They say that it's better to love and loss than to never have loved at all.
I say that losing a love hurts like fucking hell.

When your heart breaks, it hurts worse than anything in the world.

It hurts when you realize it's only ever caused by your fellow man.
It hurts when you're blindsided by it.
It hurts when you become 'replaced' in less than a day's time.
It hurts when you feel.

They say that time heals all wounds.
I say that who ever thought that up never had a broken heart.

How is time supposed to heal the wounds of the heart when all you have is time to feel the pain?
Time to mourn.
Time to reflect.
Time to feel just how acutely you've been hurt.
Time for the wound to fester into something horrible.
Time for love to turn to hate.

And there's no way for the wound to heal quickly.

Nothing distracts from the pain.
Nothing distracts from the hurt.
Nothing distracts from the loneliness.
Nothing distracts from the overwhelming guilt.

Work is just the body going through repeated motions, leaving your heart to pick at the scab.
Sleep eludes us when the pain is there, magnifying it because there's no one there to stop it.

All there is to love is pain.
All there is to love is twisting agony.
All there is to love is hate.