Will you always remember me?



Chapter 2

-BUZZZ BUZZ—Casey opened her deep brown eyes lazily. The cell phone squished between her pillows was vibrating madly.

"Hello?" she asked into bottom of her blue cell after flipping it open.

"Morning sleeping beauty." A deep and sexy voice sounded from the other end.

"I'm not sleeping anymore, little one." Replied Casey trying to fight off the morning yawn as it crept into her throat.

"Ok then, morning beauty." Michael shortened it.

"Gooood morning." Casey yawned and Michael laughed from the other line. "Why in the world are u up so early?" she asked still laying on her stomach in her bed.

"My brother woke me us as he got ready for work.." Michael said. "Then I just couldn't fall back asleep, too much thinking about you." he added.

Casey giggled on her line. "This party on Friday is gonna be great." She said sitting up on her bed.

"Yea, too bad It's in 3 days and I don't get to see you till then." Casey could literally see the pouting expression on Michaels face.

"Hey, it's not my fault." Casey protested. "I have to go, for my family.. and I also want to see Rachael."

"Yea but COLORADO?, That's so far away." Still pouting.

"I'm sorry love.. its only for three days. I think you can handle being alone for that long."

Michael paused. "nope." He said, the smile evident in his tone.

Casey laughed. "So when do you leave?" Michael asked.

In two hours." Casey answered getting out of bed. Her bags were packed and he clothes to be worn that day were stacked in a neat pile on her dresser.

Michael let out a sad sigh. "but will you have your cell with you?" he asked, hope in his voice.

"of course I will. I don't go anywhere without this thing." Casey looked at the mouthpiece of her cell. "but it will have to be turned off for the flight."

Michael sighed again.

"Casey! Are you ready to go yet?"

"hey Michael?"


"Sorry, I have to go."

"Oh.. well. Good bye-"

"Nope," Casey cut in. "never say 'good bye', it makes it seem like you will never see me again." She laughed. " Just say 'see you later', because I'll be back."

"Alright then, See you later Casey Marie Hunt."

"Hey, what's with the full name? Michael Douglass Waters."

"I love your name. And I love you. See ya later." Michael said.

"I love you too. Ja Ne Koishii."

With the last 'see you later' Casey hung up the phone and got dressed.

Twenty minutes later Casey was fully dressed, wearing dark blue tight jeans, a red button down shirt, and her dark brown hair in a loose rat's nest bun. "Ready?" asked her mother as Casey walked down the stairs.

"Yep." She said smiling; showing her new braces free teeth.

"Ok, Let's went." Her mother opened the large wooden door and stepped out into the California sun.

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