Title:Ignis Fatuus

Chapter One: Alec

Do you ever wonder why?

There was a loud crack and something broke from the impact. The vision was hazy and a silent mantra ran into the mind, taking form of another person's voice. More voices filled the ears as they spoke from the outside world, away from my thoughts. Suddenly there was a sharp jab somewhere on my body and I gasped in pain. I found myself on my knees, but the pain started to fade just as quickly as it happened. Granted it would take more than just that to put me down, but I displayed my pain so effortlessly as I started to make a heroic stand.

I mentally blocked out the other people in the crowd. I pushed away the texture from the black sweaters, the white cotton shirts, those jumper styled dresses, everything that had to do with the uniform. It was here that this body was dragged back up, and these eyes squinted a bit playing the role of the defenseless one. His peach colored fist was in the air and his eyes seemed to take pleasure in that display of what he considered raw, brute, strength. I, on the other hand, called it savagery.


That voice was a gift from the gods themselves, at least I think it was. I closed my eyes and made my body limp with pain and exhaustion. These knees gave way as I tried taking one step, and the black school shoes scuffed the wet grass. The small droplets of water cooled the side of my face as I connected with the ground pretending to be in excruciating pain.

I must of looked stupid on the ground there, pretending to be in pain. I just wanted to sleep there; it was relaxing considering the scent of the damp earth, which was home to the grass, was a comfort. On the ground the sound of black shoes squeaked loudly against the damp grass, the teens around us were moving. I squinted a bit trying to stand up; the young people around us were clearing a path for a person that seemed to be moving towards this small scene.

"What happened there?" the voice asked with authority. The female speaker paused after receiving no answer and drew in another breath. "Richard, I demand an explanation this instant."

The voice from the speaker was rough, this woman was a disciplinarian. An image materialized before my mind and a name Sister Hudson. A middle aged woman roughly around five feet and six inches stood there, light caramel skin hidden under a black and white attire fit for a nun, with locks of short brown hair tucked safely in her habit. Her brown eyes must have been peering into Richard's soul sending him into a state of panic. Just to make it a bit more nerve-wracking for him I groaned in pain.

Richard's voice wasn't deep this time, it was set to a slight sound of remorse, to some degree anyway. His tall frame, from what I pictured, would have been slumped forward. The teen's face would've displayed a mask of pain that pertained to the incident. The sight alone would've been hilarious to me, a tall muscular Caucasian who was on the wrestling team, speaking to a member of the pious.

A side by side comparison it's apparent that the only difference in height is half a foot, and he has more muscles than I do. I'm a twig compared to him and his friends.

A pair of delicate hands forced me to stand up, and the nun's voice seemed like a distant buzzing noise. I opened my eye slightly, catching the gaze of a familiar girl in the crowd it seemed like she wanted to help. Her eyes were pleading with me but I pretended to go into a somewhat disoriented haze.

The delicate hands and I staged a sluggish walk across the wet grass, walking away from the rest of the teens from the school. I swayed to the side and laughed slightly, it was enough to notify the nun that I had regained some consciousness and the manner in which she walked seemed to relax a bit. After that it was noticeable that I was going to have a bit of trouble opening my right eye, it had swollen up a bit.

A small female figure, the one with delicate hands, grinned at me. My eyes scanned the area once the line of vision had been established. We were walking down the schoolyard, stepping out of the wet grass and on to the concrete pathway. I glanced at the girl who was leading me, she wore a modified toques with ear flaps just like I wore, hers was light green, and mine was black. She was slightly shorter than I was, with dark hair that went down to her shoulders and green eyes that were downcast at the sight of my smile. I shook my head and we continued to walk behind the middle aged woman.

It was all part of the plan, making these school shoes scuff the pavement to keep consistency with my pain. The two of us wore the same colored black sweater, and the white cotton colored shirt. Yet she had no tie one and wore the issued long skirt instead of the jumper dress. The toques weren't part of the dress code but due to health issues according to the two of us, we were allowed to wear them.

The strict looking woman known as Sister Hudson looked back at me and sighed, directing her eyes towards the girl that took me to the nurse's office. As we walked to the small facility that would cater to my needs, I had a silly notion that I could smell my own blood. Maybe Richard had hit me a little too hard.

The gray door was the first thing that caught my attention. This was around the tenth time to the nurse's office. Ms. Hudson held the door for both of us and eyed us carefully as we walked into the room. I breathed in for a second or two and felt the girl's hands on my side. Warmth flowed from her fingertips as we walked, and it was enough to make me feel better.

My eyes flicked for a moment noticing someone in front of us move. This was Mrs. Lexington, a little round nurse that wore what a normal nurse would wear. Sister Hudson sighed a bit in relief and closed the door; she was probably preparing herself on how to lecture Richard again and the others who had been watching.

The room was the size of a five bedroom apartment. The front desk was straight ahead in our line of view, past Mrs. Lexington. The front desk had a wooden counter on top of it with a small black vase filled with light colored roses. Her typewriter sat in the distance, depressingly placed towards the corner of the front desk far off to the side. She had a black revolving chair stationed next to it with charts, pens and some pencils along with extra lined paper.

To my right side there were several beds that were section off by a long blue curtain. The room was several meters wide, with white bed sheets and metal frames. The whole office was white and the only thing that added some life to it was the pictures. The sun was setting on the left hand side of the office, dawn was in the middle aisle of the beds, the afternoon was to the right hand side of the sick room, and the night was to the emergency exit all the way down the hallway that went past the beds. In short this room depressed me and the girl that took me in.

