Ode to Tolerance

Ode to Tolerance

There once was a man named Bob,

Who some would deem a slob.

For you see, he had no job.

In addition he ate far too much,

Was sticky to the touch,

And could pass as a twin of the blob.

So then one day,

His mother did say,

"Bob you must get away!"

To which Bob did reply,

With a mighty big sigh,

"I'll move out next week okay?"

Of course he did not,

But sat in that spot,

On the basement cot.

His mother was furious,

And brought forth something curious,

The next day Bob was found shot.

She was tired of that leech,

Whom she had tried to teach,

That life was more than a day at the beach.

But he did not listen,

And her pistol did glisten

As she erased the clues with bleach.

In his coffin he did lie,

But no one knew he did die,

He wasn't a sociable guy.

His mother however,

Was all the better,

At least she could say she tried.

The lesson of this tale,

Of a mother and a whale,

Is one that never grows stale.

Be nice to your mother,

Because some time or another,

She'll unleash the full force gale.