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The story is about Jacey-Lynn Paisley, a girl of sixteen, who moves from the place she grew up in, Komi, to a new place, Maldoniswich for her mother to marry Jonathan Wright, a rich, somewhat powerful man. In Maldoniswich it's a new adventure of sorts with Jacey finding out new things about herself and meeting new people, making new friends and dealing with problems that no one should have to face.

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The Wrights

The Ocean breeze blew through the window of the Komi beach house of Jacey-Lynn Paisley. Her dark brown hair blew into her face as she looked around the now empty room; the walls were coloured gold by the radiant sunset coming off of the Lachmagu Ocean. This was the world that Jacey had always known, where she was born and raised. And now she was leaving. Her mother, Marie, met 'the man of her dreams;' she never left the small Komi country and the one time she did, she met Jonathan Wright. "The man I want to spend the rest of my life with," as Marie put it. Jacey and her mother were never on the best of terms, so the fact that Marie decided to move her family to Maldoniswich wasn't sitting too well with Jacey.

"Jace, c'mon. Mom's waiting."

Jacey heaved a huge sigh and stood up, "this sucks."

"Yeah, well I'm not about to have a big party either, but we don't have a choice," said Jacob, Jacey's older brother.

Jacey put on her sweater and walked out of her Komi house for the last time.

Marie, Jacob, and Jacey were all cramped up in the tiny car for their extremely long, six and a half day ride to Maldoniswich for the Paisley-Wright wedding. The family was in the car for five hours and it was now twelve thirty in the evening, meaning that it was time for them to check into their first motel.

The room was pretty nice – for a beat up motel – and it was cramped; there was barely space between the two beds in the tiny room. Jacey refused to sleep in the same bed as her mother, so she and Jake shared one of the beds while her mother got the other. By the time they were all settled, it was one thirty in the morning and they were to get up for six o'clock. Jacey wasn't able to fall asleep until an hour before she was to wake, so as soon as she was in the back seat of the car, she slept.

They had a number of rest stops and motel check ins until they finally reached Maldoniswich at ten in the morning on the seventh day and checked into the best hotel there, courtesy of Marie's dream man, Mr. Wright. The room was one of the best suites, which was more like an apartment rather than what it actually was. It had two bedrooms, a bathroom with a deep soak bathtub, and a grand living room. Jake and Jacey stayed in the hotel while Marie went out to meet Jonathan for some last minute wedding details.

"Jake, why do we have to be dragged along in all of this? We haven't even met the damn guy or his kids," Jacey fell back on the king sized bed. "He's probably a complete jerk."

"Jace, just let mom have her damn happiness, it's not like you've ever let her have any before."

Jacey shot up, "neither have you. You're not the greatest son ever."

Jake sat on the bed beside her, "yeah well, you've made everything harder on her. If it was possible, you did it, and if it wasn't possible you made it possible – you made sure she wasn't ever happier than you, and the one time that she is, it kills you. Can't you just be happy? Why not make sure she's happier, like a real daughter would?"

"Jake. First of all, I have never seen you do anything to make her happy and second of all, shut the fuck up. You're never like this – horrible to me like you've been, I mean – and I think it's because you feel the same exact way I do, but just can't admit it." She then grabbed her sweater and walked to the door, "I'm going for a walk – join me if you like."

Jacey walked out the front doors of the hotel into a busy crowd of top, snobbish, business people walking quickly by. "In Komi people were never in such a hurry – this sucks," thought Jacey as she began walking.

"Jacey!" She stopped walking and waited for Jake to catch up. "You don't realize how difficult it is being your brother," Jake said as they continued to walk.

"Yeah, well Jake, your not the easiest to get along with either." They continued walking and decided to turn left, across the street. "Do you think there's a mall anywhere near here?" Jacey asked, looking around for a big mall-like building.

"We could always ask someone."

"Go ahead," Jacey said, pointing towards a group of people about their age.

