Nobody cries here

But the unspoken sadness is evident on their faces

Nobody feels here It's all just a mask, no emotion is shown, only false happiness exists.

Their eyes are dead, windowless, souless orbs

The only indicators that they once had emotions, are the hollow look deep in their eyes where a spark once lived, the wrinkles in their faces that show signs of past laughter, past rage, but the time for all emotion has left.

Nobody yells here If they cared, they would yell, if they yelled they would care.

Silence, and plastered on smiles are all they know

The silence, the silence speaks more than they ever have, more than they ever will

It screams and cries out to me, to anybody who is listening, anything that is listening.

The silence screams back to me into the night's safe embrace begging, pleading to be set free.

To be released from its anger, to let it lose from it's sorrow.

The silence begs to be able to breathe agian, to be able to love agian.

A/N : I know that I NEVER update, but I'm going to try to update a bit more in the future :D