Chp 19- Back Again

Two Months Later… Kouri's POV

"Phew! Ok, that was the last box I think." I flopped back on the bed behind me while Nick and Dorren did the same on the floor. Sweat rolled down the side of my face and I wiped it off with a shaky wrist. For the last two hours, we've be loading and unloading furniture and other household items out of Nick's mom's SUV. Why?

We were getting our own place. Yuuuuuuuuup.

After our house went up in flames, media and police were EVERYWHERE. They had constantly followed and annoyed us for details on what happened in the house, to Dad, to or hostage-holder-guy, etc. But we never told. How would we explain Dad's death? How would we explain what happened to Artemis, even if we didn't know ourselves? So we avoided the press and police whenever we could, giving little about what really happened.

"Hey you guys, the news is on!" With a sigh, I flipped over onto my stomach and turned toward my little brother. Today was supposed to be when our case officially 'closes.' Without us, the police didn't have much to go on, but we needed to make sure they hadn't found much.

"Good evening, I'm Alicia Henderson with the latest six o'clock news. It seems the police are closing the case involving Charles Johnson, 41 year old computer software developer, was killed approximately two months ago in his own home. Just a few days before, Charles and his family were being held hostage by a still unknown man. He held the father, his wife and two children—seventeen year old Kouri Johnson and twelve year old Doreen Johnson—hostage for three days. Suddenly, the daughter was allowed outside on the third day, under the condition that police backed off the scene and did not attempt to contact her in any sort of way.

By the time police regrouped, they arrived to find the Johnson's house leveling in flames. Our sources have confirmed the fire was started by a short-circuited plug. It has also been confirmed the only one body was in the house, which belonged to Mr. Johnson himself. The children made in out alive, but they refuse to speak and the wife is unavailable. Will we ever know what's going on? The police believe so, but for now they refuse to lend out any more information at the moment. Now we'll turn to weather with Brad." I smiled as Dorren clicked the remote, searching for something else to watch.

"So… what does that mean? Are they really not looking into it anymore?" Nick asked.

"Nah." Dorren shook his head. "That's just their way of saying they can't solve it and it's closed by implication."

"Oh. Wait, how do you know that? They might—" Nick was cut off once more.

"I've watched enough police shows to know when they're bluffing or not. Our case is closed. No worries." I tried not to laugh as Nick silently fumed on the floor. Dorren was pretty darn smart for his age and extremely observant. Arguing with him was pointless. Trying to prove him wrong was pointless, especially on subjects he knew well. I could handle my own when it came to debates with him, but I'm pretty much the only one who can. Just ask the lawyer who tried to handle Dad's will.

Turns out our father had money stowed away and attained very, VERY good life insurance. How good? Good enough to pay off the rest of the old house and have enough to find a decent, spacey apartment for me, Dorren and Mom. And when the lawyer we hired realized how much money he was dealing with, he tried to swindle us out of future finances. Let's just say Dorren made the poor man reconsider picking another career…

"This is your father's will." The man, Mr. Klicks was it, slid the large packet of papers across the table toward me. We were in Mr. Klicks' office at a long wooden table with Dorren to my right and nick to my left. I merely glanced at the cover before sliding it over to Dorren. Hell if I knew how to handle it…

"Now I know it's a lot, and seeing that you are merely children—" I winced on his emphasis on 'children' "—I took the liberty to read and summarize it to your understanding. Basically everything goes to you and Mrs. Johnson, but mainly Mrs. Johnson. But your father insisted that a structured plan be used to distribute the money over time." His eyes flickered once more among us before continuing.

"Since you both are under the legal age, you, Kouri, will receive 2,000 a month while Dorren 1,000 for various expenses until the age of 20 is reached." My mouth fell open. That's all? Until I'm twenty? That's not enough to live off of!

"Now if you'll just sign this contract we'll—"

"No it doesn't." Mr. Klicks faltered. I slowly turned to Dorren, who steadily gazed at the lawyer. Mr. Klicks swallowed.

"Excuse me?"