"If it isn't Meï and Alec," Mrs. Lexington said with a slight smile.

She rushed over to my side, ushering Meï to wait on the tan colored couch, better known as the lobby. The three of us in general were on a first name basis. That just means I've been in here far too many times. I looked up at her as she ushered me to one of the little beds. She paused for a moment turning my head side to side, "Richard got you pretty good…" the nurse chuckled.

Her back was turned to me now and I could hear the faint clink of glass and a metal lid hit the wooden counter by the bed. The nurse's hand was collecting sufficient amounts of cotton balls, and before long something stung my nose. The sensation wasn't from the punch but from the smell of the item.

"I know you don't like the smell…" she responded facing me once again.

'Smart woman,' I thought. Meï tried her best not to laugh at something she found amusing. I flinched noticing the alcohol drenched cotton ball. Her had hand moved towards my face and without a chance to take a single breath I felt the sting on an open gash on my cheek.

I really couldn't stand the days that the jocks decided to wear their class ring.

Today seemed different though, the nurse finally got the hint that I don't like the bandages. She commented on something about getting me some ice. Her little white shoes moved about the brown stick on tiles, into a small storage room that was a little further away from the emergency exit. Nurse Lexington had gone to go and fetch me some ice.

"I could've handled myself," the girl known as Meï said. Her hair was now in a tight bun hidden under the light green ear-flapped toque. "Richard's a lightweight compared to us."

"What part of don't fight do you not understand?" I asked looking at her for a moment.

"Relax brother, relax. No need to go and give me Peter's lecture. I wasn't going to fight him. I was merely going to defend myself by kicking him where the sun didn't sunshine," my sister responded. I shook my head in retort towards her answer.

Her delicate ivory hand moved to pull the small dark blue beaded necklace that lay underneath her school shirt. She examined one bead for a moment and flicked the small fang pendant. Meï seemed satisfied with the action and placed it back into her shirt.

"The only reason they haven't kicked out those idiots is because Coach keeps begging the dean not to do so. Plus Peter hasn't said much to them concerning the matter and neither have you." Meï said, yawning out her last word. She stretched and shook her head for a moment.

"You know I think I'm starting to grow attached to this place," I muttered softly. Meï rolled her eyes as our gaze met and somehow her indifferent expression turned into a small smile. "But there's not point in getting attached, aren't we going to be leaving soon?"

"Give or take one week left, and then we'll be in sunny California."

"Peter's lost his mind now," I said. I placed both of my hands to the side of the bed and pushed myself up. The pain was gone already so it was of no surprise to me at all. "It's not a good place for him," I responded to her earlier comment on California.

I walked around the brown stick on tiles and found a small hand mirror on the country. I grabbed it with my left hand and looked into it. The gash on my face was slowly closing. Both Meï and I froze for a moment hearing Mrs. Lexington waltz back in. I put the mirror back and noticed the expression on the nurse's face. She was surprised to see me stand up. I thought she would be use to it by now.

"You always seem to recover so quickly," the nurse said handing me a small bag of ice.

My eye probably looked horrible, and my lip must have been swollen from the small collision with Richard Willing's fist. The right side of my face was going to be numb later to day, that much for sure doesn't take a lot to figure out.

We all ready knew the drill, Peter would drive to the school campus but like always he wouldn't be the one to pick us up physically it would be someone else. Meï would get an excuse to leave early and we'd both be sent home. That was the routine each time something like this happened.

To be honest we weren't here to make trouble, we're just here to live out lives, plain and simple, but in the eyes of other's I guess that's hard to do.

Time passed slowly for us and from what seemed like an hour of waiting the door's entrance was opened. It was the girl who had wanted to help me from before, she was tall slender looking girl by the name of Betty walked in the room with two school bags and a rather bulky looking Physics book. I smiled at her for the gracious act of kindness she displayed, and the girl blushed slightly as she was whispering something to Meï.

Meï told me countless times that she's like me since we've been in this school, which has only been two years. Betty looked back at me and waved slightly. I waved back holding the ice pack to the right side of my face. She blushed again and walked away from the nurse's office leaving our school related items on the white tiled floor.

We would be leaving the school soon, for good, in about a week or so. At least by this time I had gotten my class ring, that's all I wanted in this time frame…

That was the past; we've been in this state for a long period of time, more than I can count I suppose. And with that, I have countless class rings of different decades. I should probably stop going to school all together, and I don't seem to stop. An invisible force is guiding me, but it's not something as tacky as destiny, it's a vision that Meï has encouraged me to pursue it. She has after all seen that vision as well and thinks it would do us both some good.

Still I ask myself why I think back to the school year with Betty Harrison. It's because of the fact that someone had taken an interest in me, but that wasn't where I was meant to be. I myself don't know, but all that I had known at the time was that my life was not hers to take.

This is my present, Los Angeles. Peter went through the arrangements a long time ago to get us here. My sister and I don't live with him, we have not for decades. It was a shame because we had grown use to living around him and his friend Aden back in Washington. It's funny to admit it now after so long, but it's the truth. We're here living with our own kind, that's what Peter wanted for us in the long run.

