December threw a party
On the thirty-first
January, waiting
Felt he was sure to burst

All twelve months had gathered
To celebrate the year
In winter's elegant estate
They mingled, there and here

June and March were chatting with
The darling beauty, May,
Her best friend, April, arrived late
But was ready to play

July and August talked, and said
They found the hall too cold
February had gone red,
Flirting with September bold

November watched as his best friend
Sampled food and wine
And joined in when October said
"This stuff tastes so divine!"

December walked around the hall
Checking on each guest
January watched the clock
Prepared to end his rest

Said he, the youngest month, "I wish
That I had lots more time.
There are only thirty-one days
'Til I am past my prime."

February laughed and said,
"Now what's this I hear?
Why, I've only twenty-eight!
You can't complain, my dear."

August griped, "At least you have
A much-loved holiday.
With fall around the corner,
My month just drifts away."

"I don't have a holiday,"
Interrupted July.
"It's only in the USA
Where flags for freedom fly."

May put in, "Now, now, you guys
There's no need for a brawl!
You know I am the most-liked
I should get more time than all."

April laughed. "Excuse me, dear,
But that's a total sham.
May flowers just bring allergies
People prefer the lamb."

"People like the lion, too,"
March said dubiously.
"Therefore, I am sure the one
Who needs the longest time is me."

"That's no fair!" September said.
"I don't get any fun!
For I'm the one who takes the kids
Back to their books from sun."

"My month is pretty much ignored,"
Said June, rolling his eyes.
"School ends, and that is really all
That June gives as a prize."

"Halloween is lots of fun,
But it's only one day.
The others are truly dull,"
October said, dismayed.

November shrugged and said humbly
"I really do not care.
I think the reason why we change
Is that we're meant to share."

Said December, "I'm the oldest
And should have the longest time.
Anyway, have you noticed
That we're all talking in rhyme?"

"No," the others said, because
To know would break the fourth wall.
And so they kept on arguing
As they drank in the hall.

So deeply were the months concerned
That when the clock did chime
December was the only one
To take note of the time.

The twelfth month laughed; "I do not care
What any of you thinks.
Because, while you were quarreling,
I poisoned all your drinks."

And that it why December rules
The frozen continent.
So now it's just a block of ice
After this sad event.

A/N: The rhyme scheme may be a little off in a few places, and I did change meters a few times. If you think a line sounds wrong, try saying it with different inflections or at a different speed. I hoped you liked this random poem.