A swarm of clear wings cluster above my head
In a quiet glen in south campus.
Scattered in the bark around
My park bench lay cherry-crème colored petals
Potions of blossoms that not long ago
Tickled the noses of small children dangling
From the branches of the cherry trees.

A cool dampness descends over the pathway
While a gentle wind smoothes the edges of the
Ivy carpet, taunting the leaves with movement.
A timid sun peaks out between two clouds
Casting a golden tint on my paper through the trees.

A solitary lamppost stands guard not far away
Like a nocturnal soldier who never abandons his station.
Another gust of wind tugs at the blossoms
Still clinging to their trees
Gently sending the tired ones hurtling through the air
Spinning them and teasing them before allowing them
To come to rest on the soft bark below my feet.

Life interrupts my solitude with a small band of teenagers
Invading my confinement with cell phones and ipods.

They pass quickly, paying me no attention
And in mere moments I am alone again
Left to the comforts of a partially cloudy afternoon
And the swarm of bubbles that still hovers above my head.