One Night, One Dream, One Fantasy

Silence and Darkness

You are sitting on your couch, waiting, waiting for something, waiting for someone, waiting for her. There has been countless times where you want to take off the blind fold and see what is going on, but you have not. You are behaving, doing exactly what she has told you - waiting. Your ears are searching for sounds, for clues of what she is doing but you are surrounded by silence. Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc the clock is ticking in your mind. Each moment is a century. You hate waiting.

Just then, the door opens and you hear her foot step coming in your way. She walks behind the couch, gently wraps her arms around your neck from behind and lightly kisses you behind your ear.

"Waiting for me?" She whispers in to your ears.

"I think you can answer that question." You are trying to keep your patience, still waiting to see what she has planned for tonight, for you.

She slowly loosens your blind fold and let it fall onto your lap. You open your eyes take a quick glance. The room is lighted a dozen scented candles flickering, releasing a light vanilla scent. It is her favourite. You try to turn around but she stopped you and handed you a drink. You took a sip. A rich creamy sweet coffee tasting alcohol instantly filled your senses. Baileys.

"Like it?" She nibbles along your neck and plays with your ears with her tongue.

You nod and take another sip, pretending to be relaxed. But only you know how anxious you are to see her, to hold her.

She stands up, climbs over the couch and sits on your lap with her legs separated apart. Her long dark hair naturally fall on your shoulder and her natural scent tingle all your senses. She takes the drink off your hand and places it on the table. There she is, in a crimson red lingerie that ends just above her tights. At a quick glance, you would easily mistake it to be a tank top. Yet the v-neck reveals half of her bare chest and the silky fabric drapes over her body, outlining her perfect shape. The red compliments her skin tone, as well as it brings out her sparkle nature. You gaze into her eyes, and you see nothing but your own reflection. You are drowned by her sweet smile and her teasing eyes. You place your hand on her back, pulling her toward you and kiss her. You run your hands down her back, along her tights, feeling her smooth and soft skin underneath your palm.

The kiss is the spark that lit the fire. You feel her hands unbuttoning your dress shirt, taking her time. You want her. Soon, you found the "secret" to her lingerie and unzipped it. The straps falls from her shoulder to her arms. You stood up with her, letting it slide down her body and falls on the carpet along with his shirt. That is the only piece of clothing she was wearing. The flickering candle lights are enough to let you see her beauty. You pick her up and place her on your bed. You kiss her along her neck, down her collar bones, her breast as her soft moans enter your ear. Her hand danced on your back down to your hip bone, teasing you, sending electric shocks through your body. You have been engulfed by your passion and desire. Your burning urge lit her on fire. You let it burn, let her burn, let yourself burn. Nothing matters, not tonight.

You opened your eyes and there she is, lying peacefully in your arm, smiling in her dreams. You want to give her a light kiss but you stop, because you do not want to wake her up from her beautiful dream. Just then, she lets out a soft moan, snuggles a little closer, and slowly opens her eyes.

"Good morning" Her voice is sleepy and her eyes are half open.

"Morning beautiful" You gently brush her hair away and reveal her elegant feature.

She smiles and gives you a peck on your lips. It is then you realize that her warm and cute smile light up your world. They are always there, chasing away the darkness in your days. You tighten your arms around her, enjoying every moment, hoping time would stop for you … and for her.

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