The Anger Game

Another night, another fight,
another bout of fury and shame,
ending with a sleepless night
because we played the Anger Game.

It always starts with something small.
(You just don't get mood swings)
Soon we argue over nothing at all
or even stupider things.

Oh, forgive me if I tend to snap
when you accuse me so unfairly
of doing stupid things or other crap.
My short temper's held in rarely.

Your anger's really at the world.
You'd rather take it out on me.
I bite back 'cause, well, I'm a teenage girl.
You just get more angry.

No longer do I run to you
when I fall and scrape my knees.
You have yet to realize, too
the little girl who did that is no longer me.

I'm growing up, and growing fast
and on my own, I'm growing strong.
Is it you who's stuck in the past?
What am I doing wrong?

As I grew, our bond just cracked
'cause now we're worlds apart.
One step forward, two steps back.
I no longer know your heart.

We're so different, you and I,
but in many ways the same.
So why am I still the one to cry?
No one wins the Anger Game.