I gasped for my breath as I tried to stop laughing at Kieran's joke. His arm was wrapped around my shoulders and mine was wrapped around his waist as we walked along the pathway. I finally calmed and squeezed Kieran a little tighter. It was our three month anniversary date, and after the problems we've been through, it couldn't be more perfect; he couldn't be more perfect. I sighed as I leant my head on his shoulder, which was at the perfect height for maximum comfort. It wasn't until I did this that I realised how unusually quiet he was.

Suddenly he stopped walking, forcing me to lift my head off his shoulder. He pulled away from me and kissed my palm gently before holding me at arm's length. "Allory,"

I tilted my head up to look him in his beautiful hazel eyes. All that kept me from getting lost in them was the spark of solemness that simply didn't belong there. I waited for him to continue speaking.

"Look, Al, honey, I just don't think this is working out..."

Confusion clouded me as I continued to stare into his eyes, his words not registering. "What isn't working out?"

He must have seen the daze that I was in, because the next thing I knew, I was being shaken, hard.

"Allie! Us! We're not working. I'm sorry."

"What?" This time, I completely understood what he was saying. I was just having trouble believing it. I shook my head, this cannot be happening.

Kieran let out an animalistic growl as he began to get annoyed with my idiocy. He stated slowly and clearly, "I'm breaking up with you."

My jaw dropped and I jerked away from him. I couldn't believe it! Our three month anniversary and he was breaking up with me? I took him back and forgave him after he cheated on me with my best friend and he's breaking up with me? The worst part is that he didn't even seem sorry.

"You have got to be kidding me." I glared at my apparently soon to be ex-boyfriend, "Don't you dare Kieran! Don't you even try! I was prepared to take you back even after you slept with Shelly!"

His charming demeanour was suddenly gone without a trace. He smirked, the hazel eyes I was admiring not so long before, glinted evilly, "Yeah, I'm sorry Al, but you just can't measure up to Shelly. It was over a month before you even let me kiss you! Maybe if you weren't such a prude, you might have had a chance, but god did you really think that a guy like me would actually want to be with a girl like you for any other reason?"

My eyes widened in shock. I scanned his face for any sign of the tenderness that used to be there. All that was left was a smirking arrogant jock. Ok, so I wasn't expecting him to be guilty, but I certainly wasn't expecting that!

My girly side kicked in and a tear dripped from my eye, "You bastard..." I muttered, before glaring at Kieran again, "You cheating good for nothing bastard! I thought I would at least have meant just a tiny little bit to you! But no! Obviously not! You just had to go off with Shelly didn't you?! You know what? You don't even deserve my tears!" I walked up to him and slapped him on his oh so perfect face. His face whipped to the side from the impact; his long blonde hair flicking in the motion. I stalked off, leaving him gaping...

Yeah right. What do you think this is? A soap opera? I wish. No, Kieran did break up with me and sadly, it did run along those lines, it was just my reactions that were different. I, being my sad, helpless little self, not some ass kicking, super hot, collagen filled heroine, just stood there and took his insults with tears pouring down my face the whole time. (My girly side kicked in the moment I heard the words 'breaking up') I'd like to say that I, at the very least, had enough self respect not to beg him to stay, but, I didn't.

So here I am, leaning against my front door, watching him speed off in his car. The tears still cascaded down my face and I could feel my heart in pieces. I wondered where he was going. Was he going to Shelly? I felt the dagger in my heart twist at that thought. Shelly who had been my best friend since we were ten. Shelly whom I entrusted all my deepest darkest secrets. Shelly who stole my boyfriend and didn't even have the guts to tell me.

I vaguely heard my brother's shouting voice and suddenly the door I was leaning on gave way. I toppled backwards and landed ungracefully on my butt. I must have made quite the sight, with my tears and mascara streaking down my face and my skin red and splotchy.

"Holy shit! Ally what the hell are you doing?" shouted my older brother Justin as I landed at his feet.

I've learnt never to expect sympathy from him. I scowled, which I'm sure made me look all the more attractive.

"Not now Justin." I stood and brushed myself off, sticking a hand in his face as I walked past him to prevent the retort that was bursting forth.

Now, Justin and I had a reasonably good relationship. I thought so anyway. He was two years older than me and incredibly popular in school. He was the golden boy, best athlete, lead guitarist, top student, and I mean the top. I hate the fact that everyone expects me to live up to his reputation. I'm not him! People just don't get that. Anyway, unlike most brothers, Justin wasn't overprotective of me. Heck, he wasn't even protective, unless I got physically hurt. He'll meet my boyfriends, and leave it at that. He didn't chase them when they dumped me, or threaten them whenever he sees them. I'm still deciding if that's a good or bad thing. At the moment it is bad. Brothers are useless. Justin especially.


I sat cross legged on my bed ripping up anything I could find that reminded me of Kieran or Shelly until I came across my favourite photo of Shelly and I at the beach. I started to rip it, but just couldn't complete it. I could feel the tears pooling and quickly dashed them away. I knew I couldn't go on like this so I jumped off the bed, washed up and got changed. I was going to the movies. Alone.

"One large caramel popcorn and coke." I said to the girl behind the colourful counter. The movies were my haven; I went there to relieve my stress, anger and practically any other emotions. Today, it was to drown myself in my misery, fat filled popcorn and a poisonous chemical solution called Coke. Sure it was definitely fattening, but thanks to my body's metabolism, I don't put on weight. Yay for me! The movie? The latest chick flick of course.

