Make It.

I originally did it so that you'd come back to me
but now, I realize, I'm fine in my own company
Sure, I miss you almost every moment I'm awake
and even when I sleep, you make my earth shake
but I can live just fine on my own, it's true
even if It means I can't be with you

I thought I couldn't make it through by myself
but it looks like I've finally climbed down the shelf
I'm unafraid of what may come my way -
because I'm finding myself every moment, every day

I loved you forever and miles a part
You took away my insanity and you stole my heart
You loved me through, all the through
And then you left me to find something new

I thought I would die without you near
Thought I would collapse and live in fear
but it seems I'm doing just fine
coming into my own, in my own time

I like myself better, somehow, it seems
And I can focus myself more these days on my dreams
but i still miss you, so much, especially when I'm alone
yet no matter what, I know I will make it on my own

© C. Leslie