He picked her up, headed directly toward the bedroom and laid her on the bed

Under the Moonlight

He picked her up, headed directly toward the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Hunger and lust filled the whole apartment. He wants her and she could tell even though she was completely drunk. However, she knew this is wrong. She tried to avoid him by hiding herself under the blanket, a very childish move. He soon joined her, pulled her close to him and kissed her. The kiss was dominated by his physical craving for her. Even after so many months, his hands could still set her body on fire. The next thing she knew was that all her clothing was lying on the floor and she was on top of him. Using all her will, she pushed herself up, away from him. "No." She shook her head, "Valence, no it is just wrong, simply wrong. You have a girlfriend and you love her. This is just not right. What happens when you are drunk never counts; what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, but I can't. You will never be a one night stand to me. Just no." She sighed, holding onto that last string on logic, conscious mind after all the alcohol.

"Jade, if you don't want to, tell me. Then I will stop." He stopped what he was doing and rested his hands on her back.

"No,… just… no." She kept her head down, eyes closed. It took all her energy to reject him, because she wanted him, just like he wanted her but the difference was, she loved him, he was in love with someone else. She was merely a girl he picked up at a party. She only remained in his past, not present. She would simply be his one night stand. "Valence, you have no clue how hard is for me to say no. I rarely say 'no' to you. So tempting tonight, too tempting, but it is simply wrong. It doesn't matter what kind of permission your girlfriend give you; it doesn't matter how much I lust after you, I want you, this is purely wrong." She climbed off him and slept beside him.

He let out a sigh.

"What do you want Valence?" She asked, knowing perfectly what he would say.

"I want to have sex with you. I want you."

She frowned as she turned her head away from him. But to me, it will never just be sex with you. That was all he wanted from her. The night continued as she fought her inner battles. She kept asking him sensitive questions, hoping that his answer can hurt her enough to stop her wanting him. Yet, regardless how blunt he was, how painful was to listen to his answers, his feelings toward April, she still wanted him. She didn't care how horrible she would feel for the next few weeks or months; she didn't care how much she would be disgusted at herself; she didn't care how much effort it is going to take her to get over tonight, she still wanted him. She could fool herself that he is hers, only for tonight, when the moonlight creeps through those blinds. When the sun rises and the alarm rings tomorrow, she would only be a one night stand, a bed warmer for the night, a substituted and he should be no more than a "customer".

Finally, she gave in.

"Valence, I give you the power to call the shots." She kissed him lightly on his lips but he didn't let her go. A light gentle kiss turned into a ball of fire that was slowly burning away every single piece of her conscious. She broke. She gave into her own desire and dream, letting them riding her tonight.

He kissed, nibbled along her neck to her breast. Her breath gets deeper, harder. She whimpered as he sucked on one of her nipples while his hand cups the other, caressing. Her body trembled under his touches, bending her body toward him, craving for more. His hand glide along the side of her body, down to her thighs, and slowly teased her, sending an electrical shock down her spine. She shivered and grabbed onto his shoulder, pulling him close to her, fighting the urge of digging her nails into his flesh. Finally, he entered her, thrusting inside of her.

"You haven't get laid for awhile right?" He just had to ask, to satisfy his ego.

"Well, my last relationship ended in September….. Last time I had sex was … August." She can hardly make a full sentence.

"Was that even good?" He asked, challenging her.

"It was… fine…" She answered through her clenched teeth, knowing such answer would boost his ego.

"Fine? So it was not good." He went deeper, proving to her that he was better. She couldn't argue.

He was better. He was like a cat and she was his little mouse. He knew exactly how to tease her, to pleasure her, and to make her beg. He knew her weakness well as well as he knew what she loved in bed. He knew how to interpret her expressions and moans. He could put her in fire or heaven and no matter what, she loved it. It was simply a battle that the mouse would lose and loses.

She lay beside him, simply enjoying the moment, even though his back was toward her. She hoped that she would never have to wake up but time wouldn't stop for her. Tomorrow, he would wake up, wishing for someone else, hoping for someone else, she could only exist during the night, under the shadow. However, she didn't care, not tonight, because she was with him, even as a substitute. Tonight was a dream, her beautiful dream. Not until tomorrow morning, when the sunlight breaks through that fragile bubble, her world was complete. Once again, she stepped on her pride. Part of her was even willing to be his mistress because she gets to be with him when he wanted to, and sometimes that was all she wanted. Love had changed her, only too much. So much that she was losing who she really was, her identity, her character, herself that make her the Jade. I love you Valence, just give me one more chance, just give me one more chance… with that thought she slowly fell asleep. At least he is with me tonight…. I love you…

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