"That's not the plan Dad wanted." A bead of sweat appeared on his forehead. Mr. Klick idily wiped it away.

"And just how, pray tell, would you know that? Hardly you can understand the complexities of a will—"

"I just read it." It was Mr. Klicks' turn to look astonished. I smirked. That's my little brother…

"Stated here on page 6, paragraph 4, both children will receive 5,000 a month as needed, plus a fixed amount from the life insurance until each child reaches the age of 19—not

twenty—or until the mother sees fit." Dorren looked back up at the lawyer, who began to perspire under the twelve-year-old's gaze. "Also, scanning over your makeshift plan, it looks to me that we wouldn't get nearly as much as we should to get by with a normal life. Also, I noticed a rather large amount of our cash would go to you if we sign this plan…" Dorren folded his hands in front of his face and smirked. "You wouldn't try to run a scam over a couple of poor, unintelligent 'children' would you?"

"Kouri…. Kouri? Kouri!" I blinked multiple times at the hand waving in my face. Growling I clamped down on it, earning a yelp and a slap from Dorren.

"Ow! What the hell!" I rubbed my head as he cradled his hand.

"You bit my hand!"

"You hit me!"

"Because you BIT my HAND!"

"You had it two centimeters away from my face!"




Our foreheads were smashed against the others as we threw insults like knives back and forth. We almost began to exchange fists until an interruption cut through.

"Geez, enough already! You both suck at life and are weirdoes! God, sounding like two year olds with large vocabularies…" Our glares cut to Nick, whose eyes were still glued to the tv. A truce was exchanged through eye contact before we pounced on him.


Our violent tussle quickly lengthened as we squealed, growled and laughed, fighting 'every man for himself' style. Dorren tackled me; I flipped him over my head using his momentum; Nick appeared in his place and held me down with his weight, pulling and imprisoning my hand above my head. He straddled me, his knees pressed into my thighs to keep me from squirming without hurting me. Nervousness danced along my spine as I caught the mischievous glint in his eye.

"Nick," I tried to move with no avail. "Get your big butt off me!" His smirk only grew as his grip on my hands tightened. My eyes widened as I caught on.

"Noooooooooooooo!" I gasped and squealed, struggling desperately to be free as Nick

tickled me mercilessly. I squirmed and bucked under him, shrieking as his free hand tickled my sides, underarms, stomach and sides again. I couldn't take it, I'm deathly ticklish. I'm going to KILL Dorren for telling Nick my weakness…

"Please—hee hee—s-stop" I begged, tears forming from laughing so hard, "I can't—ha ha ha—t-take—squeal— take it!"

"Say uncle!" He demanded, unconvinced by my pleas.

"Mm—HA—never! Hee hee hee hee Oh God!" my throat and sides were hurting.

"Say it!" his grip on my hands had loosened unknowingly, so I took the chance the break loose and push him off of me. He landed with an "Ooof!" and rolled a few inches away for me. I tried to put on a mean glare as fully filled my lungs with air.

"You're… so dead… when I GET MY HANDS ON YOU! BOTH OF YOU!" Nick laughed as he dodged my attack and ran out the room, Dorren following behind him. They sped down the hallway cackling like maniacs, me closing in from the rear. Suddenly, when they cut the hallway's corner, they stopped. However, I didn't realize this until I had turned the corner and plowed dead into them, whirling us all across the living room floor. I groaned, lifting my face from the carpet to breathe, preparing to cuss them out for stopping so suddenly when something in the corner caught my eye. My blood froze.

"My, my, my, I'm sure both of your parents taught you all not to run in houses," Artemis turned from the window to look at us. "Someone could get hurt you know…"

Author's note: ok, I know it probably sucked to a point of suicide, but thing's got tough over here for me (not to mention I'm dead insipration-wise for the moment) so bear with me... I'm just glad i finally finished this part. But anyways, I'm writing to apologize to those who actually KNOW how legal issue are taken care of... I was probably wayyyy off but i don't know shit about will readings and stuff lol... Hope I haven't lost anyone yet! More to come soon