Jake sighed as the two of them walked towards the group. "Hey," Jake said after clearing his throat.

All five members of the group looked at Jake and Jacey with revulsion, "what the hell do you want?" Asked one guy who seemed to be the leader; he had longer black hair that covered a good part of his eyes. He wore a black sweater and a dark blue skinny jean with black and grey slip-on shoes. The little bit of his left eye that was exposed showed that he was totally stoned, so were his followers. "I said what the fuck do you want?" He said, sounding extremely angry.

"Yeah, um we, well, she," Jake said pointing to Jacey, "wanted to know if there was a mall anywhere near here."

"You want to know where a mall is?" Asked one of the other guys – a blonde guy. "Why the fuck would you want to know where a mall is?"

"Well," Jacey spoke up, "normal people usually hang out there or, even stranger, some people like to shop there – crazy isn't it?"

The group members all looked at each other. Black hair spoke again, "there aren't no good malls close here – not walking distance anyways, but you got money on you do ya?"

"No, not at all, we were planning to trade shit for shoes – can you spare any, you seem full of it."

There was a moment of silence in which Jake whispered in Jacey's ear, "you're pushing it Jace, let's get going."

Jacey sighed, "well, sorry to take up your time, I guess we'll get going," and the two of them began walking back towards the hotel.

"Not so fast buddies. Why don't you hang around for a bit?" Said Black Hair as he put his arms around Jacey and Jake's shoulders.

"I'm sorry buddy, but we have to go – really." Said Jake, pulling Black Hair's arm off of his shoulder. He pulled Jacey away, and they continued walking.

"Jacey-Lynn, you've really pushed it," Jake whispered.

"Don't use my full name, Jacob."

"Seriously, you really need to know when to stop." They crossed the street and turned right, heading back towards the hotel. "Our 'buddy' and his friend are following us, thanks to you miss Jacey."

"I'm quite aware of that, let them follow us into the hotel if they like – they'll be thrown out instantly with the stoned look of theirs." They walked into the hotel and up to their room where their mother was waiting for them.

"Jacey, Jacob, I was worried about you two. The least you could've done was leave a note," Marie said as soon as she saw her children. Jacey and Jake walked into the room and sat down across from their mother and a man. "This," Marie said, motioning towards the man, "is Jonathan Wright, your soon-to-be step-father." Jonathan had black hair with bangs that fell loosely over his eyebrows. He wore a black suit as if he had just come out of work and his expression was extremely serious looking. Jonathan stood up and shook both Jacey and Jacob's hands.

"This is my daughter," Marie motioned to Jacey, "Jacey-Lynn. And," she said motioning to Jake, "this is my son, Jacob."

"Pleased to meet both of you – your mother has told me so much about you two."

Jake and Jacey exchanged looks, knowing that whatever their mother had said about them, couldn't have been good.

"I have three sons and a daughter myself, they couldn't be here today – they're with their mother until later tonight. You'll meet them tomorrow when you get your wedding outfits together." There was a silence in which Jake and Jacey shifted in their seats, watching their mother cuddle next to her future hubby.

After a silence that seemed like forever, Jonathan's cell phone rang. "Hello…oh, hi…no…I'm with Marie and her kids right now…what…at the Adempidus…well where's your mother…my god, fine. I'll meet you guys out front in a half hour…yep…bye." He put his phone away and sighed. "That was Blake," he told Marie, "the kids mother up and left them locked out – again, so they're coming to the hotel."

"Oh those poor kids, how far is it to walk from there? We could maybe pick them up?" Marie exclaimed worriedly.

"I suppose we could pick them up, but it's only about a forty-five minute walk."

"Forty-five minutes? No, no, that's too far, let's go." Marie and Jonathan headed for the door while Jacey and Jake sat staring after them. "Jacey-Lynn, Jacob, you're coming too. This will be a great time for you to meet the kids." The two sighed and walked to the door.

