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Amour and Amore

Summary: aspiring Caribbean-French writer Jayn Morency and artist friends come to Venice,Italy for a month holiday to gain inspiration and relaxation , when she meets him, Jason Valencia, an Italian aspiring musician, in the hotel lobby

Chapter 1 : Adventure awaits

"Is that all your packing , Jaynee"

"Yes, Mum, I'll only be gone for a month and if I need more, there are shops in Venice"

"I know ,but you'll be so far away ,It'd be better to pack a little extra"

"It's not like I'm going to America, Italy really isn't that far, I'll promise to phone everyday, will that make you feel better"

"Yes,your my youngest daughter,It's right that I worry"

"I know Mum, I'll be alright , I wont be alone , Greida and Marina will be with me so there's nothing to worry about"

Jayn said talking to her Mother while she packed for her trip.

"Look at the time , your father and I are having dinner with your Aunt Maria in an hour ,make sure you phone before you get on the plane"

"I will, give Dad and Aunt Maria , my love" Jayn said hugging her mum , then walked her to her car.

Jayn was the second youngest of four children, she had an older brother and sister, Andrew and Liszette and a younger brother , parents had immigrated from the Caribbean island of Haiti , to France . They then moved to London when she was three , because her Dad got promoted to an executive position. Ever since Lizette moved to the states , Andrew moved back to France, and Daniel started university , Jayn being the only one left in London had been the center of her mother's overprotectiveness, much to her chagrin .She loved her mum but , hated being treated as a little girl, her mum needed to realize she was an independent strong and responsible twenty-three year old, even if she didn't look that old, and it was time, way overdue time, she started treating her as an adult and not as a little girl who couldn't tie her shoes ,let alone pack her own suitcase.

Her thoughts moved to her upcoming holiday with her best mates Mari(Marina) and had her job partly to thank for the opportunity to go to Venice, she only had to work once or twice a week while there and they were paying for her flight and a hotel suite for the whole month. She was a professional interpreter at the embassy in London , where she translated in French, Spanish, Italian and several different Creoles. Though she loved her job as an interpreter her true aspiration was to be a writer, and had been since she was a little girl, but her degree in linguistics was more practical then creative writing, according to her parents.

The holiday would give her time to relax and gain inspiration as she got back into her writing. Her best mate Mari , heard about her trip and decided she needed a break from her store to refocus on her art and Greida wanted a break from the music world to get back to her art roots, so they both decided to holiday in Venice as put the last item in her suitcase and zipped it shut, as her mobile began to ring,she didn't recognize the number but, answered it anyways.

"Hello, Jayn speaking"

"Hey, it's Jeffrey"

"What do you want?"

"I thought we could talk"

"There's nothing to talk about , your a bloody wanker and I don't want to see you again ,I thought I made myself clear about it"

" I said I was sorry ,are you sure you want to end things this way?"

"Are you seriously asking me that ,look I gotta go , don't phone me again"

Jayn said hanging up the phone in his face. So there may have been another reason for this sudden holiday, she could have, if she wanted to, pass the trip to another interpreter. Normally Jayn wasn't the type of person to runaway from her problems,but then again she'd never encountered a problem like Jeffrey before . They had been dating for almost a year when she'd caught him shagging his cleaning lady. He'd apologized , said he loved her and asked her to forgive him but, her mother always said once a wanker , always a wanker. Well not using the exact same words but the gist of it was the same. She knew she'd never be able to trust him again, especially when she found out this wasn't his first infidelity in their relationship, so she broke it off . But he wouldn't accept it and had been trying to get her to take him back , which was a futile mission.

She figured if she disappeared for a month he would finally forget about her and leave her alone once and for all. In Venice she would be able to escape her overbearing mum and her bordering on obsessive ex-boyfriend and just relax in the culture rich town, doing what she loved. She brought the suitcase she had finished packing down the stairs and placed it near her other suitcase and travel bag. She headed back up the stairs when she heard her mobile ring, she didn't recognize the number again and assumed it was Jeffrey calling again.

"I thought I told you not to call me again!"

"Calm down Jayn, its Greida"

"Oh, Greida sorry I thought you were Jeffrey,when I didn't recognize the number"

"Thats because I'm using Peter's mobile while mine is charging, are you sure you don't want me to have Peter beat up that git Jeffrey"

"No , I can handle him, he'll eventually forget about me"

"I dunno Jaynee , you were together for almost a year"

"A year that apparently meant nothing to him , since he was shagging anything with legs"

"Lets not think about all that, in two hours we'll be on a plane to Italy ,I'm gonna get some chips with Peter than I'll be by to pick up Mari then you , to got to the airport"

"Alright, see you in a few"

Jayn said then hung up , she went back up the stairs to her room to make sure she didn't forget to pack anything , she spotted a Italy promotional brochure, it had pictures of people having fun in various activities, across the brochure was the airlines signiture statement which she read out loud.

"Your adventure awaits"

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