Life Without Love

"What is life without love?"

That's what you used to say

"I'm never going to give you up"

And then you walked away

You and I were supposed to work

You and I used to make so much sense

But it was obvious by your smirk

You were ready to put up the fence

The day you turned 23,

Something in you changed

You became distant towards me

Mr. Lost and Deranged

You said I was driving you crazy

That I was stressing you out

You said I had become hazy

And that you were beginning to doubt

Everything we once were

And everything we could be

You just wanted to leave us a blur

In your faded memory

You were so ready to move on

I could hear it in your voice

When you spoke of this other woman and lifestyle

I could see you'd made your choice

I had given you everything

And lost myself somewhere inside

You had promised me your heart and ring

And then you left my side

And now you're gone, far and away

Thinking you'll find something better

But you don't want to "burn any bridges," you say

Because we might just be meant for each other, forever

But you won't know for sure until you let me go

And you'll probably start seeing someone new

Maybe it will be that girl you've been eying so

Hell, maybe she's the one for you

But whatever the case, whatever the cause

It's done, over with and gone

I've had enough of feeling the loss

And I am walking, dancing - moving on

(c) ckl. 5/14/08