Jonathan was waiting for the three of them at the hotel entrance. It had started to rain outside, "come on. My driver is waiting." The four of them went out and ran to the limo waiting for them, where the driver opened the door.

"As if the man has a driver," Jacey whispered to Jake.

"As if he has a limo, never mind," Jake whispered back.

They drove for about fifteen minutes until they spotted Jonathan's four kids walking in the rain. The limo pulled up beside them and all four piled in. The first to step in was a little girl with a pink coat. She had extremely blue eyes with golden blonde curls. Her cheeks were rosy and her face was pudgy – she was about four or five years old.

The second was a boy who looked about Jake's age. He had a dark brown pleather coat on with a blue striped dress shirt on and black jeans on. His eyes were also very blue but his hair was black and short. He sat down beside Jacey, with the little girl next to him.

The third and fourth to pile into the car were the two that Jake and Jacey had encountered earlier when they went for their walk – the guy with the longer black hair and stoned look and the guy with the blonde hair who didn't seem like the brightest guy. They both sat across from Jacey and Jake and hadn't seemed to notice that they had already met.

"Jeffery, drive us to my place please." Jonathan said, "that way we'll all be able to get more acquainted with one another." The limo continued driving on its way to the house of Jonathan Wright.

"Hi! I'm Kierry, who are you?" Spoke the little blonde girl.

"That's a pretty name, Kierry, I'm Jake."

"Very happy to meet you Jake," Kierry stared at Jacey, waiting for her to introduce herself.

After an elbow in the side from Jake, Jacey spoke, "I'm Jacey, nice to meet you Kierry."

"I'm Blake," said the one next to Jacey as he held out his hand.

Jake was the first to shake, "hey, nice to meet you."

Blake then took Jacey's hand and shook hers, "nice to meet you Jacey," he said, making Jacey jerk away and scowl, causing Jake to laugh. There was then silence as neither one of the guys across from Jacey and Jake wanted to say anything. It was Blake that spoke up, "my brother with the black hair is Mauricio, he's very social as you both can see," he said sarcastically, "and the blonde one is Tristan. He's sort of Mauricio's shadow and doesn't say anything unless Mauricio speaks first – he doesn't really have a mind of his own." Tristan didn't even bother to look up at any mention of his name.

"Blake, really. Stop talking about your brother that way," Jonathan said scornfully.

"Dad, if he wants to stand up for himself, he will…that is, if Mauricio stands up for him first."

"Blake, that's enough."

Blake smiled and then there was silence for a bit longer.

"So, Jacey, what are you in to?" Jonathan asked, trying to restart the conversation.

"Well, I wasinto surfing and other water sports when we lived in Komi, but now we're in Maldoniswich, so I guess I'll have to find a new past time." Jacey replied rather harshly.

"Alright… how about you Jake?" Jake smiled at Jacey then replied, "well I'm really into writing and music – but I don't actually like writing music or songs."

"Well that's interesting Jake, do you play instruments then?"

"Yeah," Jake said, nodding, "I can play piano, guitar and bass guitar."

"So you can read notes on piano?"

"Yeah, I've been playing piano for twelve years, so I'm pretty good – or so I think."

Jonathan laughed, "well, I'm sure you're just as great as you say you are. Perhaps you could teach Kierry to play piano. She's been trying to teach herself, and I didn't want to put her in some institution that would treat her bad."

"Yeah, sure, I'd be happy to teach her."

After a couple more minutes of silence they pulled into a large driveway of an extremely large and beautiful house. The siding was a pale yellow and it was in the old Victorian style. They walked into the house, into a dark hallway. Jonathan placed his keys on a side table by the door and pushed his shoes underneath the table neatly; the four kids and Maria all did the same. Jake and Jacey followed their example and pushed their shoes beside the table, as there wasn't any room left under it. They then followed everyone into the living room: a huge room with a giant white rug covering most of the old-style hardwood flooring and a creamy white wall with chocolate-coloured wooden mouldings covering each corner of the wall and the whole perimeter of the ceiling.

