought it was Jenkins. He was just drunk enough to not really care who had actually spoken to him. Jenkins continued, "This term has been excellent. Nothing has gone wrong." At that, Jenkins and Sampson proceeded to cheer and clink their glasses together. Sampson replied "If you keep this up Mr President, you'll be a shoo in for the next election. Nothing could possibly go wrong now."

And with that the president clinked his glass against Sampson's and Jenkin's. He thought to himself, Sampson is right. This has been a perfect year and will continue to be so. Nothing can go wrong from here on out. I'm in for the greatest term ever. He smiled contentedly to himself, I really am the man he thought.