-The moon shines above the smooth pond,

The water flows wide yet calm.

The night envelopes all the wild,

Embracing the cool, the soft, the moon.

-The moon shines above the gleaming pond,

The rabbit family nestles

In a soft, grassy cove.

And there, lying on the soft grass, gazing at the stars,

Are two lovers foretold.

-As quick as a flash, the silence grows rash.

The lovers, uneasy, become cold.

But cold would not be an incessant word,

If the moon is bold.

-The moon swells, its yellow grooves apparent.

Until it becomes clear,

When it comes near,

That this celestial is no moon.

-The shadow of the bad man

Comes closer, comes closer.

The innocent lovers, scared.

The light in the mirror

Grows brighter, grows brighter.

No mercy on the pair.

-Those perish, those that ended,

Leave behind a legacy.

And that little moon,

So high in the sky,

Yearns to eye

On her reflection again.