I lie here on my bed looking up at the pale blue ceiling. This room has four spacious walls covered with line art from a multiple set of different sized brushes that are decorated neatly across the floor. Black paint dries at a slow pace as the self standing electrical fan revolves in a 180 degree fashion. I've worked on this for a couple of years, but laziness has caught up with me, and I have been preoccupied school considering that this is going to be the first time my sister and I will be graduating from high school, though I have had a chance to color my work now.

We both have enough knowledge to be professors on almost any given subject, but we don't relish in education outside of school only if it applies to a dinner conversation or God forbid a conversation starter.

The only reason as to why I'm even melting into the comfort of the checkered sheets of the mattress is because it's the weekend.

Meï is in her own room next door. I can hear her putting up a new poster on the wall, probably of some recent boy band. She's singing something as she does that, it's muffled but I know what it is. The lyrics are from a late 50s song titled "Bye Bye Love" by the Everly Brothers. We're both fond of that time era even though we literally didn't grow up in it, or grow up with the song.

"Bye, bye, sweet caress…" I mumbled softly.

There was a noise in the hallway, and judging by how the floorboards creaked and how long it took for the stride to connect with the ground, it was safe to say that whoever it was by all means a man. A hand pushed open the wooden door letting the round brass colored knob hit the beautiful colors of the jazz ensemble. At least that part of the room was dry.

A blonde individual, roughly around six feet with green eyes walked into the room. He wore a simple white cotton undershirt and black cargo pants. He was of British heritage to some degree, and was muscular to the point where he was fit. Truth be told he would've basically been every woman's modern day prince charming except for the small fact that he had to go about covering up his sex life.

"Yo Alec, don't tell me you've been here all day?" his voice broke my thoughts. I noticed the light green beads around his neck with a black fang for a pendant.

"I woke up an hour ago," I said sitting up slightly. "What's up?"

"Well, the old hag Rivers is out for the day and I was thinking, how about we go out. We'll take Meï with us to a -" he paused; there was a knock on the wall next to us.

"I'm one step ahead of you Ethan, there's a rave by Esme's place in West Covina," Meï said loud enough to be heard through a thick wall. "But we should hurry, old lady Rivers is coming back around -"

"3 in the morning, we have plenty of time. Hurry up and get your clothes, I've got the glow sticks in the car already…" Ethan winked at me and ruffled my hair a bit. "I've got a feeling it's going to be a good night for you." With that he walked away, closing the door behind him.

I shook my head and ran a hand through the dark locks of mahogany trying to get it back to the way it was. My nose wrinkled a bit noticing the bangs that fell forward. It didn't matter I suppose, considering I had to wear my black toque when I went outside.

Meï knocked on my room and opened the door asking me if I was ready. She was wearing a plaid light green and black skirt with knee high combat boots and corset like top fabricated in black and light green as well. Her hands were covered by fingerless gloves. Sister's hair was cut in layers this time around and she flipped out the tips of it, leaving her bangs untouched and to top that off she was wearing her light green toque as well.

I chuckled noticing that she was swaying side to side, she was excited after all. The good thing was that I was already dressed by the time she came in. With a black collared shirt with light blue lining, a pair of black jeans with zippers, fingerless black gloves, and my black toque all in place and I was ready to go. I started to walk out of my room but Meï cleared her throat for some reason, I had forgotten my shoes…

The music was racing through the veins of these people, today was a lot crowded than the last time I had been here though. It was probably about a month ago, but it didn't matter so long as we had a place to dance in.

Ethan was off in the distance sporting an all black attire similar to what I was wearing, but only from afar. His blue glow sticks were twirling about on strings as he danced in between two females. Meï drifted away from us, she was the only one I could see in the distance with one blue and red glow stick.

"Hey Alec!" a voice broke through the loud music. I turned to the side and spotted a girl around my age. This was Esme Sosa, a friend of Meï's, she was a bit round but that didn't take away from the accentuated feature that came with her when she wore certain tops or shirts. "I didn't think you were going to make it!"

"I'm here aren't I?" I laughed. I twirled around the two purple glow sticks in my head and tossed them into the air. Tonight was definitely worth it, it had been a while since I had listened to techno. Esme laughed and danced next to me trying to keep up. "How's Aden?" I asked.

A small world, believe it or not, but Esme was dating Peter's old friend Aden, it was perfectly clear that Peter didn't want us to completely forget about him, and neither did Aden or else they never would've gone through the trouble of doing something like this. I had yet to see them, but down this path somehow we'll see each other coming towards the fork in the road.

"He's a jerk like always…" Esme said twirling for a moment. "But I love him anyway!" she said moving her arms in rhythm with the music.

The lights were still a sight to behold; people would gain different shades of blue, yellow, orange, almost any color imaginable. I turned around slightly and the white light made me flinch a bit, I staggered back knocking myself in Esme and apologized wholeheartedly. For some reason an hour into the rave my head started to hurt, all the different scents were starting to make me feel sick with me, sweat and drinks mixing into the air didn't seem all that appealing to me at this point in time.

'Shit, this isn't good,' my vision was starting to fog up a bit with each step that was taken from the dance. Voices were starting to drown out and the music that filled these ears began to fade away, it's as if I were placed in some hazy soundproof box.

"It's okay Alec, just let it take you in…"

'Easy for you to say Meï. You're not the one having a vision during a dance!' I snarled a bit trying to be cautious not to let my own nature scare Esme. She didn't even seem to notice of the event that was taking place, not that I wanted her to anyway.

