The way we were -
so young and happy
the way we were -
so strangely sappy

we used to be silly
and just let loose
and then caution took over
and controlled me by the noose

I often wonder now as I sit alone
if you keep anything around
that reminds you of me

And I often wonder now as I walk alone
if you see me dancing or singing
in the streets

I used to be so happy just being with you
and you, you were so happy then, too

Carefree children of the world, we were
and then caution took over
We used to laugh and sing along
and then life got older

and now all that's left are memories -
that's what's left of us.
Teardrops fall down my cheek,
when I think of what could have been with us…

I miss you
and I miss what we shared
I love you
and I love how much you cared

Now, I like to remember us at a time
when we shared an innocent and pure love
I'll always remember us in my mind
I'll always remember us, the way we were.

© ckl. 5-8-08