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The rest of the week passed slowly. Jacey and Tristan got full marks on their chair and presentation; it was Jacey who talked the most, as Tristan was too shy.

It was Saturday morning when Jacey and Jake were awoken by a knock on the door. "Jacey and Jake. Get up, we're going out to breakfast," Jonathan said in his low, silky voice.

Jacey groaned, turned over and looked at the clock, which read eight o'clock, "oh God." She rolled off her bed and onto the floor in her attempt to wake up. Jacey walked to the door and called down the hall, "what time are we leaving?"

Jonathan came back out of his room in his black housecoat. Staring into Jacey's eyes causing her to avert her gaze, he said, "I want to leave by nine-thirty. You have time to shower and do whatever you need to get ready. Just be down before nine-thirty."

Jacey nodded and stepped back into the room, "Jake, I call the shower." She turned around to see that Jake had already gone into the bathroom.

"Too late," he shouted as he started the shower.

Jacey rolled her eyes and picked out some clothes to wear then went into the family bathroom to take her shower instead. It was a short shower; she was done by twenty after eight. Back at the room Jake was dressed and in the bathroom, styling his hair. "Jake, you're starting to spend a suspicious amount of time on your hair. I think you may secretly be a girl."

"Damn. My cover's blown," Jake said as he came out of the bathroom. "But I gotta say Jace, you're a little slow. You've known me your whole life and you've never noticed I'm a girl." He shook his head and walked out of the room.

Jacey brushed her teeth and hair then did her make-up. By the time she finished, it was nine o'clock. She went down to the living room and joined the others (Blake, Kierry and Jake) who were watching television. Marie and Jonathan came in shortly after.

"Where are Tristan and Mauricio?" Jonathan asked.

"Probably still in their room," Blake replied, shrugging.

Jonathan turned and left the living room, walking quickly to the stairs. His voice could be heard from Mauricio and Tristan's room. Five minutes later Tristan was in the living room doorway, waiting. After another fifteen minutes, Mauricio and Jonathan walked in, the latter looking rather angry. "Let's go," he said storming towards the door where he slipped his shoes on.

By ten-thirty the limo arrived at the high-class restaurant they had eaten at before the wedding. They all piled out and entered. Jonathan walked up to the front to let them know the family had arrived for their reservations.

They were seated in a round secluded booth near the back of the restaurant. Kierry and Jacey sat on the outsides of the booth with everyone else in between. "You're server will be with you in a moment," the blonde lady who seated them said with a bright, pleasant smile. Not but thirty seconds later, a man with brown hair that sat lightly on his head came to their table. He wore a pleasant, charming smile and carried himself confidently.

"Hello," the waiter said, "how are you all doing this morning?"

"Fine, thank you," replied Marie cheerfully, "and yourself?"

"I'm tired, but good. Can I start you off with some drinks?"

Everyone ordered his or her drinks, starting from Kierry. "I guess I'll get some… orange juice," Jacey said slowly when it came her turn.

The waiter smiled and nodded, "okay. I'll be back with your drinks as soon as I can." He returned with the eight drinks quickly. "Are you ready to order?" He asked as he put the last drink down.

"No, I think we need a couple of minutes yet," Jonathan replied in monotone.

Caught a little off-guard by the harshness of Jonathan's voice, the waiter paused a moment before he continued speaking. "Okay… just to let you know, we have a raspberry crepe special this morning. It comes with a side of bacon or sausage, two eggs, and either hash browns or toast for three fourty-five."

"Okay, thank you dear," Marie said smiling.

Five minutes later he returned to their table, smiling once more. "Are we ready to order now?"

"Yes. I just have to say, you need to learn to time things out better, not come to ask for our order too early like you did earlier, or too late like you are now," Jonathan said, irrationally annoyed.

"Um, I'm sorry for the inconvenience sir. It's … busy this morning," as he looked down to get his notepad, Jacey could see him roll his eyes, obviously irritated but he came back up with a bright smile. "Could I take your order please?"

They all ordered their food and thirty minutes later it came out. Immediately upon setting down the food, the waiter apologized for the wait.

"Are you mocking me young man?" Jonathan asked defensively.

The man let out a laugh, which he passed as a cough, "no sir. I just thought it took awhile and wanted to apologize," he said as seriously as possible.

Jonathan saw through his cover-up, "I want to speak with your supervisor," he said motioning for Marie, Jake, and Jacey to move from their spots.

"Be my guest," the man said, moving out of the way as everyone piled out of the booth. "He's working the bar," he pointed to a big man in a blue coat serving drinks. "See him?"

Jonathan gave the waiter a deathly glare and walked towards the bar.

"Can I get anyone anything else?" He smiled, looking around the table, stopping on Jacey for a moment as the family shook their heads no. "Well, just call me over if you change your minds," and he left, going to his other tables.

Ten minutes later, Jonathan returned, fuming with anger, "we're leaving. These people are complete and arrogant idiots. Get your stuff on."

"Dear, can't we at least get it packaged up? I don't want all this food to go to waste," Marie said in her high voice.

"Fine, but it better be quick," Jonathan said, getting on his coat. Marie smiled sweetly and, catching the waiter's gaze, motioned for him to come over.

"Yes? What can I do for you?" He asked kindly.

"We'd like to get this packaged up please," she said sweetly.

