I watched from afar as he held her close. The color was quickly dissipating from her lips. Her breath was shallow. I just smiled at his dedication. He knew he couldn't save her. Her body stiffened. Not even another breath escaped. He held her there, in his arms. He was shaking violently. A laugh escaped me.

He whirled around, "You think this is funny!" The force of his smooth velvet voice shook the walls. In one fluid movement he was standing in front of me. It was so fast I almost missed it. I laughed again involuntarily.

"Only a bit brother." Well if looks could kill, at that moment, I would have been dead. But then again, what would an immortal know about death?

"How dare you!" His voice echoed throughout the empty mansion. I only smiled. His hand moved from his side and effortless found its way around my neck. I wasn't as if I really needed to breathe, the feeling was merely quite uncomfortable. He added a steady pressure and I mused to myself about what would have happened if I were a human. The color would have probably already have faded from my lips and by this time my poor windpipe would have surely been broken. I held back a smirk, possible my neck would have broken too. How delightful these things seemed to me, even amusing. He suddenly released my neck from his grip. I rubbed the area that had been slightly affected from his little impromptu routine. "I swear, Maria, do you think this a joke?" I could no longer hide my mirth.

"As do you brother, even if you don't realize it." His face stiffened.

"What do you mean?" Each word he spoke was slow and deliberate. I didn't answer; I just simply looked towards the dead girl her eyes now glassy, and every glint of life gone.

"You know, it's not my fault if you can't take care of your play things." I though this would anger him but he just stood still, so I continued, "You have to realize, she was no more durable than a porcelain doll." He didn't speak another word, just walked slowly towards the door. I called out behind him,

"Where the devil are you going?" He chuckled darkly,

"To learn how to die."