Mauricio and Tristan slumped down on the big couch that was the colour of 'lemon chiffon' in front of the television. "Mauricio, Tristan, get up, why don't the four of you show Jacob and Jacey-Lynn around – show them where their room will be," Jonathan said sternly. Jacey could see the side glance from Tristan towards Mauricio who got up and grunted. Tristan hopped up after Mauricio and followed him out of the room who followed Blake and Kierry. Jacey and Jake trailed after the four Wright's.

"So, that was the living room," spoke Blake. "There's the bathroom," he pointed to the right of the living room entrance and then pointed to the doorway on the right, "that's the kitchen and to the left we have the study slash office," he began talking as if he was tour guide. "If we turn down the right hallway, we'll find our way to the dining room… or we can just continue walking and use the second entrance. This will bring us to the stairway, which we shall now go up."

All six of them went up the stairs, "now if you follow me, I shall show you the wonderful bedrooms," Blake continued. "Right there is Mauricio and Tristan's room – where they probably are now," he said, noticing that they had disappeared. "Okay, your guys' room is beside theirs. It's a little small for two people, but I'm sure my dad will do something soon, since Mauricio and Tristan's is pretty big. Um, this is my room," he motioned to a room across from Jacey and Jake's and closed the door. "It's messy – you don't need to see it," they continued walking to the next room.

"Here comes my room! Let's go see my room!" Kierry said, running to her room. Jake laughed and followed her quickly with Blake and Jacey. The room was a total pink, little girl's room; it was messy with Barbie dolls and little clothes everywhere. "Isn't my room pretty?" She asked dancing and spinning.

"Oh yeah," Jacey muttered sarcastically, "this is my dream room Jake," she said out loud making both Jake and Blake laugh.

"See Blake! She thinks my room's pretty!" Kierry exclaimed, making Jacey laugh.

"Let's continue with our tour," Blake said after laughing. "That's my dad and Marie's room," he said, pointing to the room across from Kierry's. "That's the bathroom," he pointed to the room beside Kierry's room. "And that's the balcony," he motioned to the right. "And yeah…that's basically it."

"Well, glad we got to see the doorways of two other rooms and a balcony," Jacey remarked sarcastically.

Kierry, Blake, Jake and Jacey all went downstairs to the living room. Jake, Kierry and Blake sat on the couch while Jacey sat on the recliner and they all watched TV.

"Why are you kids just sitting there in front of the television? Go do something else – something productive." Marie said as she walked into the living room with Jonathan.

"And what shall we do?" Jake asked in an innocent tone.

"Jacey can play Barbie's with me!" Exclaimed Kierry excitedly.

"Yeah Jacey!" Jake said in a mock-excited tone. Jacey shot Jake an evil glare, which made him laugh.

"Oh Jacey! Wouldn't that be lovely for Kierry!"

"Oh no it wouldn't," Jacey said. "I'd probably make her cry by killing off my character or something…hey, I've got an idea – why doesn't Jakey over there, start that piano teaching with you Kierry! Wouldn't you like that?"

At that, Kierry's eyes lit up, "yeah Jake! Can we start today? I could be so much gooder and go to recitals and wear pretty dresses and stuff!"

"See Jake, now she's all excited, it'd just break her little heart if you were to say no." Jacey said, smiling.

"Oh that's a great idea Jacey!" Exclaimed their mother, "oh Jake, isn't that a great idea?"

"Oh yeah, I'm just bursting with rainbows and puppies," said Jake in a monotone voice. "C'mon Kierry, I suppose we could start now," he said getting up groggily and heading into the hallway to the piano with Kierry tagging closely behind.

"I don't want you two sitting in front of the TV either, you go find something to do too," Jonathan said, shooing Blake and Jacey away. The two got up and headed into the hallway. Jonathan closed the doors of the living room, leaving him and Marie inside.