A strange sight of a girl wearing a long white dress dancing like no tomorrow, who seemed to separate herself from her friend. The only white colored gown amongst a sea of dark colors, she stuck out like a sore thumb. The dress absorbed the colored lights and she changed color from time to time as the light somehow caught up with her on the dance floor. Meï was there dancing right along side her and the words 'yin yang' popped into my head. The vision began to fade back into the vast space of my mind…

The River Household

"Alec," a voice caught the teen's attention. He looked to the side of the hallway and stared at the woman that called him from across the beige colored passage. "What's with the glow sticks?"

"Oh, these?" he smiled sheepishly and held up the two purple dancing instruments. "I pulled them out from Ethan's car, why?"

"You'd better be telling me the truth or else I'm extracting it from you," the blonde haired woman said. Her blue eyes didn't seem to step down from his gaze, she had meant every word. Alec nodded and expressed his apologies saying it wouldn't happen again. "Did you at least have fun?"

"A bit I guess you could say it was all right," the mahogany haired teen said. He stretched his arms for a moment and looked to the end of the hallway. Meï sat by the kitchen table already in her sleeping attire. It occurred to him that he had been part of this plan from the very beginning. "Well Ms. Karen, goodnight."

Karen Rivers watched the eighteen year old teen dance to an unknown beat. The zippers from his jeans reflected off some of the light from the kitchen and the glow sticks started to lose their luster once he was in the kitchen. The woman sighed and rubbed the back of her head for a moment, it was hard taking care of this boy and his sister, they wanted to go out and live normal lives, and Ethan Waber indulged them.

"You should come with us to one, Karen." A male roughly around twenty years of age appeared from behind the woman known as Karen. She did not seem startled in the very least; she just stood there as if she had been expecting it. "It'll do you some good too, I mean how long has it been since you've been acting like your true self?"

The woman with the slight oval shaped face smiled for a moment and sighed. It had been a long time since she herself had gone to an event where she could enjoy herself to the fullest. Karen pushed back from of her hair and pushed it behind her ear. She told Ethan that she would consider the next offer some time next month. With that the male individual watched the slightly older female walk away, watching her bathrobe sway with her every move.

"Nice save there, Brother," Meï winked watching her sibling open the black refrigerator. Alec had placed his glow sticks on the table before rummaging for something the fridge to eat. He ended up pulling out some of last night's lasagna and sighed for a moment, it wasn't what he was expecting but one made do with what they had. The girl wearing the light blue sleeveless shirt and matching shorts asked, "So then, what was the vision about?"

"You, and some girl," he replied rather casually. The teen in the black colored shirt with light blue lining walked past the dining table, and moved towards a small section of the kitchen sink. There was a hollow popping sound and a latch closed, followed by the sound of electronic beeps. "The two of you were dancing, she was wearing a white dress, that's all the vision focused on. I think it was at your Prom or something…"

"What was I wearing?" Meï asked leaning forward. "Was it something pretty?"

The two paused on their conversation and looked up, Ethan had walked into the kitchen as well. Alec excused himself as he pulled out a small fork from the kitchen drawer and walked away from them carrying a steamy vegetable stuffed lasagna. The blonde haired male frowned for a moment watching his friend leave with the last bit of the leftover.

"Karen held me up…" he mumbled for a moment and looked away. There was always the option of cooking something. "I guess I should make something then."

"By the rate in which I see it you're most likely going to end up just making some fried rice," she responded looking up at the tall individual. "You might as well make some for me too, plus, if I remember correctly, you owe me a free meal."

Ethan was busy groping around the inside of the fridge to hear Meï ramble on and on about Prom. It was starting to annoy the blonde but he dealt with it, after all it was her first Prom. He stopped for a moment and breathed in the aroma that was coming from the small blue and green colored container, the little bowl like item was begging to be eaten but he stopped himself, he had promised Meï a free meal. She spoke about Alec's vision and he scoffed a bit hearing about the girl in the white dress.

"You already knew about it Meï, so don't act so surprised with him," Ethan said softly as he walked over to the stove with a couple of white shelled eggs.

Alec yawned for a moment putting down his fork and noticed the small pieces of pasta that still stuck to the small tray. He wasn't hungry to the point where he would lick the tray clean, but he just ate out of boredom from time to time. With that he stood up and dusted his jeans off for a moment, setting the tray back on his bed and picked up a thin paint brush that was placed on a small rag, placing the art utensil in his left hand.

He snapped his fingers with his free hand and static could be heard from the little blue radio that was on his computer desk. The dial moved all on its own switching from station to station. First it was country and the vocal of a male singer was quickly drowned out by the strings of an orchestra but as the violins began their solo a heavy riff from an electric guitar invaded the pleasant atmosphere and stayed there.

The teen sighed for a moment and let his left hand trace an invisible line on the pale blue wall that was in front of his bed. With a swift and steady grip it gave out a long yet thin black curve and he could envision what was to be painted on there. To the right there was long winding road of different people from different eras, from the days of religious text to his most favorite, which was the Victorian era. One character stood out from all the rest, it was a stranger with a gun in his hand. He seemed to be point right towards him. His eyes held regret as his hand was forever placed on the trigger, his black hair contrasted against his tan skin and brown eyes.