The theatre was dark already, the previews rolling. I headed for my favourite seat, right in the middle of the theatre. I folded my tall frame onto the cushiony seat and proceeded to put on kilos. The movie progressed; it was actually pretty good, until I felt something hit my head. I shook my wavy brown hair lightly, and felt something hit my lap. I felt around blindly for a bit, my fingers finally closing on some popcorn. I spun round in my seat to see three guys and a girl sitting directly behind me, giggling! Okay, the girl giggling? I understand that. But what kind of a guy giggles? Seriously! I gave them my famous ice-bitch, pissed off glare, and turned back to the screen. No more than a minute later, I felt something hit my head again. I breathed in and out slowly, instructing myself not to blow up. I decided to ignore them. It's what mature adults do right? Besides, the silent treatment never fails. They'll get over it eventually...

I kept telling myself that, but they never did. The movie ended, and the lights gradually came on. I stood and looked at my seat. It was covered in popcorn. I may be uncoordinated and messy, but I didn't spill food on myself, not that much anyway, which left one other explanation. I growled and turned to the three jerks and bitch behind me. I was a bit taken aback. They were hot, the guys I mean. I forced myself not to check them out. You're on a mission Allie. Get on with it!

My glare was back on, full force, "What the hell is wrong with you? Throwing popcorn? Are you guys like ten? I am so not in the mood to bear with your stupid childish games. It isn't even funny, never was, never will be! Get a life! Oh, and a suggestion? GROW UP!" I gave them the finger and walked off, ranting under my breath.

The three guys looked at each other, stunned for a moment that someone stood up to them. Then they shrugged and burst out laughing.

I heard laughter behind me, I swivelled my head and my honeycomb brown eyes caught bright blue ones, filled with amusement. My scowl deepened. Today was not my day!


"Allie! Quit sulking and get over it already! Everyone gets dumped. Besides you only went out with him for a few weeks."

I glowered at Jess, my cousin. She stood there, straight blonde hair falling to her waist, slim as a Barbie, decked out in white, deceiving anyone who didn't know her into thinking she was angelic. Pft!

"Bitch." I know, great reply. Everyone bow down to my wit.

"Whatever!" She flicked her hair over her shoulder, "Come with me to pick up your idiot of a brother from his basketball game."

I knew she wouldn't take no for an answer, and I was really too lazy to argue, so I followed her.

Justin played for the under 18 men's basketball team, Hawks. They were undefeated all last season, and I had been to a total of zero games. I walked into the stadium fifteen minutes later. The sound of basketballs and squeaks of shoes engulfed me. I followed Jess to the side benches and looked around me. The stadium had five courts laying parallel to each other, bleachers surrounded the perimeter, and old metal benches separated the courts. It was bustle of activity; games occupied every court.

I focused on Justin's game. It was the last minute, and they were losing by a point. The Hawks had the ball, more specifically, Justin had the ball. He was standing looking for an opening, finally finding one, he passed the ball. The receiver propelled the ball into the air. The buzzer went signalling the end of the game. The ball arced smoothly and fell straight into the net with a satisfying swish. My brother ran to the guy who scored and jumped on his back. Believe me, with Justin's huge frame, it wouldn't be fun to be the other guy. The team was whooping and cheering. It took me a while to realise that Jess was down there with the boys cheering. I entered the fray and was grabbed by my brother who pulled me into a hug. His blonde hair was dripping with sweat, and his grey eyes sparkled with happiness.

"Ugh, get off me you loser."

He grinned, "Still not out of your funk?"

I rolled my eyes at him, "Whatever."

"Aww, don't worry Allie Wallie. We'll find you a guy." His arm still around my shoulders, he peered around him at the crowd of guys. His eyes enlightened on one, and I just knew what he was going to do.

"No you don't. I'm not looking for another boyfriend. God, you idiot, I just broke up with my last one..."

Justin ignored me and waved a guy over, "Yo Tyler! Get your ass over here."

The guy who scored the winning goal waltzed his overly tall frame over, "Sup man?"

"Meet my sister, Allory." Justin looked over at me, "Allie, this is Tyler."

I looked Tyler up and down. There was something familiar about him. He was tall, taller than me, which is pretty unusual. His hair was either black or a really dark brown, I couldn't tell because it was wet with sweat, but what struck me most were his ice blue eyes. I recognised those!

"YOU!" I narrowed my eyes at him, "You're the guy that was chucking popcorn at me all through the movie yesterday!"

He looked confused for a moment then widened in realisation, "Oh! You! I remember you! You had a bit of a hissy fit at us didn't you? Man that was funny!"

I shot daggers at him with my eyes, "It was not funny!"

"Dude! You threw popcorn at her? Damn I wish I was there; especially since she was already pissed without the aid of you!" Justin chuckled.

"Jeez Justin, you're supposed to be on my side, jerk!" I turned my glare to him.

"Whatever, this is just too hilarious." He laughed more and shook his head, "Hissy fit?" The boys looked at me and then at each other and cracked up.

The guys continued laughing at my expense, with me glaring at them. Five minutes later, they finally got over it.

"Done already? Whoa that's a record!" I monotoned, making a show of looking at my watch.

"Alright alright! I'm sorry. Kinda... not really... Never mind. We're leaving now. Happy?" Justin said as he slung his arm over my shoulder again.


Justin called Jess over. We had just started walking towards the exit, when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side.

I spun round to see Tyler grinning at me.

"What do you want loser?"

"Your number."

"W-what?" Ok, was not expecting that. I furrowed my brows, which he must have taken for confusion.

He raised his eyebrows, "Your mobile number..."

I stared at him, mouth gaping, "I know what a number is... I'm not an idiot. But why the hell do you want my number?"

He looked at me like I was a preschooler, placing both hands on my shoulders and bending so he was my height, he talked slowly, "So I can call you and ask you on a date..."

My jaw dropped further. Definitely not expecting that! I think I should stop expecting things. It never works out that way...