"Yeah…I don't know what they're going to do in there, but I'm not going to stay to find out," Blake said walking down the hall. "We can go to the study…there's computers there."

Jacey followed him; as they passed Jake and Kierry, Jacey said, "Kierry, isn't piano fun with Jake? Now that we'll be a big family, he can teach you everyday!"

"Yeah Jake! That will be fun!" Kierry said, which made Jake cast a glare at Jacey, making Jacey and Blake laugh.

The two turned left to the study. The room had the same hardwood floors that were throughout the whole house but where the computers were, there was a red rug covering the floor. The walls were white as in a lot of the other rooms but this didn't have any special moulding like in the living room, it was just plain with a lot of pictures decorating it. On the left of the doorway, there was one computer and across from the doorway, on the opposite wall, there was another computer. In the corner wall of the room there was a chair with a large bookcase placed next to it.

Blake sat on the computer left of the door, "if you want, you can go on that computer, but it's up to you – do what you want."

Jacey headed over to the computer and sat down. It was a fairly new computer; it had a flat screen and was extremely thin for a computer, even compared to the newest computers. This guy was definitely loaded.

She logged onto her messenger account to chat with her friends and Nolan, her Komi boyfriend; although she had to leave, they promised that they'd keep in-touch and keep their relationship going – Jacey knew it was over as soon as he said that, but a part of her still believed that they could make it work; needless-to-say, she was very hopeful.

As soon as she logged on, a load of windows began popping up – all from her friends. Disappointed that Nolan wasn't on, she began answering her friends. Questions like 'what's the family like?' came up most often throughout all eight of her conversations. After about a half hour of typing, Nolan finally signed on. She immediately clicked on his screen name.

/Jacey;;\\ says: Hey

;Nol #16 says: Hey babe

;Nol#16 says: how's it going?

/Jacey;;\\ says: fine I suppose . im at the new familys house

;Nol#16 says: really what r they like?

/Jacey;;\\ says: I guess theyre alright. Two of the future step brothers are like part of a gang or something, me and jake saw them earlier when we went for a walk and they tried to threaten us – it was kinda funny when we saw them later in the limo

;Nol#16 says: limo?

/Jacey;;\\ says: yeah, this guy, Jonathan, is loaded. They have this great house – its so nice. Anyways, how are things back there?

;Nol#16 says: theyre good I guess, nothing more or less exciting than usual…

/Jacey;;\\ says: I see…

;Nol#16 says: yeah …

/Jacey;;\\ says: soo… what'd you do today?

;Nol#16 says: um – me and some friends went to the movies and hung out the mall for a bit

/Jacey;;\\ says: who?

;Nol#16 says: just me, Derek, Aaron, Giselle, Amber, Shawn and Nick

/Jacey;;\\ says: whos Giselle and Amber?

;Nol#16 says: you know them – Amber was in our English class and Giselle was in your drama

/Jacey;;\\ says: Amber? That slut who's always half naked – I hate her

;Nol#16 says: she's nice, you don't even know her – shes not a slut

/Jacey;;\\ says: ha okay

;Nol#16 says: Jace, whats up

/Jacey;;\\ says: I've known her since I knew you – shes a slut – shes been one since she was in like the 4th grade, you shouldn't hang around her

;Nol#16 says: maybe shes not as bad as you think Jace

/Jacey;;\\ says: you cant hang around her

;Nol#16 says: your not gonna tell me who I cant hang out with

/Jacey;;\\ says: seriously Nolan, shell sleep around with anyone and shell try to take you from me

;Nol#16 says: Jace – zip it … I gtg, I'll ttyl

And Nolan signed off.

"You know, he's probably leaving you for Amber," said a voice from behind Jacey.

Jacey looked up to see Blake hovering over her. "I hate people reading my conversations," Jacey said, logging off and standing up.

"Well, I'm just saying, you should brace yourself – I'm a guy, I should know."