Through the movement of the song and with the increased frenzied state that the teen had with the music, it was apparent that the music was his driving force, each stroke was quick but precise, no imperfection left on the pale blue wall. He finished the curves off of the female teen and smiled. Alec took some pride in the female's stance; it had been some time since he had painted a person in still moment. Her face would soon hold the same carefree energy that the body expressed, all he needed were couple of quick strokes and he'd be done with her. The artist would add the color later.

He found himself dancing with the music to a slow measure and sang along with the radio. His left hand took great care with the girl's face, he had to try and keep her happy even if her hair covered her eyes. Alec paused for a moment noticing the faint hairlines that he had drawn on pencil and sighed. So far the painting looked great, and it dried a bit faster than usual with the electrical fan that was close by him. He decided to take a quick break and took the empty lasagna tray back through the hallway and into the kitchen.

Meï walked past him and she carefully entered his room making sure that her brother was in the kitchen. She admired her brother's work especially when she saw him painting, he seemed so happy without a care in the world. The girl in a simple looking dress caught her attention and she felt a smile tug at the corner of her lips. 'This is from the vision, I guess it was bugging him,' she thought and mimicked the girl's movement. She laughed to herself and looked back at painting on the wall; the girl was forever immortalized on that wall.

"He did hell of a job…" Meï muttered to herself and smiled glancing over her brother's work. In a way it pained her for some reason, she touched the other figures on the wall beside the girl in the white dress. At that point her heart felt like it moved a bit; she could feel a small piece breaking off slowly. The dark haired female sighed and found her foot tapping to the measure of the music.

Something made her flinch; the sound of the floorboards caused her to be on alert. The twelfth grader turned her head to the side and found her brother's stare a bit uncomfortable. His body language said it all, it basically told her to get out but she wasn't paying attention. The female sibling chuckled and found herself on his bed now, sitting on it with her legs crossed, her green eyes were still glued on to the painting of the girl. She could see the masterpiece right before her very eyes, the color of her dress and of her skin. Meï knew that the girl her brother had placed on the wall was someone from her very school.

"She's beautiful Brother, I give you props." Her voice didn't seem to waver.

"Thanks," he responded. He cocked his head to the side and looked at his sister and towards the painting. "It's been a while since I painted something…"

"Yeah. You know Alec, not to go and ruin your moment, but I was thinking to myself, how happy you must have been to paint her. I mean you even have music playing in the background; you mostly never get this happy. Though I'm glad to see you like this," her words didn't fall on deaf ears.

He took off the black toque and placed it on the small hook that was nailed to the back side of his bedroom door. He ruffled his hair a bit and made his way along the wooden floor and the rug that was placed in the middle of the room. The older sibling placed a soft hand on the girl's head and patted her for a moment. She eyed him cautiously and found herself smiling. She placed a fingertip on his cheek and with her thumb pulled it back a bit forcing him to give her a big smile.

"So then Mr. Painter, I take it you're going to go with me to Prom?" she couldn't hide the laughter in her voice. The young girl already knew her own brother's response.

"If I do go I'll see the girl in the white dress, it'll be nice to see someone I've painted," he responded softly, pushing his sister's hand away from his cheek.

"You know, I think being in an all boy's high school has messed up the part of your brain that's supposed to be interested in dating…"

"Oh, that's what you're trying to do," he chuckled noticing the small frown on his sister's face. "What have you seen so far?"

"That I can't tell you Brother," she shook her head. "You'll find out at Prom."

The dark haired teenage girl moved away, her feet dancing across the rug and wooden floor. Her light blue sleeping attire moved with her and she spoke of something that Ethan had made, muttering something about getting a second helping of food. Alec sniffed the air about him and noticed the faint aroma that the fried rice had produced. There was a faint scent of shrimp dancing around his nose.

"I hate when she does that," he muttered to himself. His eyes wandered towards the painting and he found himself smiling. At least he was glad to paint something in a happier mood.

There was a rustle of leaves and the teen's mind began to wander. A tall gnarled tree stood in the line of view. Light danced across the leaves hoping to let its rays touch the morning grass. The chirping of birds increased as the feathered creatures drew closer and closer. There was no worry, only the gentle warmth of the atmosphere. A woman in the background sat at the foot of the aged tree. Her presence there gave the surrounding area a touch of serenity. It was at that moment their eyes met and the woman beckoned the smaller individual with a single finger that was not covered by the soft silk of her robe. The heavenly like woman was covered in fine silk, with patterns of a light hue of red and another color was white as snow. It contrasted slightly with her skin as it was apparent that her flesh had been lightly kissed by the sun. The light peach woman had her arm around the shoulder of a little girl dressed in purple and white. It was at that point the smaller figure started to run; joy was etched on the little one's face.

"Alec, hey snap out of it," a slight jerk of the shoulder broke the connection of the past. The individual blinked a bit and looked at the male youth that had a grip on his left shoulder. "You should stop daydreaming; it'll be a hazard to your health you know?"

"Sorry," he smiled sheepishly. Alec gentle moved his friend's hand away from his shoulder, it made him a bit paranoid. He was walking around the asphalt from the campus yard, surrounded with several trees small fields of grass and a cement walkway. In the distance there were buildings that housed several classrooms. He looked back at the person who jerked him awake and sighed.

