Dear mother

Dear mother

"Wake up! We're going to Las Vegas!" Shouted my mother, I was still sleepy and I didn't want to move so I stayed there still like if nothing happened but she kept shaking me and I finally opened my mouth and said "5 more minutes mom."

"NO! The bus is here and everything is packed!" I sat up immediately "WHAT?! But you didn't tell me anything about going to Las Vegas yesterday!"

"It doesn't matter now get up and get ready!"

"But I don't wanna go to Las Vegas! There's no place for me to have fun!"

"I don't care! I'm going then. You don't have to go."

"Good." I lied down again and closed my eyes "Oh no you don't! You're not staying here alone! You're coming with me!"

"But you just said that I could stay." I whined

"LIAR! I never said that! Now get up!" But I didn't, I just kept on insisting that I didn't want to go but she insisted too so I gave up and changed.

We were inside of the bus and it was empty, it was just my mom, the driver and I. I sat down with my mom and the driver asked "Where do you want to go?"

"To Las Vegas." My mother answered and he didn't say anything else and started the bus and the moment that he started driving, he did zig zags then we bumped into a tree and then he started chasing a white car and tried hitting it. I was scared but my mother was perfectly fine.

He kept bumping into other cars, trees, etc. a few minutes later we were on a bridge well not above water just another road, the white car suddenly hit the side and fell of the bridge but nothing happened to it then the driver decided to do the same things so he hit the side too and I grabbed the front seat and shut my eyes hanging on for dear life. The bus fell but nothing happened so I slowly opened my eyes and I noticed that we fell but nothing happened and the crazy driver kept chasing the white car. "Mom! I shouldn't have came, the driver is crazy. Why couldn't you let me stay at home?"

"You were the one who said that you wanted to come with me! I told you to stay at home alone because you're old enough to take care of yourself!" I was so furious but I didn't want to say anything because she'll just continue talking so she won't hear me and say the same thing over and over again

4 hours later we arrived, we got off the bus and I noticed that my classmates were here "Your friends are here too, you can talk to them later." My mom whispered, I was not happy that they were here, because most of them were my enemies but at least some of them were my friends.

We got to the hotel and left everything in our room, I just lied down on a bed and my mom left to go play in the casinos. I just stayed on the bed for 1 hour and I didn't even fall asleep so I went outside.

Outside the hotel, there were 5 american boys outside arguing with my classmates, the americans were outnumbered but they didn't seem to care and continued arguing. I just stood there watching them then one of my classmates threw a rock then they all threw rocks and I thought that maybe I should go somewhere else but then one of the rocks hit my left eye but nothing happened and my classmates were worried and asked if I was ok, I didn't bleed and my eye was fine but it was painful but I said "I'm ok." But then a drop of blood fell then they asked again and I gave them the same answer and then another drop of blood fell, this time they didn't bother asking and they all just stared but I noticed that they were worried and then 2 drops of blood fell then more and more and more till it formed into a waterfall of blood coming out of my left eye and the ground was covered in blood then I felt dizzy and fell but the bleeding did not cease and I couldn't scream, I couldn't say anything. I just lied there but I was conscious "It's your fault! Look at her, she's dying because of you!" My classmates yell at them "Us?! You were the one who were throwing rocks!" then they started an argument and my classmates forgot about me and left and I kept bleeding a waterfall. I never knew that I had so much blood, I think that I bled gallons of blood.

"Look at the pitiful thing, we should end her misery." They kicked and punched me, after 5 minutes they were gone and the ambulance came.

1 day later, I was cured and good enough to leave. Some people got everything on tape and showed it to my mother. My mom just got angry and called me a liar and then we left.

We were back at home and I asked my mom why didn't she believe me.

"You're a liar! It was all a lie!"

"How can it be a lie! It was on tape and you can see that I was bleeding to death!"

"They were all actors and even you tried tricking me! I can't believe that my own daughted would lie to me like that!"

"Then why was I in the hospital huh?!"

"I don't want to hear you, you liar!" She shouted at the same time so she wouldn't hear me and I felt so hurt and my eyes were full of tears.

"WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING ME A LIAR!? Was being in the hospital not enough proof for you?!"

"I don't want to hear your lies! You're always trying to kill me! You're always lieng to me!"

"Why was I in the hospital then?! WHY?! Answer me!"

"You're useless!" I cried and cried and I asked her the same thing over and over again and she did the same thing, she just called me a liar.