"Wha-? You – you're a guy?" Jacey said sarcastically as she walked to the hallway.

"I'm serious," Blake said following her.

"Don't worry about it, I've been preparing for him to break it off for some time."

"Then why do you keep talking to him? Why not just break it off first?"

Jacey was quiet for a second, "I don't know."

"You should call him and then just say you found someone else already and that you've been talking to him for sometime over Internet or something."

Jacey shrugged and turned right towards the living room but stopped as she came to the piano where Kierry was crying with Jake trying to quiet her.

"What's wrong?" Jacey asked.

"Kierry got a little frustrated," Jake said.

Kierry pushed Jake away and stood up, "piano is stupid! You're stupid!" And she ran away to her room.

Jacey laughed, "what the hell did you do?"

Jake closed the piano, "I corrected her."

"Yeah," Blake said, "she doesn't like being told what to do. Spoiled little brat."

Jacey woke up to the hotel telephone ringing. She turned over and looked across the room, at the walk clock on the wall, "holy fuck," she said, pulling the covers over he head. The phone kept ringing, "oh my fuck." She got out of bed and crossed the room to the phone, all while mumbling angrily. "What do you want?" She snapped to the person on the other line. "What? Wakeup call? I didn't ask for a damn wakeup call for five o'clock in the morning! As a matter of fact – why the hell are you up at five o'clock in the morning? It's called a life – get one!" And she hung up the phone angrily and went back to bed. The phone rang again, this time Jacey screamed, "Jake, mom, get the fucking phone! I want to sleep!"

"Jacey-Lynn, you watch your mouth!" Marie said, walking into Jacey and Jake's room, "where is Jake?" Jacey just stared at her mother and pulled the covers over her head. "Hello?…oh hi Jonathan!…Jacey's up but I don't know where Jacob is…oh he'll show up…half hour?…okay…yes…love you too." Marie hung up the phone. "Jacey, get dressed, Jonathan and the kids will be here in a half hour." Jacey threw the covers off of her, "mother, I'll get up," she sat up, "but I'm not going to be pleasant. In fact, I'll be even more horrible than usual." And she got up and went to the bathroom to get ready. Fifteen minutes later, she was ready, dressed, and extremely tired. She came out of the bathroom and saw Jake sitting on the couch, dressed and looking very awake.

"How nice of you to join us Jacey," he said, smiling.

"Fuck you," Jacey said, "I'm cranky."

"Jacey-Lynn! I will wash your mouth out with soap if you speak foully to anyone or thing again!" Marie said as she continued to get ready.

Another fifteen minutes passed and Jacey, Jake and Marie, along with Wright family were off – at six in the morning. The eight of them were all in the same limo again. The only voices were those of Jonathan, Marie, and, occasionally, Jake. Jacey sat in the far corner, closest to the driver, listening to her mp3 loudly, with her eyes closed, falling in and out of sleep.

The limo stopped in front of a semi-fancy restaurant after about forty-five minutes, so the eight of them could eat breakfast before going dress and suit shopping. They all piled out of the limo and followed Jonathan slowly. They got a large enough table to fit all of them. Jonathan, Marie, Kierry and Blake sat on one side, while Jake, Jacey, Mauricio and Tristan sat on the other. The breakfast had been quiet and awkward with no one speaking except to order and make the odd observation. Marie and Jonathan both kept trying to start up conversations but the early morning had taken speech from everyone.

By the time they were done, it was quarter to eight and they all left. Jeffrey, the Wright driver, dropped everyone off at a huge wedding shop across the city.

Marie and Jonathan went to talk with the employees to tell them exactly what they wanted. Jacey, Jake, Kierry, Mauricio, Blake, and Tristan, sat and waited. "Jake – I'm not going to like this," Jacey said, lying back on the chair.

"Come one Jacey, you like shopping," Jake said, in a mocking tone, while smiling.

"Yes, I absolutely loveshopping with my wedding-crazed mother," Jacey said in her ever-so-famous sarcastic tone.

