My mind was blank. usually is. So, a totally hot guy asks for your number to ask you on a date. What do you do? Stand there with your mouth open like a freaking fish is what you do! I blinked and shook my head, clearing my already blank mind.

"Erm...sorry but I just got out of a relationship," I started in a nice tone. Then I remembered what he did to me. I got pissed all over again. He chucks popcorn at me, then laughs at me, relives the memory to my brother, laughs at me with my brother, then asks me for my number? What. A. Retard! "So I'd really rather not date you... Well, gotta go! See ya...or not… Preferably not." I called over my shoulder as I strode off.

I left him, once again, with his jaw hanging, stunned at the rejection. Now who looks like a fish! I smirked...and walked straight into the door. I fell back a step, looking around me, confused. DAMMIT! I swear that door wasn't there before! My cheeks went on fire as I realised what I did. I heard, once again, Tyler's laughter behind me. I flipped him off over my shoulder and walked out the building as if nothing happened.

"Have fun with Tyler?" Justin grinned at me as I reached the car.

I blushed, then rolled my eyes, "Totally, brother dear! You are the best matchmaker! We are soooo totally going out now!"

"Really?" Justin asked hopefully.

"Err... no." I rolled my eyes. That boy doesn't speak sarcasm.

"Damn. That would have been so perfect!" He muttered.

I raised my eyebrows, "Why?"

He looked up to see my inquisitive expression, and he smirked, "Because he's going to be coming to our school."

"Oh...wait what?! Oh you are so dead, boy!" I shrieked and lunged at him. At least I would have if Jess didn't step between us and grab me.

"Whoa, psychopath. What's so bad about that?"

"Yeah Allie Wallie! What's so bad about that?" Justin mimicked from behind Jess.

He's such an embarrassment to his sex. Honestly, was I that scary? I narrowed my eyes at him, "Nothing."

"Sure buddy..."




"Will you two shut the hell up and get in the car?" Jess shrieked, cutting in. She knows us too well. I pouted but got into the car.


The rest of the weekend passed. I went through bouts of depression and hysteria so frequently that the whole household believed me to be on my period despite my shrieks that I wasn't. Too soon, Monday came around. School!

"HELL NO!" were the first words out of my mouth on Monday morning. They were, of course, directed towards my idiot of a brother who was assigned to wake me; the first sign out his idiocy, the second being to tell me that I had to go to school. I swear that boy must have a death wish.

I burrowed myself under my comforter and tried to block out Justin's incessant wheedling. I was just drifting off to sleep when a thump landed on my stomach. I let out a muffled 'omph'. I peered from underneath my pillow and sat Justin sitting on me.

"Ally, I'm going to be late and so are you. If you don't get up within five seconds, I'm going to fart on you...five..."

I screamed and threw him off me, "MOM!"

My mom ran up the stairs and into my room only to see Justin groaning on the ground and me, in all my morning glory, glaring at him.

My mom sighed, "Will you two please grow up. Ally hurry up and get ready. Justin, your breakfast is on the table."

I stuck my tongue out childishly at Justin as he left with my mother.

I sighed. It looked like I wasn't getting out of school today...

I knew I would feel the wrath of dating such a well known guy. The stares, sympathetic or not, and the sneers! I could feel it now and my stomach fell.


Just as I'd predicted, as I walked down the locker areas I could feel the stares following me. I rolled my eyes, kept my head up high and kept walking, trying to resist the urge to glare at them. Suddenly the pressure was off me and it was the weirdest feeling. I heard the whispers increase, and a couple of squeals. Then a stampede of girls. Ok that's not normal... I looked over. Huh, figures. Tyler Wooding has arrived ladies and gentlemen. Give him a warm welcome.

On second thoughts, scrap the warm welcome. He has his own welcoming party, not to mention a brand spanking new fan club. I rolled my eyes and pushed past him to get to my locker.

"Allory?" I heard him call as I brushed past him.

I spun round, "Oh hey Tyler, having fun?" I glanced disdainfully at the few girls that had already confronted him. I didn't give him time to answer, "Well gotta go! Buh-bye!" I gave him a little wave of my fingers.

I'll give you three guesses as to who's in my homeroom. Hint: Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, and erm rejected. You got it. Yep. Tyler's in my homeroom. God simply does not want to give me a break does he? My brain worked and suddenly something clicked. Tyler was in my homeroom. Homeroom was at the start of every day. That means that I'll be seeing him every school day. That was quite possibly the shittest epiphany I've ever had. What a way to start the day. I've only just met him and I've had enough of him. Aren't I just the luckiest girl in the world?

The homeroom teacher briefly told us that there was a new guy, and to be nice to him etc. and finally finished up with asking Tyler to introduce himself.

Tyler glanced around the class appraisingly in that 'I'm just too cool for school' way. His eyes landed on me, and lighted up. Oh dear. That couldn't mean anything good.

"Hey everybody. I'm Tyler Wooding. I just transferred from Woodvale. I'm here on a basketball and academic scholarship. And yeah that's all there is to me. I look forward to getting to know you all." He grinned and winked. A few girls giggled and I'm sorry to say my friend, Rachel, was one of them. I rolled my eyes. Then he started heading towards the seat next to me.

I immediately swung my legs up onto the seat crossing my ankles and said smugly, "Sorry, this seat's taken..." I smiled fakely.

Unfortunately, my homeroom teacher saw and immediately reprimanded me for being rude to the new student. I glared at him and reluctantly lowered my legs.

I tried another method, "Will you please sit somewhere else?"

Tyler smiled charmingly, "Uh, no."

I sighed. I knew he wasn't going to give up. You'd think being rejected would keep him away. I wish.


He grinned and slid into the seat next to me. I turned my back to him to face my 'homeroom buddies'.

Rachel was primping herself up, giving Tyler suggestive looks. Rachel was really nice, but she was a bit of a slut. I say that in the nicest way possible. If that's possible... She was the life form of a Barbie. Now that i think of it, she looks a lot like Jess... Blonde, blue eyes, tall, slim and long legs. At least she doesn't act like one normally, but put in a hot guy and voila.

I glanced at Emma and Georgia, my two other pals, and we all rolled our eyes simultaneously. The four of us had been in the same homeroom since we entered high school. We all hung out in different cliques, but it's safe to say we were really good friends.

"Ray, do you wanna switch seats?" I asked her innocently.

Rachel looked at me as if to say, 'what the hell do you think?' So we switched, Tyler not looking disappointed at all.


Lunchtime… Stampedes and chaos. Tyler obviously wasn't in any of my classes. He was the same age as Justin, two years older than me... The day had been reasonably uneventful; for me anyway. I'll bet everyone else thought differently. What, with the new hot guy and all? How could it not be?

I belonged to a group of four, or three now that Shelly was gone. We'd all been friends for different amounts of time. Shelly and I were the closest because we'd known each other for the longest, Imogene joined us next. Immy was the type of person you wouldn't want to mess with. She had spunk and wasn't afraid to show it. Amy was the last; the quiet overachiever with a mean talent for pranks. She's the type that seems innocent until you know her. I used to think we were inseparable, but clearly I was wrong.

Speak of the devil, Shelly walked up to our table, her shiny red hair swishing behind her, Kieran on her arm.

"Hey Allie." She said in her sugar sweet voice.