In the meantime inside the spaceship the Hojos were continuing to argue with each other about who would get to steer the ship and land it. They had been constantly fighting over the controls since they had left planet Hojo and whenever they took a break from fighting they would eye each other suspiciously from across the barn room. Their eyes shifting back and forth from one another, their beards twitching from their chins side to side. Occasionally they would stroke their beards, as Hojos are wont to do in times of staring and intimidation, jutting out their chins in a manner to outsize the other one's beard length. Eventually they would grow weary of this practice and return to shoving each other over the controls once more. Mainly their conversation from planet Hojo to Earth, if you could call it a conversation, consisted mainly of the Hojos screeching at each other. It went something like this:

No its my turn! Last time we went out you gots to drive and use the steering thingy to go. Now I wants to use the steering thingy, cuz I never gets to use the steering thingy and its funny.

No its mah turn brother! I gets to use the steering thingy cuz I is only got to use it once and yous both gots to use it plenty more times than I ever could. You both be always hogging it and I never gets me a turn. So its my turn now.

No it ain't brother! Don't you be lyin about how many times you used the steering thingy. On our last trip you used it all the way from that there planet with all them rocks and stuff on it to our house. And that trip was way longer than this here trip to earth. So's that ain't fair if you a got use the steering thingy all that time.

Let go! It's my turn I tell you what!

No it ain't! It's my turn, you don't know what you be doing trying to steer this here complicated piece o' machinery. Ya need brains to drive this here thing and I am the one with the brains in the family.

No you ain't, mama done drop you on the head ten times in a row when you was but a baby.

Yea but that is less than you cuz mama drops you on the head like twenty times.

Oh yea well mama only drops me on the head fifteen times in a row so I should get to steer!

Oh yea why should you get to steer?

Cuz fifteen is less than all of ya!

No it ain't stupid, it's the most! Fifteen is more than twenty dumb dumb!

I don't' care, I wanna drive the ship!

No you can't cuz it be my turn!

And so the conversation went back and forth, between the debates about who was dropped on the head less when they were a baby to who last steered the ship the least and was therefore their turn for this trip. During this whole time of vivid arguing back and forth between them, they hadn't realized that the ship had already entered earth's atmosphere, accidentally dinging a NASA satellite along the way, which the Hojos didn't notice during the course of their fight. NASA fortunately did notice however and the satellite managed to take a picture of the culprit and fed the image back to NASA headquarters, where a lowly space technician who's first day on the job doing picture detail received the shock of his life. An image of a grey plume of smoke surrounding what appeared to be a faint outline of a barn emerged onto his computer screen. The technician stared at the image unbelievingly from his eyes. "Uh sir, there seems to be a malfunction of one of our picture satellites." He said out loud in a wavering voice.

"What is it now junior? Another problem trying to figure out how to turn on the equipment again?" His boss replied annoyed and with a touch of impatience.

"No sir, you have to come see this, our satellite picked up an image which looks like the satellite might not be focusing properly."

His boss ambled over to junior. An overly obese man of 55, junior's boss was getting on in years and was tired of training newly hired junior employees. He had an ulcer the size of a quarter and his temper had left him long ago, along with his wife of ten years whom he had caught cheating with the lawn mower boy. Something he would rather not rehash.

In any case his day had not started off right what with junior here asking him questions every two minutes on the functioning of the equipment. He was this close to snapping the little nerd's stick like neck, when he leaned over to get a closer look at the view of the junior's monitor. Both of them stared at the image in stupefaction. They could hardly believe what they were looking at. An image of what appeared to be a flying barn surrounded by plumes of grey smoke descending down upon earth. It was truly a picture that created either pure bewilderment or a total emphasis of disbelief. Clearly the satellite had malfunctioned and the lens must have been hit by space debris, causing this odd random image to be taken back to NASA. Or at least that's what the boss was convinced of and yelled out his opinion quite certainly towards the petrified junior. It was nothing more than a satellite glitch that would have to repaired on the next astronaut endeavour out to space. And so the image was deleted and considered only has a malfunction. Never to be thought of or remembered again. At least not until later on when future events take place.