You taught my heart
A sense I never knew I had
I can't forget

The times that I was lost and depressed from the awful truth
How do you do it?

You're my heroine

I bet you laugh

At the thought of me thinking for myself

I bet you believe
That I'm better off with you than someone else
Your face arrives again
All hope I had becomes surreal
But under your cover's

More torture than pleasure

And just past your lips
There's more anger than laughter
Not now or forever will I ever change you
I know that to go on I'll break you, my habit

She turned around the corner, earplugs in her ears, cell phone in one hand. A twirl of hot air escaped from her mouth, the corner of her mouth twisted after reading the latest text message. She sighed, pulling down her hat a little bit more to cover her eyes and pulled out a big envelope from her messenger bag and slipped it into Mrs. Richards' mailbox.

She then sighed again, this time in relief, she pulled her hoodie tighter and walked down the street. She had a glance at her watch, 9:45. It was a little bit early, she told herself. Way early, she added.

She slipped into her car and flipped open her cell phone.


And she hit the send button.

She started the car and pulled into the street. Alex sniffed in the familiar coffee scent in her car. He had always been here, she told herself.

She missed him and she knew it, she still remembered all the moments when he was with them, but now, he was gone. And now she had taken up his duty, which she was being told she was. This was the only way she could always remember him.

She still remembered the morning after Jamie died. Her mother was in the hospital, leaving Courtney and her behind. On the table, there was a note left by her mother, telling her to take care of Courtney and called Dad if she needed anything. She had already known Jamie's death the night before. She hadn't cried, or let's say in another way, she couldn't cry. And Courtney was too small to know what death was, she just knew Jamie was away, in heaven. And that night, Courtney asked Alex what was Jamie's address in heaven when Alex put her into bed. Alex kissed her forehead and said nothing.

She went to school as usual after putting Courtney in the kindergarten. She still remembered the jokes Jamie told her while driving them to school the morning before, those were really good jokes, she reminded herself. And now, he was gone. She couldn't hear his jokes, and he couldn't hear her laughter ever again.

She still remembered the murmuring behind her and people threw her pity glances once she stepped into the school entrance in the morning after Jamie died. And this was how she started to live on without Jamie.

A/N: This is my first story using third- person narration.
And yeah, it's hard. But, I guess... it's easier to describe what the characters do and think.
So, please leave reviews and see if I should continue. You know, reviews are kind of like my gas, to keep me going.

Lyrics are from Silverstein- My Heroine