Never Below

I always put you above, never below

And I was always there for you

I always held you close when you were feeling low

And I always loved you, through and through

But you didn't care, nope, that just wasn't enough

You wanted someone new and cool

You were so lost that you threw away our love

And tried to replace me (you're a fool)

So maybe I didn't always listen or know what to say

So maybe I got lost in my thoughts of mind

But I loved and stood by you every moment and day

And only wanted the best for you, all the time

And yes, I know I was a bit controlling and jealous

And quite needy and manipulative, too

But more than those, I was kind, loving and zealous

And still, you ignored what was true

If you had looked past my insecurities, flaws and such things

You would have seen all that I am from within -

A silly, beautiful, intelligent and crazy woman that sings

A poetic, humble and kind person who can win

I know I'm not perfect but neither are you

And still, I loved you deeply and truly

Yet, you could never see me through

And still, I gave my heart to you fully

But it's OK, because now I can tell

I ought to have a better man in this life

Someone who will put me above all else

And be there for me in joy, sorrow and strife

Of course, I don't want a man who's going to lose himself in loving me…

(the way I lost myself in loving you)

I want him to be here but to also know that he can just be

And that I will still love him all the way through

I'm worthy of a man that will not let things get in the way,

And who will laugh, love and dance with me

Someone who loves to hear what I have to say

And is honored just to be in my company

You could have been that man for me

And that would have been just fine

But in looking back now, I clearly see

That I deserve better in this life of mine

© Ckl. 5-18-08