Giant Cats Invade Mexico

Giant cats have taken control of the city of "Veracruz" on the Eastern Coast of Mexico. The attack began at around 3:00 o' clock this morning. The city quickly surrendered considering they had no military to defend themselves.

Authorities report that there have been no casualties, but there was minor injury caused by a civilian failing to realize the cats just wanted food. He got a minor concussion when one of the cats batted him around. He was quickly transported to a hospital without any problems and is on the road to recovery. When asked about it, he responded, "I didn't even see the cat for a few minutes because I was trying to get my most important things into my car. It started to meow, but since I've never had any cats I really didn't know what it wanted. What happened next went by very quickly so I don't remember exactly what happened. I think it popped me and then started batting me around."

After "the incident", cat experts learned from the cat's behavior that they were hungry. Eyewitnesses have estimated there to be around twenty cars occupying the city. The cats haven't blocked access from the city. Nobody has been able to leave yet because they all seem to be too busy trying to keep the cats entertained and well fed.

From careful review of video camera tapes place around the city and from eyewitness accounts, researchers have learned the cats arrived from the ocean. About five came from the water first and surrounded the city and the rest went into it to look for anything that caught their eye. Researchers have also discovered from DNA samples that almost all of the cats are from the same litter. The cats are about one to two years old and most of them were gray in color, but there are a few younger ones about two months old.

The researchers did find one teenager who was there when the cats first came in. Jordan Smith had this to say, "They came out of nowhere. They just appeared. I looked out my bedroom window and saw a truck going

down the road. I looked back at my notes and textbook I was studying for an exam that took place the next day. The next thing I heard was an extremely loud crunch and outside my window was this humongous cat! It must have been at least one hundred feet tall! It was the biggest cat I have ever seen. I ran down the hall to tell my parents and they already had their eyes glued to the window watching a giant cat play with that same truck. The truck driver was swerving all over the road to avoid being pounced on. "

The truck then was able to make its way past my house, and the window was about eye level with the cat. It spotted us and abandoned its first toy and started to see if it could smell. When a cat that big tries to smell something, it breaks stuff. It shattered our window and almost sucked my dad out the window."

The Mexican Government does not have any planes for attacking the cats, and trying to take back the city. They have, however, decided that all cat toy and food factories are going into war time production to keep them from taking over more cities.