Chapter one


She had left again. For some reason this was different than others. She could feel the wind on her skin, sweat trickled down her back, and she was drenched completely in it especially her bare feet. She opened her eyes slowly and choked on the air at the sight of blood puddle she was standing in. she didn't want to lookup but the screams and shouts were unbearable. A partially bald man lay on the floor. His clothes in tatters covered in blood. He lifted a blood-covered hand and tried to clutch onto her. But as usual he couldn't touch. She was ghost. She could see the fear and panic in his eyes.

"Please help me!" he screamed, struggling to drag his half-mangled body. She closed her eyes and tried to cover her ears when a loud howl broke her train of thought. It stood like a erect like a wall, towering over his limp form. Hungry and dangerous. The silver beast seemed to stroll casually over to it prey. It was a wolf; she had never seen an animal so big or powerful looking before. She let out a cry of horror and tried to grab onto the man, falling to the cold concrete floor of the roof .all thoughts of the fact she couldn't, escaped her mind.

"Run" he whispered before collapsing and slumping to the ground. She staggered off the floor and started running. It could see her too and from the look in its eyes he didn't want her for help. She ran towards what she hoped was the exit only to see the door disappeared before. The creature was right behind her and she didn't have an exit. It howled and threw itself at her. She prepared for the feel of her skin being torn into to shreds…. The warm touch shocked her. She gasped at the feel of the soft lips being pressed against her own. Her eyes shot open in shock and surprise meeting a pair of golden eyes staring back at her.

She shot up sweat trickling down her face. She was home, she was awake.

Chapter one

A loud crashing noise was heard from coming from the attic of number seventy-two, St August drive of the quaint little town in the middle of a suburban desert called Shoreside. Fourteen-year-old teenage rebel Chaney Mackenzie was having her latest tantrum. Two weeks ago Chaney Mackenzie had been a normal teenager in the cold windy country of England when her Father had announced his newest job. Martin Mackenzie worked for a big chemical company, which took it upon themselves to transfer him and his family continuously to different countries.

" Chantelle, I will not tolerate this type of behaviour," roared her father from downstairs into Chaney's attic bedroom. Chaney wiped her tear-streaked face. Everything had been going great back in England, with them so far from civilisation in the countryside there had been no dreams and nightmares. The vision hadn't been so constant. It had felt like she was becoming normal. Then her stepmother had ruined it all. Chaney knew it was all her fault. Chaney's dad loved the countryside it was Victoria that thrived for people to listen to her insistent chatter. She had had so many multiple visions at the airport she almost blacked out. But the dreams hadn't come…until last night. Her body shivered from the memory. It had been so real, she could feel sweat, see the blood on her skin, smell the fear, hear the screams and taste his lips. Her first kiss and it had been part of a dream.

Great, she thought, just her luck

"Chaney?" whispered a voice from the other side of the door. Chaney jumped back waking from her daydream .The familiar voice of sister called out again in a louder, angrier voice, she walked over and opened the door. Her older sister Tasmin stood clutching the attic stairs. Chaney smiled and helped her climbed up. Tasmin had always had a fear of heights that was why Chaney got stuck with the attic room in the first place. Tasmin scrambled up and jumped on to her younger sister's bed. The sparkling red high-heeled boots that donned Tasmin's feet caught her eyes. How her sister had managed to get up stairs with those walking stilts on was beyond her.

"Your room is huge, your bed is huge, and everything is just so huge. Wow if my room looked like this I would be out of my way to complain to the mods…I mean Dad and Vicky" Tasmin stated in a sickening sweet voice, but Chaney could see past her sister. She knew the Mods had sent her up probably with the promise of a new car. Chaney didn't like Tasmin, not anymore anyway. Tasmin had accepted the change while Chaney had fought it.

" What do you want Tasmin?" Chaney muttered. Tasmin flicked her red and brown newly braded extension. Her vain sister only cared about two things: herself and …oh that was it.