The student's name was known as Eric Pantoja. Eric was around six feet and two inches high, making him definitely two inches taller than Alec. He was on the school football team and was a bit more built than his friend; he needed to be to play the sport anway. Years of being on the field made his skin a bit darker than it had been before, a darker shade than light brown. His black hair was cut short on the sides, but his bangs were pushed back and to the side.

"Did you do Physics?" Eric asked as the two walked together down the campus. 'Nutrition' as the administration called it was in cession.

"Just a little bit," Alec said yawning. "I was too busy painting."

"I kind of noticed, you have some paint on your good tie," the football playing teen said pulling out his friend's tie from his jacket. "Right there," he point to the left-hand side of the dark colored tie.

"I keep forgetting what kind of a neat freak you are when it comes to ties…" the other chuckled and tucked his tie back into the safety of his dark colored jacket. Something made him turn back and he noticed another male individual running towards them. He wore the same black pants and dark school jacket with matching black shoes, but to make himself different the other two wore a white shirt instead of the standard light blue collared shirt. Alec hollered at the teen with the toothpick in his mouth, "Yo Andrew!"

Andrew chuckled, minimized the pace in which he ran, and waved slightly. He was roughly the same height as his friend Alec, but was a tad tan in skin color. The two of them almost looked like brothers with the same hair style and color, but their eyes were completely different. He held more of a lively spark in his own eyes, while Alec's expression seemed to be lost almost in a haze.

"I didn't see you guys yesterday at band practice," the tanned individual said as a form of greeting. "What happened to you two?"

"Vivian's sister had a baby," Eric said rubbing the back of his head in the form of an apology. "And she swore she'd kill me if I left her alone. Was practice that bad?"

"No, we just ran through a couple of songs but it's not the same without you two and Joshua was bugging the crap out of me," Andrew said averting his eyes back to Alec. The mahogany haired individual looked at Andrew from the corner of his eye and grinned. "What are you so smug about?"

"It's a good thing I didn't go, we probably would've walked home and you wouldn't have had such a great time with Margaret." He grinned noticing the look on Andrew's face. The thin little toothpick seemed to hang at the edge of his tongue. "Meï took me Prom shopping so…" his voice trailed off as the chime from the school's bell was emitted from the loudspeakers around the campus.

"How the hell did you…?" Andrew paused for a moment and brought his hand to the toothpick that rested on the corner of his lip. He flicked it aside and shrugged. "Guess it's that obvious isn't it?"

"I wouldn't have guessed that…" Eric said looking back at Alec. "How do you do that?"

"Do what?" he responded. Alec tilted his head a bit in confusion. "Guess?"

"Yeah, now that I think about it, you've always guessed right." Andrew said walking forward. "Geez you could probably win the lottery one day with your guesses."

I covered my mouth with the sleeve from the school issued jacket and huffed a bit. If there's one thing I dislike about being what I am, it's well, having to go to school for a really long time. I don't mind that I make friends each year round, but it bugs me having to move a lot and our two year stay is almost up. I get too attached to a place when we're about to leave.

I found myself staring out into the window, watching the trees move a bit from the summer like breeze that was in the area. The weather had been a bit strange with all the talk of global warming coming about it was about time to see the effects. Probably in a couple of decades the human population will have established a way to become energy efficient in some way. I'll probably be gone by then, but it would be nice to see it.

God, this is so boring, I just want to leave already… I wonder if she'll be waiting outside, I hope not. I'm still sore from yesterday…

These thoughts bored me a bit but I mean that was the only thing I could listen to, so as to just amuse myself till I went home. Though my routine of the day would involve picking up Meï from her school as well. That didn't bother me, I mean she was my sister after all, my only blood living relative. Playing the role of the older twin was pretty much all it was cracked up to be.

Three more minutes, just three more minutes! Come on!

I knew that voice, it belonged to Andrew. We had the same class at the end of the day, World Religion. This was the first time I took it considering this was the first time I went to an all boy's high school, in short this was probably the second all guy's high school I had entered, and will most likely be my last, considering I look eighteen by now. Still one would get use to being a high school student for more than three years, but it was ridiculous to repeat the same grades for several decades.

Three, two, ONE!

I jerked myself a bit hearing Andrew's mind cheer as the bell rang out. That was it; school was over for the day. I sighed and pushed my chair back a bit getting my textbook off of the desk and gently placing it in the navy colored backpack. I blinked for a moment noticing the white paper that contrasted against the brown wooden desk that was of course mine. 'Homework,' I thought to myself and sighed placing it inside the backpack. With that I walked off, these shoes walking on the neutral colored tile. I looked up to the whiteboard and noticed something about a quote. We had been watching a movie some time ago about the Buddhist religion.

"Just like a dream experience, whatever things I enjoy will become a memory. Whatever is past will not be seen again…" I whispered quietly to myself.

The Dalai Lama had not returned home in years, and for whatever reason reading that quote from him pained me. I turned my gaze to the empty desk by the whiteboard, this was from my teacher. There were little sticky notes about the desk along with papers and text books. To the side there was a computer, hooked up with cables and it was faintly humming, the thing was probably on standby.

