We both messed up;

I can't blame it all on you

But we could have worked on it

We could have made it through

You loved me so much

And for so very long

And I gave you every part of me

To have, to hold and keep strong

Together, we could have gone everywhere

And seen the world and the spaces between

We could have climbed mountains and roads

And lost ourselves in the quiet serene

We could have grown old in body, not soul

Could have lost track of the time

Could have built a house for two

And lain in the sand and sunshine

I used to picture us, the two of us, always and forever

And now you've gone away, to disappear from this life

I used to imagine we'd make it through anything together

But it seems I'm left with nothing but mystery, pain, and strife

© Ckl. May 16, 2008