A/N: Kind of a spoiler. But its a vignette of sorts, but it was a spawn of the moment.

"He's gone...gone forever..." I whisper. My tears fall on my cell phone screen as I type the words to Lucca. They cloud the incoming message, and I use my fingers to gingerly wipe them off.

"I'm here...I'm always here..." He responds. I tear more, because I only hope I don't lose him like I lost Raelan.

"I know, please, please don't leave me..." I say. I wish he could be here, so I could at least have a physical shoulder to cry on...

"I never will, Drakara. I never will..." I cry more, and bury my face into my hands. His words are sweet, and he means it. My memories travel to Raelan, and the bloody image of his throat torn open, his life blood surrounding me. Lucca only means help, he is my best friend after all, but he wasn't there...

The carnage replays in my mind like a projector, and night after night I wake Lucca up by my loudly vibrating texts and tell him what I dreamt. I need him, I can't afford to lose another best friend, and I can't imagine what would happen if I did. My life would fall apart, even more. I get up to replace the bandages on my lacerated arms, and as I flick the switch to the bathroom, a ghostly figure reflects back at me, the pain and sorrow only bouncing back.

I leave, and I throw shoes and a sweater on and I walk. Walk to Lucca's.

He sort of catches on, and meets me halfway. The first thing I do is latch on, and never let go. I can't lose him, not him too...He can't fill the romantic love space, but he's certainly doing a good job with best friend.

"Lucca I'm so scared..." I cry. I bury my face into his shoulder, and his strong arms don't let me go.

"I know, I know...I'm here." He says to me, hugging me tighter. "It's okay."

I hyperventilate. "I'm so scared for you...what if they kill you like they killed Raelan?" I don't lighten my grip. Neither does he.

"I won't I promise. I will make sure nothing happens to me..."

I don't reply. I just cry. Its nine thirty at night, on a sidewalk by a road, and I cry into Lucca's shoulder.

"I love you so much, and I hate to see you worried like this..." He holds me around the waist. I hold him around the neck. We just stand, hug, and I cry.

"I love you too; you're my best friend..." My thoughts wander to the Durians. Their cruel, heartless murder would take away everything I hold dear in a split second. I had to hold on to Lucca, I had to...

Because Lucca is everything I have...

A/N: For my best friend in the whole entire wide world, Lucca. I love you.