Chapter 2 Nice To See You Again

When Alex was on her way to the library, her cell phone rang. She opened her messenger bag and took out her cell phone number 2, which had a name called David. She pressed the green button and put David next to her ear.

"Hi, honey." Her dad's booming voice came to her ear. "Are you in class?"

"Yeah." Alex rolled her grey eyes and continued, "See, Mrs. Kirk is already giving me nasty looks. Oh, that woman is absolutely demonic." She emphasized.

Her dad laughed. "Don't act all sarcastic. But if she really does give my daughter those nasty looks, I should probably remind her those romantic moments we had shared during high school-"

"Ew, that's utterly gross. I can't believe you can ever have any romantic moments with that demonic woman," Alex complained. "Anyway, why are you calling?"

Her dad ignored her, "Alex, you don't even know how good Amy was when we were back in high school, she- "

"Dad, I don't want to listen to those cheesy details." Alex said annoyingly. "Back to the point. Please?"

Her dad cleared his throat, "I'm just calling to ask if you will come tonight."

Alex laughed quietly to herself. That's why he was calling.

Alex's parents had divorced two years ago, and were never on good terms since then. And her mother had recently discovered her part-time job in her dad's bar and had made a huge fuss on it.

"Alexandria Kathryn Rose Berkeley, I couldn't believe you had gone to work at that man's shabby place." Her mother screeched one evening after she returned from work.
'That man' was the term she used to describer her husband after their divorce.

"I-" Alex tried to explain but her mother continued, completely ignoring her.

"Do you know when Mr. Hick told me he saw you working in there, I totally believe he had mistaken some other girls as you." She paused. "And he said he was completely sure that it was you and Mr. Goldman also joined in, saying that my daughter really had a good voice."

She paused again and looked at Alex.

"Do you know how humiliating it is, Alex?" Her face flushed. "Anywhere but there, please."

And Alex was sure her father knew what exactly had happened.

"Dad, I really don't know." She sighed, "Mom is really scary these days."

Her Dad sighed, "I'll try to convince that woman again. I can't believe she is that stubborn."

Alex chuckled, she always loved her dad. He and her mother were like two different poles, her dad was easy-going and her mother was all strict and serious. "Good luck with you then."


Alex stood in front of CF02 shelf, glancing at the names of the books. Her heart leaped when she took out the book, A Tale of Two Cities. She fingered the end of the book pages and flipped it open when she felt a small gap.

Robert Kingston

This name was written on theenvelope. She quickly put it in her bag and bent down, searching for the parcel.

She noticed a brownish thing stuck at the shelf corner next to Villette. Good, she said to herself, feeling relief that she did not need to find a packet for three hours like last time.

She took out the brownish packet and threw it into her bag. She took out the cell phone from her jacket pocket and sent out a text message. Within a minute, her cell phone vibrated.

Robert G Kingston

Southland Road


Reading the letters, HNWNBGFCR, House Number Will Not Be Give For Confidential Reasons. She cursed under her breath. Not very lady-like, but trust me, she had never tried to be a lady. She angrily shoved her cell phone back into her jacket pocket and made her way out of the library.


She turned on the CD player and her whole car started to fill with fantasy Disney music, she quickly ejected the Disney soundtrack CD from it and silently reminded herself not to let Courtney brought any CDs into the car again. She then grabbed a CD from the glove compartment and put it into the CD player, loud Rock music started to play and started her ride to the kindergarten.

Alex parked her car in the parking lot of the kindergarten. 3:20, she glanced at the clock, Courtney would be out in ten minutes. She took the key out of the ignition and got out of her car.

Parents sitting in their cars waiting, nannies having trolleys' handles gripping in their hand, all of them waiting for the bell inside the kindergarten to ring.

Those Spoil Brats, still using trolleys.

Alex thought, slightly delighted that her baby sister was absolutely no spoilt brat. Courtney didn't need to use trolley since last year, and she never liked using it, Alex proudly reminded herself. Alex loved Courtney, she was like an angel who brought happiness to them after Jamie's death. Her blond hair, bright blue eyes, always made people hard not to love her.

Alex leaned against the car door, closing her eyes, silently waiting for Courtney.

Maybe I should bring Courtney to have ice cream… should I?
Yeah. She would be delighted.

The bell in the kindergarten rang out and Alex snapped back to reality. She walked around the hood and sat on it, facing the door of the kindergarten. Noticing Courtney's blonde hair bouncing out of the kindergarten door, Alex locked her car and walked to her.

"Al!" Courtney squealed happily and threw herself to Alex. Alex patted her head lovingly and took her hand. When she pulled Courtney back to the car, Courtney didn't move. Alex turned her head and raised her eyebrows.

"What's wrong, Courtney? Come… let's go to eat ice-cream." Alex slightly pulled Courtney's little hand again.

"Ice-Cream? Gr-eee-at!" She made a toothie grin and said in a low voice, almost whisper, "But before that, can you come with me, Al? I want you to meet my new friend!"

Alex smiled and patted her head once more, "Sure."

Courtney pulled Alex to the kindergarten reception and there stood a little girl.

"She is Rae! Short for Rachel, she told me." Courtney hopped to the brunette and patted her shoulder, "Rae, this is Al, my sister, the one I told you this morning, she knows how to make clothes for Barbie! Do you remember?"

The brunette looked up and smiled at me, "You are Al!"

"Hmm… Yeah. Yeah I am Al, short for Alex, which is short for Alexandria." Alex stood still, embarrassed by her sudden outburst.

Someone behind Alex chuckled, making Alex turned her head. And there he was, hands casually in his pockets, standing behind her.

"Hey, nice to see you again." He smiled, slightly showing the dimple in his right cheek. "Al." He added.

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