"Certainly ma'am," he said picking up as many plates as he could and motioning for a waitress to help. Within three minutes he returned with each package in a separate bag and marked. "Have a good day," he said, smiling. Then he walked away.

As soon as everyone got their coats on, Jonathan said, "let's go," and began walking away.

"Dear, you didn't leave a tip. You may not have liked the boy, but it was good service," Marie said walking beside him.

"Fine," Jonathan grunted out, throwing a twenty-dollar bill on the table.

The group left with Jacey tagging along behind after dropping her purse causing the contents to fall out. She stood up straight and started walking while zipping up her purse; she walked straight into their waiter. "Oh," she said looking up.

"Hope your food's good." He said smiling.

"Um, sorry about Jonathan … I think he's always been strange like that."

"I've had worse," he replied. "One guy thought I put rat poison in his food."

Jacey laughed, "Wow."

"Yeah, I know. I've actually gotten a lot of complaints against me. Never get fired though because I'm the best waiter working here. I've gotten a lot more compliments," he added.

"Jace!" Jake called across the restaurant, "come on."

"Oh," Jacey said. "I've got to go. Bye," and she left following Jake.

At home the family sat at the dining room table to finish their breakfast. They sat in their usual spots in silence.

Jacey opened her black plastic container to her pancakes, eggs, bacon, and toast; on top of it all lay a white folded piece of paper. She picked it up and unfolded it. In chicken scratch handwriting it read:

Hey…I guess this seems kind of – stalkerish, but I thought I'd give it a shot and see if you'd like to … hang out. Yeah …here's my number, call if you like … 555-8966 Oh, I'm Derek. Hope you call…

Jacey pocketed the note and hid her smile by shoving a piece of bacon into her mouth.

That afternoon Jacey went up to her bedroom and took out the note. She smiled and took out her phone, about to dial when Jake walked in.

"What are you doing Jace?" He questioned with a knowing smirk.

"Nothing," she replied slyly.

"Oh yeah, okay." Jake walked up to her and took the note from her hands, reading it. "Aw, my little Jacey is growing up."

Jacey laughed, "what the hell are you talking about? Remember Nolan?"

"Yeah but Nolan is dumb, this guy sounds like fun."

"Yes. So much fun. In three lines, you can tell how fun."

"Oh come one, he talks like you do – extremely odd."

Jacey mocked laugh, "shut up … should I call him?"

"Yes," he said simply and left.

She closed the door and picked up her phone, sitting on her bed she contemplated whether or not to call. She began dialing and redialing the number, only once getting to the end before hanging up. "Shit," Jacey said and dialed the number, holding her cell up to her right ear.

The phone rang four times and she was about to hang up when a woman answered, "hello?"

"Um, hi. Is Derek there?" She asked slowly.

"Who's calling please?"

"This is Jacey."

"Alright, hold on please." Voices could be heard in the background. "Derek." "Yeah?" "Phone. A girl named Jacey." "Who?" "Derek, come take the phone and find out."


"Hi, um, Derek?"


"This is Jacey … from the restaurant, with the crazy big family."

"Oh! Hey," he said, laughing. "So you got my note then?"

"Yeah," she replied awkwardly.

"Are you busy tonight?" A smile could be heard on his face.

A smile on Jacey's face, "I don't believe so."

"Want to go to the movies with me and some friends?"

"Um sure."

"You can bring some people too if you want."

"Don't have many people to bring. Just moved here."

"Yes, you have a bit of an accent. Where from?"

"Komi. We came here for my mom to marry Jonathan. It used to be just my brother and I and now it's four lovely others."

"That guy was a little much … you're mom actually wanted to marry him?"

"Yeah, she's a little screwed in the head. I just hope to God that it's not genetic. So far it hasn't turned out as such."

Derek laughed, "yeah well-"

"Derek, come on hun," the woman called.

"Oh sorry, I got to go. Family stuff. I can pick you up along with anyone else at around six if that's alright … the movie starts at seven."

"Yeah, that's fine."

"I'll need your address and give me your number so I can phone when I'm close."

Jacey gave out the information and they said goodbye after Derek's mother called him again.

After five Jacey got herself ready, picking out clothing, brushing her teeth, freshening up. She had gotten dressed at around 5:30 when her phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hi, Jacey?"


"I think I'm lost," Derek laughed. "I've been driving down this road for awhile and seems like I'm never going to get there. Is this supposed to happen or will I be killed in a second?"

"I can't tell you whether or not you'll be killed but yes, it goes on for awhile, we're kind of off over here. We're like one of the last houses."

"Oh okay, well I'll keep going. I'll see you there."

"Okay … um don't come to the door, call when you're in front. Jonathan might answer the door and yeah…"

Derek laughed, "okay then. I'll call when I'm there."

Jacey hung up and continued to get dressed. In about a half hour, Jacey's phone rang again.


"Hey, it's Derek. I think I found it. I'm out front."

"Okay, I'll be down in a sec."

She grabbed some money and shoved it in her pocket, pulled on a sweater over her tank and went downstairs, "I'm going out," she called.

"Jacey-Lynn, where are you going?" Marie asked sternly, walking from the living room into the hall.

"I'm going to the movies … with some friends … from school. I'll see you later," and she walked past her mother to the door.

"What time will you be home?"

"I don't know," she replied, irritated.

"Well Jacey, I don't like you staying out late with people I don't know. Do you need a ride?"

"No mom," she said harshly. "Bye." Jacey left the house, slamming the door.