"Come on kids, let's go!" Marie called excitedly.

Four hours later they were out. Jacey hadn't liked any of the dresses; they were all too girly and frilly – just not Jacey. She would try on the big frilly dresses and be tantalized continuously by Jake and Blake. Finally, after everyone began to get frustrated with Jacey, she picked a lavender gown; it cut off mid-calve and flowed loosely. It was simple and the least girly-girl dress that Jacey could find.

The wedding was to be held in two days. They had their rehearsal dinner later in the evening. They got back to the hotel at one o'clock in the morning and slept in the following morning. Both Jacey and Jake slept until late in the afternoon while Marie went out with Jonathan. Jacey woke up and ordered room service. She ordered at least three different types of chicken with potatoes and opened a big bottle of champagne that was ordered for Marie by Jonathan when they first arrived. Jake woke up to see Jacey sitting in front of the television, stuffing her face and drinking out of the huge bottle.

"Jacey, what are you doing?" Jake asked, sitting next to her.

"Um…eating – I know you're not the brightest star in the sky, but seriously, Jake, I thought it'd be pretty obvious…even for you."

Jake just looked at her, "shut up…why are you drinking mom's champagne?"

"Jake, I think the real question is, why didn't we open it sooner?"

Jake sat back, "good point." He took the bottle and drank some for himself, "give me some of that," he said, reaching for some chicken.

Jacey slapped his hand, "order your own."

"You have like three plates – give me some fat ass," he took the chicken.

"Thanks Jake, you're so nice."

"Yeah, I know…so what are you watching?"

"Um…I…don't know – something."

"Yeah – thanks for clearing that up Jace."

Jacey smiled sarcastically, "no problem."

After they were done eating they decided to go for another walk around to try and find an actual mall this time. They went the opposite way this time and went for about an hour and then it began raining, which made it seem darker out. The didn't find a mall, so they headed back to the hotel.

By ten o'clock they were all sleeping again to be ready for the wedding the following day. They were up the next morning at eight and were to be at the church hall for twelve for the wedding at one.

Jacey, Marie, Kierry, the other two Bridesmaids, and Maid of honour all went to the salon to get their hair done. Kierry was totally thrilled with being in such a 'pretty place,' but Jacey, on the other hand, was completely less than thrilled. People pulling and yanking at her hair wasn't exactly her idea of 'fun'.

By eleven, everyone was off to the church. They arrived there about twenty after twelve. Everyone was in the church, waiting while everyone else rushed to get ready for the ceremony. Jacey did her makeup and put her dress on in a matter of seconds. Forced by her mother, she put a little makeup on Kierry. By ten to twelve they were all ready for the wedding to begin.

They walked down the aisle. Jacey stood there as the ceremony went on. She began getting bored and looking around. She began to realize how tacky the place really looked. There were fake flowers everywhere – as if the guy couldn't afford real flowers. Barely anything matched and it was absolutely horrible. She noticed that good majorities of the people in the church were made up of old people – at least the place was full. She saw her grandfather sitting at the front, also bored – Jacey got most of her personality from him. She saw an elderly couple sitting up front, probably Jonathan's parents, as they looked just as pompous as Jonathan did when Jacey first met him. She looked at the wall across from her and noticed a black little spot, which reminded her of a bug – and she began making a little story up, which caused her to laugh to herself. She stopped and noticed Jake and Blake staring at her, both laughing quietly. Jacey made a mock-sad face and looked down. Before she looked up again, she realized that Marie and Jonathan had said their I do's and the ceremony was now over – finally.

The kids were to begin school in a week, which is the time it would take Marie and Jonathan for their honeymoon in Venonal, a small, romantic island. Jonathan's best man, Kenneth, was going to help Jacey and Jake get settled in their new home. Jake and Jacey's furniture had been brought to the house two days ago and their new – and cramped – room was ready. They were now in a new home, with a new family, and starting a new life.