"Look Chantelle, I'm not going to let you ruin this for me. Vicky thinks moving to U.S is going to help my modelling career" she replied " So whatever is going through that little empty head of yours best sort itself out"

" Whatever" Chaney scoffed. Tasmin's pretty face seemed to distort and she stamped her way over to Chaney backing her against her wardrobe.

"Not whatever, Yes Tasmin. Okay? Now help me get down" Tasmin yanking Chaney towards the door. Chaney pulled free from her sister's grip.

"You climbed up, you can climb down. Let me know if you need a push" Chaney said too angry to bother to help her. Though as the loud sound of a thumping 105 pounds of shallow ,she suddenly regretted her decision. Chaney peered down to see Tasmin lying on the floor. Her slim body spread out on the floor, limbs in all directions and one sparkly heel lying next to her.

"Oops" Chaney whispered, she was in for it now. She tried to quickly get down but instead slipped and fell onto top of a half –conscious Tasmin just in time for the Mods to see her.

"CHANTELLE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" her stepmother screamed rushing over to them to push Chaney off Tasmin's limp form. Tasmin groaned softly

"It was an accident" Chaney pleaded trying to help her " Tasmin just trounced down off by herself. Those shoes, she wouldn't have if it…"

"Just go! Go and cool down .Go for a walk or something while we call 999" her Dad shouted, Chaney hung her head low and ran out of the house. It hadn't even been her fault no one told stupid Tasmin to come upstairs. She grabbed her dad's set of the keys and walked out of the house slamming the door extra hard. She looked around at the white picket fences, large tree houses and gardens ,copycat houses, stepford looking wives with glowing hair and happy little children all playing together. It all looked too perfect, golden and sparkly. Surreal. A bit like a dream. She smiled and let out a little chuckle, no wonder she didn't like it.

" Well let's see what there is to do around here," she said walking out of the garden.

"Oof" she groaned as a rock hit her head sending her to the ground, knocking the wind of her body. Guess she still lived in reality

"Sorry" muttered a voice, the rock turned out to be a tall boy with overly red-hair. He looked different then anyone who lived here. He was wearing scruffy black jeans, a classic ACDC shirt with lots of bangles and bands around his wrist with grey converse. His red hair was swamped with layers of gels into what seemed to be a Mohawk. He let out a shy smile and offered his hands. She shrugged and took his hand.

"Wow, you look better standing" he muttered, a dark red blush spread across his face.

"Yeah, I'm still working on my ground position" she smiled back. A little grin appeared on his face. The boy wasn't just overly red, overly gelled and overly punk. He was overly cute.

"I can take it that your not from around here, Australian or English?" Mr. Overly -everything asked picking up his skateboard.

" Yes, I am. I'm Chaney, it's short for Chantelle," she said running a hand through her short pixie cut.

" I'm Fergie short for ….Fer..gie" he replied. Chaney raised an eyebrow. He smiled, blushed and shrugged.

" Well Fergie short for Fergie, what do you do for fun in clone county?" She asked pushing back loose strands of her hair.

"We…umm…we get the bus and go into town to where the arcades, cinemas, restaurants and the best coffee shop are. Duh! What do you thinks the kids are in desperate housewives? The suburb house is for the housewives" he replied grabbing Chaney's hand and taking her towards town. Chaney squealed and ran after him, she was just glad to get out of the house not even Fergie overly warm hand, which seemed to be getting hotter bother her. So what the boy was hot. It was a hot day. While unknown to her a pair of binoculars owned by the infamous Cassandra' Circe' Pigford had witness the whole incident. Cassandra smirked and pulled back her curtains. The plan had worked. all Inferno had to was lure her down to the woods before Monday. She wanted a clear conscious for the year and things like this always got so messy. Cassandra smiled at her own cleverness she stroked what had been a young rascal named William Washington just a few hours ago.

Life is ever changing, we must all adapt and so must poor william