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I was never really into the whole going to concerts thing. It wasn't my personality really. The loud music hurt my ears, I hated the way the scene smelled, it always smelled like body odor and cigarettes which are both in my opinion, disgusting. Hell I even hated the music. Normally all the 'scene' kids played the same things over and over again. Once I had heard one band I had heard them all. They all had the same breakdowns, the same drum beats, and the same typical screamers. I'm not a music hater, I love music actually, it's my passion, I just hate how unoriginal everything sounds.

But yet I find myself going to them all the time. Why you ask? Because I'm dating the lead singer of one of the more popular bands in Iowa. His name is Mack and he has your typical lead singer persona. He is cocky, arrogant, demanding, and also very very sexy. He's got a cute round face, which go perfectly with his dimples, and he's got full lips which I would just melt for. His hair is long and dark brown, he normally spikes it up to look 'hardcore' but when he leaves it down it's totally adorable. I melt every time he leaves it be. He hates me when I make a comment on how precious he looks, he looks offended, he runs to the bathroom for hair gel. So I've learned to be quiet. His eyes are smoldering, they're this green/blue color and they've always got a hint of laughter behind them, like he knows an inside joke that you're totally oblivious to.

He's pretty average height, 5'11 which looks gigantic compared to my 5'1 height. When he speaks, his voice is smoldering and smoky, almost like a whisper, but don't let that surprise you, when he screams, it's so brutal and shocking at the same time. It's amazing how that much sound and defiance can come out of one person's body. I've been dating him for about a year now, and I'm absolutely in love with this guy. I am too afraid to tell him but that was besides the point. He's amazing, he's my soul mate and there's no one, I repeat, no one I would rather be with.

Tonight he's playing one of his more important shows and I promised that I'd be there. Some guy from a record company is coming to see them play and I'm excited. Mack has always talked about making it big and I'm just glad that I can share his happiness, especially if he makes it tonight. That would totally make his band's dreams come true.

The show was in Chicago, Illinois, it was a ways away and we were all crammed into a small van, the four band mates and their three girlfriends, myself included. The only one who didn't have a girlfriend was Alex, he had just gotten dumped by his girlfriend of two years and I was assuming that he was devastated. He really loved that girl and she totally broke his heart, he was being pretty silent.

Jake, the guitarist and his girlfriend Sarah were in the backseat cuddling with Alex sitting to the right of them, I felt bad. It seemed like everyone was in pairs except for him. I was with Mack, and Sam, the bassist was with his girlfriend Amber in the middle seats. Alex just sat with his headphones cranked up, blocking out all of the talking going on between the 6 of us.

"He has been so god-damn mopey all day." Mack complained as he drove the band's old beat up van. He had his aviator sunglasses on and one of his hands out of the window. Usually when he drove, he would use his free hand to hold mine, but he didn't like to when his friends were around, he said it was too embarrassing.

"Give him a break. He just got dumped." I said feeling sympathy towards Alex, who looked like he could be near to crying. I couldn't tell though because his hat was pulled down so low and he was looking down at his feet.

"Fuck, if you dumped me, I'd be fine." Mack smiled and Sam laughed in the backseat. I smacked him in his arm, it probably didn't hurt him though, I wasn't very strong.

Amber and Sarah scoffed and yelled at their boyfriends for even laughing. I laughed it off, but sometimes it was hard to tell if Mack was kidding or not. I just hated how he could act so calloused about me around his friends…did I embarrass him?

"You're a dick, Mack." I said focusing my attention out the window.

"Oh babe you know I'm kidding." Mack said still smiling. I didn't look at him still, I just kept my eyes out the window. "Gina…" he coaxed. "Don't be mad, you know I was just kidding." he said as he quickly grabbed my arm. I was surprised, he never did those types of things in front of his friends. Despite my still lingering bitterness I smiled. I couldn't help it, he looked so cute.

"Aww…" Jake laughed as him and Sam laughed and made kissy faces.. Of all the people in the band, those two were the closest. They both just got along so well, but they were also like brothers, and when they started bickering, there was no stopping the two of them. You just had to let them work it out for themselves and maybe they even had to get in a fist fight to release the tension. I heard Alex crank up his headphones. His music was pretty much blasting for the whole car to hear.

"He must be feeling so lonely." Amber crooned, I heard Sam scuff as he folded his arms over his chest. Sam was known to be very jealous at times, especially whenever Amber gave any attention to his band mates. "I kind of just want to give him a hug…" she said sympathetically. Amber was always the type who was a giver. She loves people, and she's a very compassionate and sweet girl. She gets kind of annoying when you're super pissed and you need space, she's like right in your face. Poor thing is too dumb to catch a hint sometimes.

"I know, I never liked Lindsey anyway. She was a bitch, and she was too young." Sarah piped along. Sarah is a gossiper, she will yak your ear off if you let her. To my knowledge her and Lindsey used to be best friends fro the most part. I could talk to Amber, but I could not talk to Sarah. I couldn't trust her. Every friend she had ever had she ended up betraying or back talking. I figured it was safer to keep away from her. Sarah and Amber didn't get along much either. Amber is a simplistic girl with not much drama, and Sarah is far too cynical to even partially relate to Amber even remotely.

"Lindsey was like three years younger. That's not very uncommon for a 18-year-old to date a 16-year-old. Especially when you've got such slim pickings in a place like Ames." I said defensively. Mack was a year older than me, and even though it wasn't too big of a deal, I still felt the need to defend others who dated out of their age group. When you grow up in a small town, everyone expects you to date civil young boys in your grade.

"It's still disgusting. She looked like she was in kindergarten." Sarah said as she wrapped her arm protectively around Jake, who was consequentially rolling his eyes. Jake never actually listened to Sarah, he just liked her because she was blonde haired, blue eyed, and had a killer rack that most men would die to get a chance to touch. I used to envy her until I realized that she didn't get very many boyfriends. Most of her hook-ups were one night stands, but luckily she latched onto Jake and held on for dear life.

"I don't know, I thought she was pretty hot." Mack said as he was still holding my hand. I glared ferociously at him.

"If I said that about another guy you would be so pissed off." I said releasing his hand. He was being extra horny and arrogant today. He was going to be a grade-A asshole tonight, I could already tell.

"It's different babe," he said as he forcefully inserted his hand back into my own. "You see, I'm a guy. That's expected of us, if we didn't, people might think we're gay.. Now if you did it, it's just be considered skanky." he laughed at his own joke as he made a turn onto the interstate. We still had a ways to go.

"Whatev!" Amber shouted at Mack for me. "My darling, Samuel, would never do that to me." she said the last part lovingly. Sam started to blush.

"Proves my point." Mack said as he turned the station on the radio. "Sam is totally gay." Jake laughed in the backseat and Sam just sat there and took it. Arguing with Mack was pointless. He either got his way, or everybody suffered the whole car ride there.

There was an awkward hum after Mack had said that and the only sounds we could hear was the sounds of the wind blowing outside the car, the tires hitting the pavement, and the loud blaring noises that emitted from Alex's headphones. Even Sarah was being quiet for once. It would have been a blessing except for as of now the whole car was pretty much stressed out and mad at Mack.

The majority of the ride there continued on like this, there were a few awkward conversations, mainly between Jake and Mack. I remained silent along with Alex who still hadn't uttered a word since we got in the car. I wouldn't' have been surprised if he had pulled out a gun and shot himself in the head, he looked so miserable.

But finally after probably the longest car ride of my life…we were here. At the venue. The next few hours would determine if my boyfriend's band was going to make it big or not. The final judgment was ahead.

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