I walked out of the hall and wandered through the campus for a while. The air seemed different for a moment, it was nice and cool, which is strange for we should have been in summer by now, though it's to be expected it is after all only April. I looked around watching all of the male student body walk about, some walking towards the parking lot, other's traveled to classrooms to go into their meetings of some sort. Today seemed like a mellow day to be honest. I said my goodbyes to Andrew and Eric as I made my way to the parking lot located to the east section of the school. I cringed a bit hearing some rather crude comments coming from Andrew, no doubt all relating into a sexual manner about Margaret.

"I might never understand the male hormones at all…" I muttered to myself rummaging through the pant's pocket from my right hand side for the car keys.

"See you later Alec!" someone else called out down the parking lot. I looked up and waved slightly. That was Nick, a bassist from our band practice. He had a normal build, a bit like mines, roughly around the same height and we both played tennis. He had also joined the basketball team last year and had been trying to get me to join, but that had proven to be unsuccessful. "Don't forget practice this Saturday!" with that he went into his black Volvo and started to get ready to leave the school.

Something moved about somewhere in the confines of the navy backpack and I sighed, placing my backpack towards me. I could hear the faint buzz sound that the cell phone was giving off. I pulled out the small black phone and flipped it open.

"What is it this time Meï?" I asked hearing her laugh on the other end of the phone. No doubt she was talking to her friends about something.

"Oh, well Nicolle's doing you a favor and dropping me home. But…" there always was a 'but' with her. "Could you do me a favor?" her voice was starting to get a bit whiney.

"What…?" I groaned. The lock from the door popped up and I pulled the door open. I tossed the backpack to the side seat and grumbled a bit noticing that she was silent on the other line. The door closed on my end and before long I turned the key over in the ignition and the engine came to life. This black little MAZDASPEED6 surprisingly kept up with me for as long as it's been in my possession.

"Can you go and pick me up a couple of things, please?"

"Like what?" I asked. The cell phone was placed on this little holder by the stereo. Meï was on speaker now, and I could hear the noise in the background. My eyes focused on the road as the car zipped past the several openings that it could squeeze into. Getting home was going to be a bit hectic now, but at least Meï's friend Nicolle was saving me the trouble of taking my little sister home.

"We're running out of eggs, and mocha, not to mention milk and Ethan finished the rice. Along with napkins and disposable cups." She said. The chatter from the background was starting to go down. Meï was probably walking with Nicolle towards her car. If I remember correctly that girl drove a black Jetta. "And a couple of other things, I left them in your backpack …"

"Don't worry about it, you're lucky that Karen gave me some extra money…" I paused for a moment as the car came to a stop. There was a red light in front and I had to stop by law. Something in the back of my head clicked. "You knew didn't you?"

"Yep, I'm sorry Brother, but I swear it's for your own good! All right, I'll see you later Brother!"

She hung up and I sighed, terminating the call on my end of the line. Of course she would've known that Karen had given me more than enough money, they both saw something that I had not foreseen. Well at least for right now it's nothing dangerous, not that it would be anyway. It was a trip to the store, the nearest was seven minutes away from Meï's high school. I passed the high school, glancing at the brick like structure from the rear mirror of the car. Several of the girls from the school were crossing the street to take the bus, others walked across the other side of the street passing the elementary school to try and catch the 251, which took forever to arrive.

The local Vons store wasn't that far away, right next to the good old Bank of America. The majority of the workers on Friday went there to cash in their paycheck. Another light and off the car sped down for about two seconds at them most, and a left turn and there was the Vons parking lot. There weren't that many people on a Monday evening. There was an opening close to the entrance of the store, and I noticed someone pushing in carts. The little green apron was something that stuck out in my mind. The girl moving the carts looked around for a moment and pulled out something, she was taking a small smoke break.

Within the blink of an eye I found myself inside Vons with a cart from outside, courtesy of the girl from outside. The aisles were just like that of a normal store, nothing ordinary about that, except that a lot of high school girls from Meï's school worked there. Guys from other high schools did too, no doubt just to try and hook up with one of their female co-workers. Such was youth, always trying to 'mate' in a way.

The little cart made its way along the small pastry area, making my mouth water a bit noticing all the sweet smells that came into contact with my nose. Chocolate for some reason had never smelled so sweet. I stopped for a moment and adjusted the tie around my neck, it was getting too hot in here, even with the air conditioner running through the vents of the grocery store. Something was in the air; I could sense the electrical particles around the place. I was tempted to go and capture the little chocolate fudge cake that was sitting on the shelf, it was calling to me.

"Aw crap…" a soft voice startled me. I looked up from the little cake and noticed a girl in the distance; she seemed a bit upset about something. Her mind didn't seem to be all too loud though, which was slightly somewhat of interesting to me anyway. She looked up and noticed my gaze and blushed for a moment before looking away. Females were rather strange, after seeing them for so long I suppose, though it wasn't like me to interact with them for long periods of time.

The chocolate cake…

That was the only part of her mind that seemed to be loud. I looked back at the cake and sighed, I suppose that the last of its kind would be eaten by this human youth. I scratched the side of my head and moved my right hand to the container that housed the little mouthwatering sweet bread. With that the tile beneath my feet moved and I cleared my throat catching the girl's attention before she could leave the aisle.

"Do you want it?" I asked, tilting my head. "The cake's not really on my agenda, so I figured… well since you were pretty much starting at it…"

I noticed what she was wearing, it was the uniform from our sister school, from where Meï was currently going to. A simple gray skirt, knee high socks, black penny loafers, a white collared shirt, black tie and a dark blue senior sweater with crème borders on the sleeve and edge. On my left hand side there was a logo '08' the graduating class of that year.

