Euphoric Despair

She loves him despite his terrible flaws

She could care less that he's not perfect

because to her, he is everything

but then the drugs


with their love

and he lets them in with

no reluctance

He feels he has no control

over his addiction-

If he can't drink alcohol, then Hell

he'll just get high off of some cocaine.

He will get lost in its temporary


Lost in its splendor of false hope-

He will dream he is a better man

He will envision he leads a better life

Yet once the high wears off,

Once the feeling of ecstasy

leaves his body and his mind…

he will see he is no more closer

to happiness

than he was before…

and that the one woman who wanted

to be his everything has

closed her door,

He will find the drugs have become him

and only because he has let them.

C. Leslie

Original Written: 2/16/07

Revised on: 5/10/07