Murder of a Mistress

There once was a woman named Mary.
She was sleeping with a married man named Perry.
He was a wealthy man with a healthy wife,
But soon he found out that he wanted more in life.

The healthy wife, Anna, quickly found out,
Although it took her a while to find a way out.
The mistress did not know that she was in danger,
For to her, old Perry's wife was a stranger.

An unsuspecting Mary entered the house,
For Perry called her over when he thought Anna was out.
Anna watched as the young mistress slowly walked in,
Then she stepped out of the shadows with a devious grin.

With a cry, Mary found herself hauled up the stairs,
Where Anna wrapped a rope around her neck and shoved her through the air.
The chandelier swayed as Mary clawed at the rope,
And ever so slowly, the woman lost hope.

Anna fled quickly when she heard her husband shout,
Though the sight the man saw did not make him cry out.
He watched Mary's body with no hint of cheer
As he said very calmly, "I need a new chandelier."