"Yeah…" she spoke chuckling slightly out of embarrassment. She took the cake and held it gingerly in her grasp. "Oh hey, you're from our brother school…" the girl said noticing my uniform. "Hey you're… you're graduating this year too." The light russet skinned girl said, observing the ring on my right hand.

The light russet colored girl had straight bangs to some degree and her hair was parted to the side in some manner, the tips were flipped out, looking almost natural. You could clearly tell that the bleached part of her hair was starting to fade away, giving the new color on her hair now the effect of having highlights. The girl before me wore framed glasses that looked a bit purple from my point of view. I showed her my school ring and she looked at if for a moment, tilting her head.

"That's a nice name," she responded looking up at me for a moment. I smiled politely and noticing the name on her ring, it read 'Leila'. "Well I should probably get going. It was nice meeting you Alec."

"Likewise, Leila." I chuckled and watched her walk off. Her hips swayed a bit moving the skirt about her waist. I shook my head and tried to focus on the task at hand. "Now off to get some rice…" I muttered for a moment and went off in search of it.

The mahogany haired youth sighed for a moment pulling out the groceries from out of the trunk of his car. Today had been a bit tiresome with all the stairs he had to traverse on and with shopping for groceries. Dusk had started to set in and he looked up at the sky. There were shades of purple, gold, pink, and light orange that painted the sky as the sun began to set. He felt a bit at ease as he unloaded the groceries with the environment friendly bags. The brown recycled paper bags lined up against the car. He turned his gaze to the side and noticed the white Toyota that he had parked next to.

I really hope Alec comes soon; I don't want to rush without saying goodbye to him at least…

In his mind the image of a twenty year old woman danced around in his little head. She had ivory skin and dark green eyes that seemed to hypnotize those that caught a glance of them. He could picture her vividly with a yellow beaded necklace that had a small flower for a pendant; which had yet to wilt from the time she picked it. This individual's name was Sahara Wilson, she was Ethan's constant companion for more than seven years.

"Don't worry he's coming!" a voice said. It was easily heard despite the fact that owner of that said voice was inside the house.

Alec was close to the stairs moving the groceries with him as he walked away from his car. The alarm beeped faintly and he felt a bit at east as he glanced up at the dusk ridden sky. The wind was moving the clouds along their way, towards the horizon from what he could see. His eyes moved about catching the shadows from the neighboring homes, things seemed rather still. Some homes were of a light blue color, others of some strange orange color. Another house on top of a hill was yellow with a white gate all around. Some of the lawns looked healthy, others looked too watered, and some needed to be cut. Trees neatly decorated the sidewalks, but some of the roots from older trees pushed the concrete and distorted the sides of some of the footways.

The faint colored screen door opened, and then the wooden door with a stain glass design on it was slightly left ajar. Alec sighed and noticed the smile on his sister's face. She grinned and walked out the door, seeing as how Alec had seen her from the crack of the door's frame. Her hair was in a loose bun, some strands of hair fell towards her face. Meï wore a simple white shirt with little stars drawn on to it, and low cut green shorts. The younger twin helped her older sibling with the other groceries that were left by the door now. Alec walked first through the beige colored hallway and he breathed in a bit, the smell of lilies started to fill his senses. He shook his head and in the distance he heard Meï giggle a bit.

"I'm guessing you had fun with that cake, right Brother?"

"I really hate when you do that Meï…" he muttered walking into the kitchen.

Sahara Wilson stood next to the blonde individual Ethan Waber. Ethan's dark colored attire contracted greatly with the female's light clothing. She wore a simple summer dress with yellow and white poke-a-dots and a yellow beaded necklace with a small floral like object hanging from it. She smiled at the young male that was carrying some of the groceries. Meï paused for a moment making a face at Alec and pushed him along.

"So, what took you so long?" Ethan asked resting his hand on the kitchen counter. "I was starting to think you got abducted by some crazy pedophile or something…"

"Phfft…" he scoffed and shook his head. Alec placed some of the bags on the kitchen counter and pushed them towards Ethan. "Actually, it was a girl…"

"A girl…" Both Ethan and Karen repeated the last two words. The new female companion giggled, even Meï seemed to laugh a bit. Everyone was in on this strange joke except for the boy in question. "We figured," Ethan said clearing his throat. "We can smell it on you anyway."

"Brother what the hell did you do?!" Meï asked.

"Nothing!" he said turning quickly to face his sister. The look on his face was priceless, he was too much of a saint.

"We're just messing with you…" Sahara said laughing. Alec muttered something about all of them being just as equally cruel. "Oh come on little Alec, laugh a bit, lighten up."

"Yeah… but seriously Alec, you smell like chocolate and flowers…" both Meï and Karen couldn't help but point that small detail out. "How close were you standing anyway?" Karen asked.

"…" he frowned for a moment feeling his body tense up a bit. He knew now that everyone else had seen into the future, watching that small moment in time with his interaction with the human girl. The young adult breathed in and felt the tension slowly leave his body. "I would really appreciate it if you all, for your own sake not look into my future."

"All right…" Ethan said. He rubbed the back of his neck and laid out some of the ingredients out on the kitchen counter. Rice, vegetables, and some meat to make beef-steak were all in line. "Well you guys can go and wash up and I'll make dinner."

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