Nicole was average 25yr old pursuing a university education and living a standard boring life. But that is set to change as her existence tips the balance, and she is forced to make life changing decisions as her situation changes. R/R


Nicole grabbed her way-too-small-for-school handbag and left her home hurriedly after taking a few bites of her morning sandwich and gulping down her now lukewarm tea. She'd never been this late before for her lectures and she wasn't about to give into her whims and take the rest of the day off, especially with the midterms starting in a few weeks or so.

At 5 feet 2, she wasn't exactly the tallest female around, but she made up for her height and lack of stature by her spunk and her loud mouth that usually said the most ludicrous things at inopportune moments. She had deep set brown eyes set in an oval face and mid length dark brown curls that were the bane of her life, and also the reason why she was running late for classes today. Apparently, her hair had decided to frizz over this very day and she had had to tame it with copious amounts of anti-frizz that she was so sure would end up making her hair look like a well greased frying pan by the end of the day.

Hopping into her minivan, she turned up the music all the way and wound down the windows halfway to let some of the pressure of the base out. In 20min, she made it to her lot at her university grounds and found that her friend had already abandoned their usual hangout to make her way to class, no doubt unable to wait any longer for her. Slipping into the lecture theatre soundlessly, she was pleased to note that Kafka had chosen the back row and had even saved her the aisle seat.

"Psst Kaf! How much has the old man covered already?" Nicole whispered into her friend's ear, momentarily jerking her out of her stupor at having to hear an ancient lecturer drone on about the role of the Peace Corps to the third world countries.

"Dude's not even halfway through the first segment, relax already Nic!" She whispered back, "besides, it's not as if you need any grades higher than the ones you already got for the first half of this term!"

Kafka was Nic's best girlfriend ever since they'd entered the course together. They'd met by accident after a freakish stalker incident during a bazaar sale at one of the university's events. Kafka had warned a very oblivious-ice cream-eating Nicole that a guy had been following her through all the stalls. Nicole had looked shocked at the prospect of a man being interested in her and immediately snapped her eyes back to the man despite Kafka's initial warning not to look in his direction.

What she saw made her shiver. Intense blue eyes had met her own brown ones and she had caught him eyeing her tongue quite lewdly as she slurped on her vanilla ice-cream. Her breath hitched when she took in the sight of him standing there, towering easily over her, and possessing the most sought after tan skin that she could never achieve despite spending her money at the tanning salon over the winter. Spanish perhaps? Was there a university exchange she didn't know about?

After he saw her give him the once over, he smirked easily at her before giving a cursory nod towards Kafka, and moved away. Or rather, slinked away, as that was how gracefully he moved. He moved effortlessly through the crowd as though he'd been trained to dance from young and looked unperturbed by the heat of the day.

Nicole, somewhat relieved that she had been freed from his eyes, had turned around to thank Kafka, and they had gotten themselves acquainted over the course of the day, and their bond grew stronger through the months and through the various study sessions they had every other night. Oddly, they never saw that man again, and though Nic professed her gladness at being rid of a potential problem, she couldn't quell the slight twinge of regret at not having gotten the guy's name.

Callum fidgeted uncomfortably as he rearranged his clothes in his wardrobe. Truth be told, he hardly ever touched his clothes and usually chucked them (clean and unclean) into his wardrobe. He lived alone at the edge of the forest that separated the state he was in and the next and had never bothered about maintaining the cleanliness of his home, being the true bachelor that he was.

Something however, was different about today. He could feel the unbalance resonate in his bones and to take his mind off the fact that he suspected something very big was about to happen, Callum finally decided to clean up.

After several moments of being on edge, he decided to listen to his instincts after all. Reluctantly, he made himself a piping hot cup of milk tea and set it on the couch table in front of him, and nestled comfortably into the cushions. Curling his feet into a meditation pose, he shut his eyes and allowed his mind blocks to retract fully.

Bit by bit, as he eased the control of his mind barriers, he felt and heard the nature surrounding him. He felt the pain of the fox that had just lost her young, felt the gentle rustle of the grass blades, and heard the monotonous ringing sound the fishes in the stream made. Before Callum could begin to feel overwhelmed by this entire information overload, he zeroed in straight to the person he was looking for and mentally reached out.

Hey Kaf, how are things over at your end? He casually enquired, not wanting to seem overly worried, although the very fact that he had used Mind Contact to reach out to Kafka in itself spoke volumes. He felt Kafka's reply before he heard her, and winced at the sharpness he felt poke into his mind at her obvious shock at being contacted in this manner. It had after all, been a long time since they last communicated in this manner.

Don't ever do that again! She mentally yelled at him. You aren't asking me out for a date this weekend are you? What's going on Cal? Her tone had gone from angry to sarcastic and worried all at once. Callum smiled slightly noting how Kafka hadn't changed a single bit since the last he came into contact with her.

Nothing has happened actually. I just felt an unbalance of sorts, but I can't say what exactly is wrong. He mentioned, mindful not to sound too perturbed but failing horribly.

A silence ensued over the other end, before a soft mind reply was sent back. Ok... don't worry about the situation over here, I'm making sure things move smoothly. And Callum? I think you may have to come over soon.

With that, the two broke off their connection, and Callum leaned wearily back in his couch, a trickle of sweat visibly running down his brow. He grasped his cup of now lukewarm tea and sipped slowly while placing his mind blocks back up again and shutting out the noise the forest around him made in his head. This was one of the reasons why he chose to move away from civilisation, instead choosing to live a solitary life here by the woods. Shutting out the constant murmurings of the human minds around him was unbearable, and he had lashed out a few times, prompting him to move away from people.

Apparently, being the strongest psychic of the era had its downsides as well.